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Can Durban Citizens Obtain Payday Loans in Loan Companies?

 If you currently live in Durban and you need a loan to help you with your financial needs, than what you need is a quick loan, reason for which it would be ideal if you meet Cash Converters and Fin Choice, both are companies dedicated to the granting of Pay day loans.



What do I need to know about a Pay day loan?

   In the first place, you must know that this is a Pay day loan also called Sunny Day that aims at giving the client of Durban amounts that range from R 400 to R 5000. In a fast way the client gets the capital wanted. What is important to stress is that the client can ask the next day for that amount to be extended.

   When it comes to its application, I need to tell you that you will have to gather certain sort of documentation such as the one in which you can find your personal and financial data. You won’t need more than 20 minutes to complete the application and get access to the money.

What are its requirements for the clients of Durban?

-Having with you your ID

-Having updated data

-Banking accounts details also updated

-Last transactional movements

-Gathering bank statements and pay slips

-Contact information of the client is compulsory



There will be two main Pay day loans at this company which have fixed interest rates and financing periods that happen to be very short.

These are the loans I am pointing to:

1) KwikAdvance 1 month loan: if you need R 100 the company can give it to you, but if you need more then the company can give you up to R 2000. You can repay for it on a monthly basis and you can manage your loan from your smart phone or your PC.

2) The 6 month Flexi loan: this loan has been named like this since it offers certain flexibility to clients. The flexibility I am talking about refers to the fact to being able to finance it during 6 months and receiving the money the same day of the application or receiving small amounts each month. You can also manage this loan from the comfort of the house you live in or from your work, which makes this loan an excellent option to consider. And you can access to a maximum of R 8000, which gives you entire access to making any type of purchase that comes to your mind now.


   If any of the two loans I mentioned called your attention, then you must know that you can directly apply for them by phone, so keep this number: 0861 346 246. It is a free number. And you might have to wait 10 minutes til one of the member’s answers and transfers you to the section you need to speak. Then, you can start the application.



+Obtaining a sum that will help their lives

+Making payments clients can afford, so that the company will never make you pay for something you can’t in the long term

+Fixed rates are paid each month

+Application that can’t last more than 10 minutes

+Obtaining maximums of R 25 000

+Application for a large quantity of loans the same year

+Payments adjusted to the pocket of the client

+Obtaining capital that will definitely change your lifestyle and the one belonging to your family.

+Obtaining insurance for each of the loans

+Applying from wherever you are located, no matter what


At present, there are numerous ways to call or speak to Cash Converters in the area of Durban:


I believe the website corresponding to this firm is quite special, since it is not only focused on the details of each loan but also on a message section for every sort of customer interested in contacting by message one of the members.


Yes, you can phone on 820 4060, a free phone number or you can send an email to the following address to start applications or receive more


This is a chart with all the data you need about contacting the company in person at an office in Durban:


Minimums that can range from R 4000

Interest Rate

Totally fixed by the company

Working Hours

From typical Mondays to Fridays on usual banking times


10 Mathews Meyiwa Road


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By phone

You can contact Fin Choice by phone that is on the following number: 0861 326 246, and then speaking directly to the members of this firm. It is available during weekdays from 08 am to 07:00 pm

   In person

You can directly go in person to an office in Cape Town, which is close to your city, Durban. It is in 78 Main Road, in the area of Wynberg Road...


    This is the last means of communication you can rely on and it has to do with opening your laptop and accessing the official website of the company. You can start an application, send as many messages as you want and online chat with its professionals. This is the quickest method available, since most clients tend to prefer it over others, it guarantees them that the company can be contacted at any time.

  To conclude, if you are looking to improve your financial status in Durban and need a loan which can be paid the same day you get the money, then what you need is one of the loans available at Cash Converters and Fin Choice. You will find in these two companies excellent choices that will help you on the way of having decent finances and making ends meet on a daily basis. Please watch out for each of the loans and choose the one you consider the best.

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It works instantly or you might have to wait some hours

Should I have a stable income?

Yes, that is one of the requirements

Can I obtain a loan for my kid’s tuition?

Yes you can

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