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Can I Obtain Old mutual Quick loans? Contact Information and Details

    Old mutual, a company with more than a hundred years in the market, has become the preferred lending companies by most South Africans. And you know why? It has the best loans in order to satisfy citizen´s necessities, so that they can live their lives happily. One of the great qualities of its loans is that they are quick, which makes them Quick loans for sure.

   For such purpose, in the preceding article you will be given detailed information about their Quick loans. Then, you will of course get contact details of this company so as to communicate with its members right away.

     What are the main features of Quick loans?

Their loans have an extension of 3 months  but that is the minimu, since clients get access to a maximum of 60 months, which if you think about, happens to be a lot for any type of customer. Moreover, you have the possibility of soliciting a maximum of R 175 000 and you will be repaying for it by paying fixed interest rates.

 Regarding the requirements of this loan, take a look at them since I will list them for you:

-Being an employed citizen for at least 1 year

-Having an outstanding credit record

-Being a south African citizen

-Having finished paying for a previous loan with another company

-Being able to sustain each of the repayments at the end of the month

Now, there are many uses you can provide to this type of loan, such as paying for your medical bills, educational degrees and also some debts that you find it hard to afford on your own.

    Interested in beginning the application? You should know that this company takes your financial information very seriously, motive for which you will be examined in terms of affordability. You will also be given complete information regarding the different loans available.

    Besides, the company is willing to find a loan that truly matches your needs, so that every kind of need you have can be efficiently covered by this program. Do not worry about the guarantees of the loans, since all of them happen to be secured by the intervention of the National Credit Act of 2005.




   There are plenty of ways through which you can start your application and one of them is from your laptop, that is to say online, since you can be given the different contracts and you are asked to attach financial documentation to show your information. Moreover, you can send that documentation via fax and that wait until one of the members of the company gets in touch with you so as to inform you about your affordability. That is great, right?

   You can also start the application in the company´s official website by just filling in a short form with your personal and financial data. But, if that webpage happens not to function, you always have the company´s phone number available during weekdays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon:0860 000 886.

    If you liked the idea of phoning the company let me tell you that have a special phone number designed just for applications, so that if you want to obtain the loan you can simply dial up the number and as simple as that you get what you need.

    The last option you have in terms of application is to start it in person, that is to say you go to one of the branches of the company and there you speak to their directives so as to begin the process without delays. You will of course need to submit documentation that happens to be crucial in this stage such as bank statements, personal IDS, proofs of residence and payslips.

I will now list the main requirements for a Quick loan, which must be met for sure:

-Being 18 years old or more than that age

-Having a wage of R 2500 which is the minimum accepted

-You must complete the financing of the loan before you are 60 years old

-You must have all the documentation with you the day of the application.

Regardless to say, the information given in the documentation you submit must be real and current.

Before giving you the information regarding the contact details, let me give you an example of a Quick loan at this company: If you ask for R 3000  and you want to finance the loan in 3 months, you will be paying R 1200 a month so as to complete the whole loan.



Inside the company´s webpage you can have access to a section destined to questions made by customers, news, blog entries and also messages that can be sent to the different members of the company.


  Take a look at the following phone, since it will be truly helpful whenever you have doubts about the company´s loans or any other service that can be found here:0860 000 886.

   An additional line you can phone to is the next one: 0860 222 252. You will find those lines available if you dial up the numbers from Mondays to Fridays from  the following hours:07:30 am to 06:00 pm. You can also phone on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm. Closed and even on Sundays and public holidays.


   The main branch of this company is inside the Kimpark Centre which is in Kimberley. The address is this one, so make sure to keep it: 1 b Lennox Street.

    Finally, I will provide you with details about another physical branch:


R 175 000 or a lower amount

Interest Rate

Fixed  based on your credit historial

Telephone Number

445 445


 Bloemfontein. Saambou Building

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African resident and residing for at least one year there

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