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Does Old Mutual Offer Loans in Port Elizabeth? What Are The Requirements For Old Mutual Loans? Contact Details And Eligibility

            Old Mutual is a company that offers borrowing, banking, and insurance services. If you are looking for a personal loan, then let me tell you that this financial institution is one of those that actually provide them. In this article, you will find all the details and steps to follow in case you want to make use of Old Mutual services. First, I will mention some key points that are of note in case you want to contact the company and get to know more about it. Let’s see:

Old Mutual Address in Port Elizabeth         Unit 12, Atrium Building, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth, 6045

Phone number                                                         +27 41 391 7604

Lending Products you can find                         Personal loans - Home loans

Loan amount                                                             Up to R200 000

Loan term                                                                    Repayment terms up to 84 months  

Other Old Mutual stores you can find in Port Elizabeth

- There is an office at shop 125, Pier 14, 444 Govan Mbeki Ave, North End, Port Elizabeth, 6000.

- There is another one located at suite. F2, 6th Ave Shopping Centre, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6065.

- Another branch office is in 1st Floor Kings Court, Cnr Of Titian and Buffelsfontein Road, Walmer Heights, Port Elizabeth, 6001.

- There is another local office at Shop L70 & L71, Clearly Park Shopping Centre, Hillside, Port Elizabeth, 6059.

            I would like to say, that apart from these stores, there are many more Old Mutual buildings in the east of the city of Cape Town. So if any of the ones that were mentioned before are not of your interest I’m sure you will find one that is more conveniently located for you.

What are Old Mutual personal loans about?

            Personal loans are one of the most requested lending services. You wonder why? Well maybe, the answer is pretty simple: personal loans are convenient and can be used for any purpose. Generally, private companies and other institutions do not question the reason why clients ask for personal loans. Usually, you are requested to state in the application form how funds will be spent but no more than that. With Old Mutual personal loans are designed according to each borrower's situation so that the company can contemplate the circumstances of each client.

Personal loan application process

            If you want to ask for a personal loan, you can apply for it online. Old Mutual bases lending on three main tenets: affordability, financial literacy and special attention to your needs. What does that mean? Well, the company checks your ability to repay and the amount of money you can afford. It also focuses on teaching you ways through which you can improve your rates and financial standing. Although they are aware of the fact that you need cash instantly, they prefer to take all the time they need to analyze your circumstances and provide you with a product that suits your individual needs as a client.

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            If you want to apply for a personal loan, you are required to complete a form and send some documents via email or fax. Apart from these means of communication, you can also apply over the phone or at any local store of Old Mutual.

            If you prefer to call a consultant over the phone, you will have to contact Old Mutual sales call centre. You will be able to do that by giving a call at the company at this number 0860 000 886 and during these hours: weekdays from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. or on Saturdays from 8 a. m. to 1 p. m. In any case, don’t forget to send the documentation requested.

            If you prefer to talk face to face with an advisor, then going to Old Mutual branch will be more convenient for you. In such case, then, it is better that you bring with you the papers. The documents you must carry with you are your ID, an evidence of residence, a payslip and a bank statement. Take into account that these pieces of paper have to be issued recently.

            There is another company I will refer herein, from which you can obtain car loans. The name of the company is Wesbank and it provides its lending services inPort Elizabeth. Additionally, you can also take out a personal loan up to R150,000.00.

            This company is characterized by helping you purchase the car of your dreams. It offers a wide range of opportunities for you to be able to purchase a car. It describes itself as a leading vehicle entity and also as a provider of asset financing. You have three options from which you can buy a car: one is getting a car from a dealer, another one is obtaining a vehicle privately or at auction.

            It only will take you some minutes to complete Wesbank online form. After you send it, you will receive an answer almost immediately. Generally, the application process will vary according to the financing option you choose as well as the requirements set out by the bank. The address of this bank is 16 Newton St, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045 and its phone number is +27 41 396 5111.

            Better Life Group is another company that also provides lending services in Port Elizabeth. More specifically, you will find one of the company’s store located at Suite 1, 35A Regency House, 3rd Ave, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6001. This company focuses on offering insurance as well as home and personal loans. If you ask for personal loans, the loan amount available is one that ranges from R 5,000 to R 150,000. If it should happen that you are in search of home loans, then you can try the bond affordability calculator which will determine which will be the loan amount you can have access to. If you want, to can phone in an advisor at this number +27 41 364 3410.

            As you can see, there are more than one financial entity which you can consult and the variety of financial products are enormous as well. Now your job is to compare and benefit from the lending services as much as possible.

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Questions and answers

What is the minimum and maximum loan term?

The minimum is 3 months and the maximum 84 months.

What are the interest rates based on?

They are determined according to your personal credit profile.

Are there other requirements that I should have in mind?

Yes! First, that you must be eighteen years old at the moment of application, your monthly salary has to be superior to R2 500 and then that loan term has to end before you are 60.

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