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Are There Any Old Mutual Loans in Polokwane to Apply For?

   Do you live in Polokwane at present? Are you dealing with hard financial times? I can assure that can stop, if you rely on Old mutual to help you with their Personal Loans. That is right, they are a type of loans that can serve clients to cover any type of need they need to cover, and the good thing is that they can choose the financing period. So, if you need to face an emergency, their loans can serve you as well.

   In this article, I will give you all the data you must take into account when beginning the application for a loan. That of course includes features, requirements, details and contact information.

Which features make up a Personal Loan at Old mutual?

-You can be given up to R 175 000

-You can ask for a loan of 60 months

-You can choose minimums of 3 months

-You can choose fixed interest rates

-Your money will be protected

-You will get access to insurances

Are there requirements to be followed?

Sure there are, but do not worry since you will not need to meet many requirements as I am sure you imagine. The most important requirement is being legally employed in the country and having the majority of age, 18. Moreover, you must make sure you will be perfectly capable of finishing the financing of the loan before you are 60 years old. As regards your salary, the company asks for about R 2500, which is the minimum you can offer. Your salary is really important, since it is a clear sign of how much money you can pay each month, so that you can fully repay for the program you have been granted. Please make sure your information regarding salaries and income is updated, since this is a crucial point the company will examine and take into account to decide if you are a good applicant or not.

   Interest rates, which is a point that every clients cares about, are always fixed and they will be defined based on your credit record and your affordability. So, the better your record is, the lower the interest rate will be. Same criteria applies if you have chosen the shortest financing period.

 When it comes to the needs you can cover with this loan, there are many to take into account. One of them has to do with paying medical bills, emergency costs, education diplomas and debts.

An important aspect I would like to talk about is that the company will always offer you an amount which you can fully sustain, so as not to have surprises in the middle of the financing of the loan and not being able to make repayments on time. And, the loan you are given will be fully protected by the National Credit Act, which happens to regulates loans throughout the whole country to make sure citizens get access to secure loans.


   The application, a crucial step in the loan procedure can be commenced in different ways, either by phone, in person or in the company´s official website.

Let’s examine each of the options in detail:

    You can take advantage of online application and get into the company´s webpage, where you will not only find a section destined to this step, but also sections with information about new services and products that Old mutual has designed just for you. What is more, once you have given the company all your data, they will observe it and see if you are a good applicant or not. In a couple of hours, you will see the results.

   You can phone a number the company has created for those phone users that need to contact the company from home in a fast and efficient way. So, please make sure to keep the following number with you: 0860 000 886. It functions on weekdays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm. Of course, you will not found this line available if you phone on Sundays or public holidays, so bear that details in mind before dialing it up.

   Or, it can happen that you want a personalized attention and you turn to an application in person at one of the branches of the company. You will be requested to meet certain documentation and you will get to know the same day you go there what are the results for your future loan.



Those residents of Polokwane can find different means so as to contact the company, including phone contact, online contact and also contact in person. You choose.


As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you have the choice of communication with the company directly in their website, if you happen to use wifi in your laptop or cellphone. You can apply for a loan but also send as many messages as you want so that the representatives of Old mutual contact you in the mean time.


This is the preferred contact way that most clients resort to, since they can phone from wherever they are without having to worry about internet connection. The phone number you can phone is this one:0860 000 886.

Additional phone numbers are given to you in case the other one is busy and you need to communicate immediately: 0860 222 252 and 0860 222 253. Remember that telephone lines at this company are not available if you call on a holiday or on Sunday for instance. Only on weekdays.


In this chart I am giving you complete details of the branch of Old mutual located in your place, Polokwane:



R 175 000 or  a minimum of R 2000

Interest Rate

Fixed and determined by your credit record

Telephone Number

860 445 445


Polokwane, Polokwane Central. At Devenish Street. Inside shop number 3.

Working Hours

Weekdays: Mondays to Fridays, from: 07:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African resident and having a clear credit record

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