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Can I Apply with Old Mutual Loans from Durban? Requirements, Rates and Email Addresses

     Old Mutual is a lending entity placed in South Africa. If you live in Durban, you’ll find this article helpful as, I’ll detail some branches in this specific area. However, you’ll find branches all over the country. Besides its locations, I’ll go about requirements and rates for their loans along with email addresses. So, when you finish reading, you’ll have all the information you need to work with them.

What are Old Mutual Loans branches in Durban?

I’ll start with the contact details for Durban’s branches. In this city, you can find 6 branches, which I’ll list next:

        - You can direct to Natal Bank Building at 71-77 Gardiner Street and, look for shop number 4. The email address is OMFDURBANGARDINERSTR@OMFINANCE.CO.ZA and, the telephone number (031) 3190808.

        - Another branch is placed at 385 Smith Street. If you need to elicit any query, you can call the number (031) 3190911 or, email them to OMFDURBANSMITHSTREET@OMFINANCE.CO.ZA.

        - The address for the third OMF’s branch is Shop 254 in Pavillion Shopping located at 5 Jack Martens Drive, Westville. The email for this branch is OMFWESTVILLEPAVILLION@OMFINANCE.CO.ZA and, the telephone is (031) 3190867.

        - You’ll find another branch at Qualbert Centre, Shop 8. This branch is in the corner of Albert, Victoria and Brands. It also has a phone number, (031) 3190800 and, an email address, OMFDURBAN-ALBERTCENTRE@OMFINANCE.CO.ZA.

        - Another alternative is to go to General Accident Building, at 47/49 Field Street, Shop 4 to get to another Old Mutual Finance’s branch. If you prefer to call them, dial the number (031) 3190875 or, if you prefer to write an email, send it to OMFDURBANFIELDSTREET@OMFINANCE.CO.ZA.

        - The final OMF’s branch is also located at Field Street; you’ll meet it at Shop 10, 85 On Field. You can contact them through the phone, (031) 3190905 or, via email, OMFDURBANPINESTREET@OMFINANCE.CO.ZA.

    As you can see, you have some options to go to if you live in Durban but, remember you can find branches all over South Africa. So, even if you don’t live in this city, I’m sure you have an Old Mutual Finance near your house.

Now, before we delve into the terms, I want to show you a chart summarizing key OMF’s information:

Address in Durban

 Shop 10, 85 On Field at Field Street

Interest Rate

 Fixed, from 19.7% to 72%.

Telephone Number

 031 – 3190905.


 SA citizen older than 18, minimum monthly income of R2500.

Working Hours

 Weekdays: 8 am to 5 pm, Wed.: 9 am to 5 pm and Sat.: 8 am to 1 pm.

Email Address


Loan Amount

 Up to R175000.

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Old Mutual Loans Online

    A great advantage of this entity is that you can apply online from the comfort of your house, avoiding wasting time on traffic. You’ll see is fast and easy. You just have to fill the online application form and, send the documents to prove the information you submitted. Then, Old Mutual will go over the information and your request and, inform you about the approval of the loan. Once the approval is confirmed, you can expect to get the money within 24 hours.

    Nevertheless, if you prefer to, you can apply over the phone or, even in person. Just remember to have the documents ready to present them, whether you go to the store, call over the phone or, via internet. If you have everything ready beforehand, you can speed up the process and, get the funds faster.

What are the requirements to apply with Old Mutual Finance?

    As with any financial entity, Old Mutual Finance requests certain points to take care before applying for a Personal Loan. On one hand, borrowers must be old enough, that is to say, 18 years old or more; have a job with a monthly salary of R2500 or higher and, you must make sure, you’ll be under 60 years old when your loan ends. On the other hand, you’ll need to send them some documents supporting the information stated in the application. You’ll be asked to present your South African ID, your payslip, bank statements and, a proof of address like an electricity or water utility, for example.

    As an extra point, you should keep in mind that if you take out a loan for 3 months up to a year, you must be employed by the same person for a minimum of three months.

Old Mutual Finance Loans Quotes and Terms

    Let’s discuss the choices you have for the loan. To start, you can take a loan for an emergency, to consolidate your debts or, simply to afford an expensive purchase. So, no matter the reason, you can get help from this company. Now, what about the loan amount and length? Well, you can ask for a loan as high as R175000 and, the repayment period can go from a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 60 months.

Old Mutual Loans Rates

    Apart from the amount borrowed, you’ll be charged some extra fees and rate. For instance, there’s an originator fee you must pay only once. Also, you should pay administrative fees which are charged every month. Besides, there’ll be an interest rate applied according to your credit profile. This rate is fixed and it can be as low as 19.7% and as high as 72%.

How does the online calculator work?

    Old Mutual Finance offers an online calculator for their possible clients to take the most of it. This tool is perfect to know before applying if you can afford to take out a loan. By choosing the loan size and, the possible loan length, the calculator shows an approximate monthly payment. If you know this, you can have an idea of how much money you’ll need every month to repay the loan.

    To conclude, you have everything you need to know to apply for a loan. So, don’t wait any longer and, start thinking about getting that financial help you need with Old Mutual Finance.

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Questions and answers

Can I apply if I live in Eastern Cape?

Of course, Old Mutual has many branches there.

Is there a difference if I apply online or over the phone?

No, it depends on what you prefer.

Is there a phone number?

Yes, call 0860 445 445 to contact the Client Service.

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