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Can Kimberley citizens Get Access to Old Mutual Loans?

   Is the place where you live Kimberley? Would you like to see your financial problems vanish away? I have the perfect solution, Old Mutual. Yes, this company has created special Personal Loans so as to make sure all of your needs can be satisfied with their financial programs.

  For such motive, in the article you will read now, you will be given all the data you need when it comes to applying for a loan, sticking to its requirements and gathering the right documentation. Moreover, you will need its contact details so as to contact the company immediately and stop wasting time.


What type of features comprise a Personal Loan?

-A loan that has a maximum of 60 months

-A loan that has a minimum of 3 months

-A loan that can be paid with fixed interest rates

-Refinancing options

-Protection of the money granted by the company

And I can assure you the list can go on forever

 Are there any requirements to be met?

Sure, as it happens with any company that grants loans, there are some requirements to meet: being a person employed at the time of beginning the application and having a good salary which can sustain the totality of the loan without trouble. You will also need to agree with the different statements found in the contract, among which you can find accepting to pay fixed interest rates.

As a matter of fact, age is really important for this loan since you must have 18 years old and you will need to make sure you can finish paying for the loan before your 60s.

Now, a Personal Loan like this one can be used for many purposes, for instance to finance your children´s tuition at a private school, college, or even to finance accumulated debts you are carrying with you throughout the year.

One important aspect to talk about is your affordability, since the company will check whether you can actually afford for a Personal Loan or not, and a proof of that is your monthly salary as well as any other financial documentation that serves as a picture of your income.

Moreover, you will be given, based on how much you can afford, a loan that matched your specific needs, so that the moment you are given the money you can destine it to the purpose you have in mind.


   Please pay attention, since you can begin the application for a Personal Loan in many ways:

    One of those ways is in the company´s website, where you have the chance of filling a form with data that is personal and financial and then waiting until one of the members of this company phones you with the results.

   Another easy way to begin an application is by phone, that is to say you dial up this number from home and simple as that you begin the procedure:0860 000 886. This number is available to any future customer that phones only on weekdays. So, that means that you can not phone during holidays or weekends. And, of course, you will need to phone on business hours so as to get your call assisted by a member of Old Mutual.

   Finally, the application can be started in person, by going to a branch of Old Mutual near your home, and in that way you can talk to a representative about the different options available and many details that I am sure are of your interest. You will be asked to submit the same documentation that you were requested online, but in this case in person. The documentation can include some of your pay slips, bank statements, IDs and Proofs of residence.



If you are in Kimberley and you want to have many options in mind when contacting the company, please pay attention to the following section. I guarantee you there are no excuses for contacting Old Mutual:


Kimberley residents that are fans of technology and would like to contact the company from their computers, can choose the online way. That is to say, they will need to fill a form from the company with their personal and financial data. Or, they can also use this website so as to read some of the questions most customers ask about loans and also the company´s blog, which is full of interesting material for new clients. You will see that in this website you will need to give an username and password, so as to have complete access. Once you apply for a loan or you acquire any of Old Mutual´s services, then the company will let you create a user and start enjoying their benefits.


  You can always dial up this number which is a free one and I am sure you will not need to wait lots of time on the phone until a representative answers your call, I can guarantee you that. This is the phone you must keep with you: 0860 000 886. So, free of charges you can directly phone the company and get what you need.

   You can also dial up another phone number, also used for application, inquiries and also obtaining further products of the company so as to protect your finances: 0860445 445. As it is the case with the other phones mentioned, you should call on weekdays on business hours, otherwise you will not get a response.


In the following chart I will give you all the data regarding how to contact Old Mutual if residing in Kimberley. Such chart includes phone number, address and more:



R 175 000, which is the maximum

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates

Telephone Number

0860 222 252


Kimberley. Shop 89 a. Diamond Pavilion

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from this schedule:07:00 am to 06:00 pm


Resident in the country for about a year or more

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