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Can I Obtain an Old Mutual Education Loan? Quotes and Contact Information

    One of the interesting qualities that make Old Mutual a great companies to sustain people´s financial needs is that all their loans can be used for multiple causes, and of course one of them happens to be education. Thus, it can be said that this company does have education loans for the people of South Africa. Their Personal Loans constitute an Education Loan when it comes to funding your kids´ education and thinking about their future.

  As a consequence, in this article you will be given a lot of information regarding this type of loan, including requirements and features. Moreover, you will receive contact details of this company in your country.


What are the main features that make up this type of loan?

Well, it can be said that the main characteristic is that citizens have complete freedom to choose a loan whose maximum is of 60 months but has also available a loan that can last up to 3 months. The amount that can be obtained goes from R 2000 to R 175 000.

If, you choose a loan whose amount is of R 2000 and you would like to pay for it in 3 months, the minimum allowed, you will be asked to make repayments of r 800 each month. Easy as that.

Requirements for an Old Mutual Loan:

-Being employed when applying for the loan

-Having a proper salary so as to sustain the repayments

-Being able to submit the application right away

-Having up to date documentation

-Having a good credit record.

-Be willing to pay either by cash or automatic deduction

   If you are interested in the interest rates that correspond to this loan, let me tell you that are always defined by the client´s affordability, so that the more you earn at work and the more possibilities you have of financing a particular loan, the less interest rates you will pay at the end of each month.

   As said at the beginning of the loan, you can use it in order to pay your children´s school tuition or even university degree, it depends on the age of your children and the kind of education you would like to offer them, a public one or a private one.




   Let me tell you that the application for an Education Loan can be started from different means, one of them is the company´s website, since you can fill a form with your data and that will be the first step. Then, once you attach the documentation requested by fax or by email, the company will let you know in a matter of hours whether your application was passed or not.

   You can of course phone the company to begin a phone application, by dialing up the next phone number, only on weekdays:0860 000 886. This number can also be dialed up if you have doubts or inquiries about the different services and products that are available at this company. So it is good to have this number at hand so as to obtain complete data about this company.

   The last means through which you can get access to an Education Loan has to do with personal application, and that works by going in person to one of the many branches this company possesses in the country. There, you will receive personalized attention and be able to know all the details of their loans.


I will now list the most important requirements for this loan:

-Being 18 years old or even more

-Having a monthly wage of the following amount: R 2500

 -You need to be able to finance the loan before you turn 60

-Gathering all the documentation requested the day of the application, without having to wait

-Showing faithful data, as the company will carefully inspect your information so as to have a large picture about your monetary and private circumstances


If you are really interested in getting an Education Loan, let me give you the contact details of this company right now:


You get the chance of contacting Old Mutual in its website where there is a section not only for applications but also for frequently asked questions and also a detailed section with news from the company which include new loans and services available. For you to have complete access to this means of communication, the company will send you an user name and password so as to create a user.


  You can directly dial up the following number and ask for any doubts or inquiries:0860 000 886. That happens to be a free number, which means you will not need to pay extra charges for making a simple call to a financial company.

     You can also phone to the following phone number, also designed for application :0860 445 445. Those telephone lines are available to customers if they phone on weekdays from 07:30 am to 6 in the afternoon. It can also be called during Saturdays.


    I will give you data about two branches of Old Mutual in South Africa:

One of them is situated in Kimberley at the Kimpark Centre, inside that beautiful building. The exact address is 1b Lennox Street. And there is another one inside Polokwane Central, whose address is: Devenish Street,  shop 3.

    Finally, let me give you now some details about another branch in South Africa:


A maximum of R 175 000

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates

Telephone Number

0860 222 252


Bloemfontein, exactly at Old Saambou Building

Working Hours

From Mondays to Fridays 07:00 am to 06:00 in the afternoon


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