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Can I Apply for a Student Loan if I Live in Nelspruit? Contact Information, Quotes and Application.

     Are you worry about your children’s future?  Do you want to help them get the best prospective possible? If you are trying to accomplish this but you can't afford it, Izwe Loans can give you a hand. You can apply for a student loan in order to pay for your children education and make sure they will have the best possibilities in the future. If you live in Nelspruit, you will benefit from the information in this article as, for example, quotes, contact details and application that will familiarize you with the process and make you feel ready to invest on your children’s future.

    Let me start by showing you this chart with the most significant information and then, I will explain the details.

Quotes and Contact Information

What Quote do they offer?

R 6,000 - R 99,000

What Interest Rate will you get?

Fixed rates, depending on the loan

What is the Phone Number?

27 (010) 206 7400

What is the Address?

Shop 103 Kamkholo Bldg, Brown St, Nelspruit Central

What are the Requirements?

Last three payslips

What is the Email Address?

    What Izwe Loans’ Student Loans offers you is to pay off your child’s education for a personalized period of time according to your personal situation.  Having your financial situation as a reference you can go from a period of 9 months up to 42.

    This type of loan is really useful as you can never put price on your child’s future. As parents you will always want to prepare them for the world as best as possible, and we all know that education is the best tool they can have. When you spend money on their studies you know that you are investing on their future and that your children will pay you back with endless gratitude when they reach their dreams.

    But, Izwe has other types of loans for you.  You can find Building Loans In case you want to own your house once for all. If you are tired of dreaming about that perfect building that you want to call “my house” and you feel you are ready to go after that dream, get in contact with Izwe Loans and they will help you realize that dream. They can make you stop dreaming and start living. Also, keep in mind that if you already own a house but you are bored of the same walls, shapes and features you can ask for a loan to redecorate it and feel you have renewed your surroundings. 

    You can also use a Consolidation Loan. With a consolidation loan you are able of combining all your debts into one. By doing this you take away the pressure of having so many entities as creditors to keep only one. This means that instead of having to pay to a lot of creditors, which is really stressful and complicated, you just pay once per month and forget about the debt. You will see that it will make your life a lot easier.

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    And finally, you can find General Loans. You would use this type of loan for many reasons. For instance, if you have an unexpected event and need money you don’t have in that moment, or if you need to relax and go on holidays. Another option would be if you are tired of walking or using public transport and you decide you deserve to have your own car.

    As it is shown, you have many options to choose from depending on your need.

How can I apply?

    The application procedure is really short, simple and easy to follow. Before applying for the loan I advise you to think carefully about the installments and the sum of money you will ask. You can take advantage of the calculator Izwe offers and submit, for example, how much money do you need in order to know how many installments are required and for how much money.  By doing this you enter the process having an idea of the quotation and the details for the repayment terms.  Remember they offer loans that go from R 6,000 up to a total of R 99,000 and that you can choose a repayment term of a minimum of 9 up to 42 months.

    Now, once you reach your ideal loan you have to follow three simple steps. First, you need to fill an application form with your personal and work information. Second, you need to send them a copy of your I.D, a copy of two bank statements and a copy of your last payslist. Third, you will receive a phone call from Izew consultants telling you if you’ve been approved for the loan or not. If you are approve for the personal loan, you will have access to the cash directly from your bank account.

    Let me point out that you have three options when applying for a loan with Izwe Loans. You can go through the application by their website, you can send them an email or you can simply call them by phone. Remember this information has been provided in the chart I showed you before. As you can see the procedure is really simple to understand, so you can be sure to have no problem when asking for the loan.

What are the benefits?

    Now you’ve seen the most important data let’s see the benefits of working with Izwe Loans

  1. you have only one simple requirement: a proof of your salary.
  2. you will have access to the cash from your account.
  3. you will have the money in a really short time.
  4. you will benefit from Izwe’s fixed installments and interest rate.
  5. you will enjoy a simple and fast verification and qualification process.
  6. you will be asked only few documentation in the entire process.
  7. you can apply for a variety of types of loans: students loans, buildings loans, consolidation loans and general loans.
  8. you can access to any of their many branches in South Africa.
  9. ou can access to any of their many branches in South Africa.

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Questions and answers

Can I borrow R 50,000?

Can I cancel muy debts with a building loan?

In that case, you need a Consolidation Loan

Is there a branch in Nelspruit?

Yes, the address is Shop 103, Kamkholo Bldg, Brown Street.

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