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Which Are the Addresses of Nedbank in Rustenburg? Loans, Application and Quotes

Do you live in Rustenburg? Do you think that Nedbank can be useful to satisfy your needs? Good job! It is… and in a convenient way. We have delved into the official webpage of Nedbank so as to gather useful information to get easy access to money. Actually, in this article, we will focus on the lending programs that Nedbank has ready for Rustenburg’s citizens. We will show their details as well as financing and possible quotes. What is more, we will develop contact information for those who cannot wait to know more about the bank or just to start application.

Where can I find offices of Nedbank in Rustenburg?

There are, at least, two different locations in Rustenburg where you can find a Nedbank branch. One of them is located in Rustenburg Square. It is exactly at Von Wielligh St. This office is open on Monday and Friday from 8.30a.m. to 4p.m., on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9a.m. to 4p.m. and on Saturday from 8.30a.m. to 4p.m. Representatives are available in person and by phone dialing up 14 590 6500 in such banking hours. Another office is located at 111 Fatima Bhayat St. Banking hours are the same as the ones in Rustenburg Square branch. In case you want to contact this location by phone, please use the following line: 14 594 9880.

Loans, details and financing at Rustenburg’s offices

                Let’s take a look now at the different options that citizens have to choose when it comes to lending:

a. MORTGAGES: getting money to buy a property to live may be a tiring process. However, if you count on the financial help Nedbank, things can be easier. In Rustenburg, current or future clients can access to a wide variety of home loans so as to get money to pay for new homes or the building process. They can choose among typical mortgages, building loans, home vision and many others. Interest rates can be fixed or variable, depending on what you need. Such interest and principal can be returned in up to 300 months.

b. CAR LOANS: financing the purchase of a vehicle can be also a problematic process. Fortunately, you can consult Nedbank representatives and get the quickest and most convenient financing option. You will get all the money needed to buy a used or a new car, in return of an initial deposit. The rest of the money, together with interest, will have to be paid in a maximum term of 6 years.

c. LOANS FOR STUDENTS: if you are thinking about how to get a degree, welcome! In Nedbank, there are special lending programs that lend money just for the sake of financing education. Those who can apply for the loans are prospective students or tutors, who are compulsory if the applicant don’t meet all the requirements. The money obtained can be used to pay for tuition fees, to buy textbooks, to purchase equipment and even to finance accommodation. It is important to know that while studying, you just return interest and once you finish, you will have to return principals. Such interest can be fixed or adjustable.

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d. PERSONAL LOANS: if you are thinking about how to buy for a new PC, how to finance home remodeling, or to finance vacations and even how to cover any unexpected expense, count on Nedbank personal loans! The bank offers money from a minimum of R1,000 to a maximum of R200,000. Depending upon your credit history, you will have to attach your loan to fixed or variable interest rates and return all the money in a period of up to 5 years.

e. BUSINESS LOANS: being part of the world of business is also complicated. Or what is more, keeping your enterprise in an outstanding position is not a piece of cake. In order to make this possible, you can access to Nedbank business loans, which include start up loans, short term loans, property financing and even programs to buy trucks or any kind of vehicle. You can finance any of the programs in periods of a maximum of 10 years.

More application options and some requirements

                Now you have an idea of Nedbank choices, let’s see other ways of application that don’t require talking to any bank representative in person. In fact, you can just use your phone so as to make questions or start application. The number available everyday, 24 hours is 860 555 111. Another option is by taking advantage of the internet. You can read more details about the programs in the official Nedbank webpage; you can even choose one and apply for it. You will just to fill an application, a process that doesn’t take more than 4 minutes so as to get the money in an account. And let me also give you two different addresses so as to write comments or inquiries to representatives: and for personal and business loans respectively.

                As far as requirements are concerned, applicants should be older than 18 and they should come to the office with the ID card. Moreover, their have to earn, at an salary of R3000. And in case of students, a tutor is required.

                To conclude, Nedbank is more than ready to offer financial aid to Rustenburg citizens. It grants money to pay for education, homes, vehicle, business or whatever needs that may appear on the road. Although there are still people who are looking for a better solution, it is clear that Nedbank has what you need and above all, access is great! Visit a Nedbank branch and enjoy it by yourself.

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Questions and answers

Which is the lowest interest rates?

The lowest interest rate is 10,5%.

Is online application available 24/7?

Yes, it is.

Are offices in Rustenburg open at weekends?

They are just open on Saturday.

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