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Are Port Elizabeth Citizens Able to Apply for Nedbank Loans? Quotes, Rates and Contact Details

Nedbank has its doors open in Port Elizabeth! Nedbank is one of the most outstanding banking companies of the country and it has been providing services for more than a hundred years. Fortunately, one of its offices is located in Port Elizabeth so as to reach its citizens. In this article, you will get information about the loans that such people can have access to. We will focus on rates, possible quotes and details about different lending programs. What is more, we will show different ways to contact the bank.

Is Nedbank the only financing company in Port Elizabeth?

                Of course it’s not. In Port Elizabeth, you can also borrow money from Standard Bank. There is an office in the area of Newton Park and another one in the area of North End.In both cases, representatives are available during the week from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. but not on Sundays. As far as loans are concerned, there are programs similar to the ones offered Nedbank. You can count on home loans with interest rates that never surpass 24% and with financing periods of up to 20 years. There are also vehicle loans that can be financed in up to 84 months. Of course, you can also count on Standard Bank to finance studies and business.


a. HOME LOANS: it is important for families to get their own place to live. That is why one of Nedbank priority is helping citizens to buy their own homes. Actually, there are typical mortgages, home vision programs and building programs so as to purchase and even remodel houses. There are fixed and variable interest rates available and programs of up to 300 months of length.

b.VEHICLE LOANS: with Nedbank, you can also finance the purchase of a vehicle. The bank has lending programs to help you buy new or used cars. As far as financing is concerned, you can make an initial deposit and then, finance de rest in up to six years.

c. PERSONAL LOANS: in case you have to cover any unexpected expense or you just want to pay for vacation, among other things, you can borrow from R1000 to R200,000. The money you get can be financed with fixed or variable interest rates in periods that go up to six years.

d. STUDENT LOANS: Nedbank also has an area that will be in charge of helping to get support for education. There are programs by which you can finance from tuition and fees to textbook and equipment. If you don’t meet all the requirements, you will be asked to have a tutor for the loan. That tutor will cover the interests while you are studying and the rest, that is to say principals, would be returned once you finish studying.

e. BUSINESS LOANS: and finally, you can also use the bank to finance business. The company has programs to help you start a new business or to improve one that you already have. There are affordable financing periods that can reach up to 10 years.


                Fortunately, there are many ways to contact Nedbank in Port Elizabeth, either for questions or application. First, you can visit an office in person. There is a branch in Newton Park, located at 329 Cape Rd. In this case, its doors are open from on Monday from 8.30a.m. to 4p.m., from Tuesday to Friday from 9a.m. to 4p.m. and on Saturday from 8.30a.m. to 12p.m. This office has an exclusive phone line that is 41 393 6800. Apart from this line, you can call the bank to the general phone number that is 860 555 111. You can use this contact 24/7 to make questions about the loans and the bank itself and it is also available to start application process. Another way to contact the bank is via Internet. The official webpage is quite complete and there are many details about the programs. What is more, the company gives you access to online application. You choose the loan you prefer and by clicking, you will be redirecting to a form to complete in three minutes.


                Before staring an application, it is important to comply with some requisites so as to know in advance if you are eligible for a Nedbank loan. In the first place, prospective costumers should be older than 18. In this case, at the application moment, they you should have, at hand, present a valid barcode or also an ID card. In the second place, the minimun salary required is R3000, proved with your pay slip. And last but not least, if you need money to finance your sudies, please consider you need a tutor.


                Sometime it is difficult to imagine how much would you pay if you get a loan. In order to facilitate this, we will show an example of possible quotes for a loan of R300 000 that can be used to finance the purchase of a home. You can make an initial deposit of at least R1,500. Those who have good credit history can apply for an interest rate of 10,5%. The rest can be financed in one year. As a result, there would be 120 installments of approximately R4,027. You can also finance it in 2 year if preferable. Therefore, you will have to make 240 payments of approximately R2,818.

                All in all, no matter which area of life you want to improve, Nedbank will help to achieve it. There are loans to pay for homes, vehicle, degrees and even vacation. Besides, you can make your business succeed! It is time for your to stop thinking about money and let problems for professionals in the area.

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Tired of not being able to purchase the assets you need or even financing your debts and bills? I have the solution for you if you are residing in Porth Elizabeth. Nedbank, which is one of the leading banking companies in the region, has developed a wide array of possibilities in terms of lending programs for you and other citizens of your area.

     In the following article, I will provide a description of each of the loans available at Nedbank, the way in which clients can apply and what do they need in order to be eligible for them. Then, I will give you all the contact data about this bank, for you to apply in an easy and fast way for any of the loans you are attracted to.

     I will focus on three of their loans: Personal Loans, Repayment Loans and Vehicle Finance Loans.


Their features are explained in the list below:

-Programs that grant clients amounts of money between R 1,000 and R 200,000

-Financing periods with a maximum of 60 months and a minimum of a year

-Clients need to make payments on a monthly basis, and the more payments they make, the less they will pay at the end of the loan

-Interest rates are subject to the client and the bank, based on wages and income

-It is very easy and simple to apply for the program

-Once the client is found eligible, he/she will be granted the funds in an immediate way

Ways of applying for a Personal Loan

-The client must earn a monthly wage of at least R 3000

-The client must be employed on a daily basis or at least show a certificate that proves it is employed during a period of time

-The client should receive his income in his account, in order to use that money for financing the loan

Documents needed to apply for a Personal Loan

The client should submit:

-Its Passport or ID or any other type of identity card

-Bills from previous months which need to be updated

-Bank statements from at least three months or less than that in order to show the credit score

- A document that states that he lives on a permanent basis in South Africa


Take a look at its features and advantages:

-The client can have access to a minimum of R 2, 000 and a maximum of R 125,000

-The financing periods can range from 12 months to 60 months, which is the maximum accepted

-The client will not need to pay extra charges at the beginning or extra fees

-The client will be able to apply in a quick way for these loans

Ways of applying for a Repayment Loan with Nedbank:

-The client must show he has a permanent job and is not unemployed, for the bank to know the customer is sable of financing the totality of the loan without further complications

-The minimum income the client must submit is that of R 3,000, amount of money the client need to earn on a monthly basis

-The client need to make sure that the employer grants him the salary in a checking account that was previously opened with Nedbank

-The client has access to a special phone line to call in order to obtain the address of the nearest branch to purchase: 0860 300 400

Documents clients need to submit:

--An identity cardo r their ID or Passport

-The three last bank statements which prove their income

-A document that shows the client is living right now in South Africa


This is a wonderful choice for those client that are fans of cars and would like to purchase one. Take a look at their characteristics:

-The bank is willing to pay for a car that costs up to R 20,000 or a cheaper one, which costs no more than R 20,000.

-The client won’t need to make an initial deposit as it happens with other banking companies

-Financing periods will be subject to the Price of the car

-The client can finance the loan by using the checking account opened with the bank or through automatic deduction

How to apply for it

-The client can have access to the different car dealers that work with the bank in order to buy the car of its dreams.

-The bank will offer the client a special plan for financing the car

-The client need to put forward all the necessary documents that prove not only income and salary but also credit score

-Documentation that proves the client is currently employed or has been employed on a fixed basis

-Showing an income of at least R 5,000, which should be an amount earned on a monthly basis.

-The client should possess a landline telephone in order for the bank´s representatives to get in touch with them

Moreover, the client should submit their three last bank statements, and ID, expenses paid during the last month and a proof of residence that states the client lives in South Africa.

How to contact Nedbank in Porth Elizabeth

In person, you can go to Cape Road, 329 or call to this number: 27 41 393 6800. Another location is in Govan Mbeki Avenue, 85, and its phone number is 41 501 9300.


Dont forget to visit the official webpage, which has all the data, requirement and access for the loans.

By phone

For telephone assistance, the number suggested is 0860 555 111

To conclude, if you were interested in obtaining money in an affordable and easy way, Nedbank can be the solution to your financial troubles. Take a look at the different options and select the one that will benefit you!

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Questions and answers

Are offices in Port Elizabeth open every day?

Every day except for Sunday.

Can I start application by phone?


Which is the longest financing period available for Nedbank loans?

The longest financing period is 300 months.

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