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Can I Get a Nedbank Loan in Pinetown? Requirements and Contact Details

    If you are experiencing a hard situation in relation to your finances and you are currently living in Pinetown, you need to stop worrying since I have the perfect solution for you. Nedbank. This is a banking company that because of the good quality of its services and products has expanded to many cities of South Africa in order to reach every citizen. Fortunately, Pinetown is included in those cities and you can easily start enjoying their programs for you.

    Inthe article you are about to read, I will give you information regarding each loan Nedbank offers for the residents of Pinetown.After that, you will get contact data about this company, which includes addresses, phone numbers and webpages. So, please stay with me.

I will start with loans for your home and then move on with a loan foryour personal needs.

Inside the Home Loans cathegory, Nedbank offers Ordinary Home Loans and Building Home Loan.


This loan can be used for more than one purpose. For instance, you can use the money to by a new propety or to make it bigger or enrich it with new appliances and furniture, as you want. Moreover, you can choose financing periods that go up to 25 years and you dont need to worry about interest rates since they tend to be either fixed or variable.

Iwill now provide a list with their benefits:

-Financing terms that consider a maximum period of 25 years

-Interest rates can be negotiated between the client and the bank

-Clients can obtain the money that was paid off whenever they acquire a loan for their new property

-Refinancing programs available

-Clients can have access to a small portion of the loan once it is repaid in excess, which is usually R 1000, which is a big percentage of the totality of the loan

-Clients can finish paying the totality of their Home Loan before the time expected or set by the bank. This means that whenever the client has the moey to pay off the loan, they can finance it without problem

-Clients get access to a Home Insurance in order to cover the whole property in case it is fully damaged and needs to be changed for another one

-Clientswill receive a protection whenever the loan is higher than R 600,000, so if you are granted high amounts of money, such funds and you, the owner, will be covered by the bank.


This is a loan exclusively for those clients that are willing to purchase their   first house, which as you know is sometimes hard to afford because of the high prices of houses. These clients will get this program with very convenient interest rates( fixed ones) and financing periods that have a maximum of 25 years. Which is why, if you are interested in building your home, pay attention to itsbenefits and features:

-Clients can take up to 25 years to finance the whole loan

-Clients have refinancing options available

-Interest rates are fixed by Nedbank

-Clients obtain the money that was paid off immediately

-Clients can obtain a minimum of R 1000 and no more than that

-Clients can choose to finance the loan before the period of time esitpulated in conjunction with the bank

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-Nedbank is willing to take care of the building process in order to check it will be finished on time

-The bank will finish financing the loan once your house is totally built

-Clients will be protected when they are granted loans higher than R 600,00


It does not matter what type of personal need you want to cover, for instance paying debts or bills, buying new furtniture, paying your kid´s school tuition, etc, the bank can help you with that through its Personal Loan. Thus, this type of loan will make you feel calm,with the guarantee that everything can be paid.

I will proceed to show you its benefits:

-You can be granted a minimum of R 1000 and a maximum of R 200 000

-You can finance the whole loan in a year or in 60 months

-Every payment made each month will be deducted from your account

-The interest rates will be determined by you and the bank

-You can apply for this loan by following simple and quick steps

-The moment your loan is approved, you receive the money in your account with the bank. You can choose how to receive these funds: either by credit or debit card, in your account, in cash or in chequebooks. That is totally up to you. However, bank professionals recommend that clients receive the money in their accounts as this is the safest way of keeping your money at the bank.

If you are interested in applying for a Personal Loan, you need to takeinto consideration the following tips:

-Bein gemployed and showing a document that proves it

-Residing in South Africa on a permanent basis

-Earning at least R 3000 each month, which you need to receive in your personal account

So,you need to submit your card ID or any other document with your personal information, recent bank statements with this or another bank, recent payslips and a proof of residence in South Africa or any bill that shows you are currently living there and are able to finance the loan as expected.


In person

One of its offices is located at 17Kings Rd Shop 337, Level Three, Centre, Pine St, Pinetown, 3610,  South Africa, whose telephone number is2731 717 8860. This office opens Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdaysfrom 09:00 to 04:00 pm and Mondays and Fridays from 08:00 am to 12:00am. It is also open during Saturdays from 08:30 am to 12:00 am

 Another office can be found at CnrJosiah Gumede & Anderson Rd, Pinetown, 3610, South Africa andyou can call its representatives by phoning on 2780 011 0929. This branch is located inside a supermarket and is open24 hs a day


You can take advantage of the bank´s free phone in order to make questions about their services and products:0860879 900.


Inside the bank´s website you will find sections destined to vehicle financing, home loans, personal loans, insurances and more.

To conclude, living in Pinetown is very beneficial when it comes to solving your financial troubles. Why? Because you have Nedbank to take care of your need with their programs!

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Questions and answers

What else can I do in the bank´s webpage?

You can send the bank a message

Does the bank have a calculator?

Sure, in its webpage there is a calculator for each loan

Does the bank accept credit cards?

Yes, that is a payment method totally accepted

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