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Is it Possible to Get Nedbank Loans in Krugersdorp? Addresses and Phone Numbers

Are you residing in the wonderful city of Krugersdorp? Tired of not being able to finance the life you want? Thanks God you have arrived to this place. With the help of Nedbank, which is the leading bank in South Africa, you will find many solutions to your financial difficulties. This is a bank that thanks to its quality has expanded to many places and that does not exclude your area, Krugersdorp.

    In this post, I will first give you information about Nedbank´s main loans for the citizens of Krugersdorp which includes requirements, documentation and features. Then, I will give you contact data of this company so that you can apply for their loans easily.

Their three key loans are the following: Repayment Loan, Vehicle Finance Loan and Personal Loan.


This loan gives clients the chance of financing it in affordable and convenient periods. I am referring to periods that consists of even 60 months, which is a long period of time for the client to be able to sustain such program without complications.

Let me show you other features that come along with a Repayment Loan:

-Amounts that go from R 2000 to R 125 000 and it does not matter the use you will give to it

-No need to make deposits when the loan starts

-Opportunity of saving money

-Instant application the moment the bank receives the documentation

Thera are good features of this loan, but you also need to know what is needed for the application procedure: a statement from your employee declaring you are employed, which needs to prove your income is between R 3000 and R 3500. Of Course, you will also need to put forward your ID or any other type of document with your personal information.


     This loan has been names like that because one of the main goals Nedbank has is to make clients finance the car they want in a convenient way, without suffering financial problems. These clients are allowed to ask for amounts that range from R 20 000 and R 200 000. You can finance this program by making monthly payments, whose interest rates will be determined by the bank according to the customer´s financial position. An important detail to bear in mind is that this client is not requested to make initial deposits once the loan is approved.

    Would you like to obtain this loan? You need to give to the bank your last 3 bank statements that show your movements and transactions, your credit score, your ID or Passport and a document stating how much do you earn each month. That income needs to be of at least R 5000. Then, the moment the loan initiate, you will have access to many car dealers that will provide you with a huge variety of vehicles for you to choose.

Finally, the bank recommend that you possess a landline telephone for them to be able to contact you anytime.


     Although this is the most common program in terms of loans offered by banks, it has some benefits that you need to consider:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-Getting high amounts of money that can range from R 1000 to R 200 000, obtained in any form

-Financing the Personal Loan in convenient periods of time that go from 10 to 60 months, which makes it easier for clients to complete each payment on time.

-The interest rates will always be lower than those of other banking companies in South Africa

-The citizen has the possibility of applying for any loan either online or at a branch from the bank in their city

The documentation needed for this loan consists of your ID or any document that contains your personal information, statements from three months ago with another bank, your credit history and a proof of the place you live permanently.

How can you contact Nedbank in Krugersdrop?

 There are many ways by which you can get in touch with this company:

In person

    One of Nedbank´s branches in Krugersdorp is located specifically at Cnr Commissioner & Shop 1, Asan Building, Rissik St, Krugersdorp, 1739, South Africa. In case you would like to contact their consultants for doubts or inquiries, you can always call this numner:11 950 4780. This branch opens Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon and on Mondays and Fridays from 08:30 to 04:00 pm.

There is another office located at Cnr Commissioner & Shop 1, Asan Building, Rissik St, Krugersdorp, 1739, South Africa, whose telephone number is the following:27 11 950 4780.

This office has the same schedule as the one mentioned before.

Then, there is another branch located at 39 Human St, Krugersdorp, 1740, South Africa, which you can phone on 11 952 4140 in order to obtain full details about each of their loans and other services the bank offers to citizens of Krugersdrop.


    Nedbank has created its own website for clients to be able to start an application for loans and also have access to many other services offered by the bank, such as online banking. This is a good means of communication for those citizens that are always searching on the internet and find it easy to communicate via online.

By phone

   In case you have concerns or questions, the bank has developed a free line, available 24// for such purposes. So, you can call on that number and all your questions will be answered. The number is 0860 555 111

To conclude, living in Krugersdrop and having financial troubles is no longer a problem, because Nedbank is here to help you with their variety of lending programs. Each of the loans explained above will surely benefit you in more than one way and make you stay calm and at peace, with no worries about financial problems. Try Nedbank and let it change your life for ever!

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Questions and answers

What is the longest financing period?

60 months

Can I contact the bank 24/7?

Yes, in their free line

Can I apply for a loan by phone?

Sure, their consultants will guide you

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