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What Are the Loan Offered by Mercantile Bank in Randburg? Contact Details and Requirements

Are you in a financial emergency? Are you in search of a responsible company to help you? Stop looking for that since the solution to your problems is included in this post! Here, you will get information about Mercantile Bank and all the loans, contact information, possible quotes and more. What is more, as Mercantile Bank might let some aspect of life without coverage, we will also include some other information about other companies.

                Mercantile Bank was funded in 1965, and since then, providing help to as many citizens as possible has always been its priority. In fact, since its inception, Mercantile has been opening offices in many citizens of South Africa and, luckily, Randburg is one of them. If you are a citizen of this city, you can pay a visit to the Mercantile Bank Strijdom Park Business Centre. It is located in the Homeworld Centre exactly in the corner of Malibongwe Drive and CR Swart Drive. This address can be found in Strydom Park. If you live nearby, you can pay a visit to representatives from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Please, take into account that its doors are closed on Sunday. During the same office hours, you can contact this Mercantile branch by phone dialing up 27 11 791 0854.

                Let me tell you that lending services are exclusive and Mercantile doesn’t allow for online application. However, for more information or queries, you can contact the company by phone calling 86 030 9250in typical banking hours. There is also a fax line open to send documents that is 86 262 5031.

                Once that general and contact information is ready, it is time to take a looks at the wide variety of financing programs that Mercantile has available for start-up or well-established business:

1. Business term loans: if you think it is time to buy up-to-date equipment, don’t hesitate to do it and repay the money in installments. Whatever machinery purchase you make, you can finance it flexible programs with competitive interest rates. It is important to know that you can talk to representatives so as to plan the loan based on your budget.

2. Business overdraft: problems with your account? Stop worrying. Apply for the business overdraft protection and use money as you feel like. You can pay for more expensive things, to improve cash flow and even more. This program is subject to Prime interest rate, which fluctuates on daily basis. Regarding financing, you can set a period in which you just pay for interest, and after that, you will cover principals.

3. Asset finance: this is another program that is useful to pay for facilities and expand business since it can be used to finance movable or fixed assets. Another thing that you can finance is exclusive car purchase. Asset finance boasts interesting interest rates and changeable terms that will be focus on clients’ needs.

Find the best loan of South Africa

4. Asset finance leasing: another way to work with new equipment is by leasing it. If you are not in the position of buying, you can lease machinery from Mercantile. The bank will acquire the asset on your behalf and it will give it you in return of fixed payment during an agreed period. You will just cover rental prices until the time expires; however, if at the end f the term you want to keep the piece of equipment, just renegotiate. This is a good way to avoid depreciation and unnecessary costs.  

                From all the points developed above, it is possible to see that Mercantile Bank just focus on business loans. But there are other needs that may arise related to personal life. In order to cover these needs, please bear in mind the following lending programs offered by other companies in Randburg:

5. Personal loans by African Bank: there are two main programs offered by African Bank that can be used to cover personal needs: personal needs and consolidation loans. With the first one, you can ask for amounts of money that go from R500 to R200000. Interest rates usually range from 10,5% and 28% and financing periods are flexible but they don’t surpass 72 months. With the other one, you have the possibility of combining all the loans you have to pay them together with a single quote during 6 years. If you think that African Bank loans are useful, there is an office in 32 Oak Ave which is open during the week from 8.30a.m. to 5p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to 12 p.m. For telephone assistance, please dial up 0860 333 004.

6. Personal loans by Absa Bank: this bank offers amount of money from R3000 to R350000. This money can be used to pay for vacation, to make home improvement and even to buy a new car. Interest rates are one of the lowest of the market since they can reach 10%. What is more, financing terms can last up to 7 years. An office of this company can be found in the Verdi Shopping Centre. The exact address is 231 Beyers Naudé Dr and its doors are open during the week from 8.30in the morning to 3.30in the evening. In case you prefer telephone assistance, please call 11 446 6600.

                                To conclude, there are no excuses to be happy when living in Randburg. Those who are in search of financial support for business can count on the help of one of the leading companies in the area: Mercantile Bank. But those who need money to finance personal needs can resort to other alternatives, such as African Bank or Absa Bank. Don’t hesitate to contact the one that meets your needs and buy whatever you need!

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Can I rent a new office with the help of Mercantile?
What is the minimum age required to apply for a loan?
It is 18 years.
Can I contact the bank on Sunday?
No, representatives are not available on Sunday.

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