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Are There Western Cape Loans Available? Information and Contact Details

   If you are living in the wonderful area of Western Cape and you are looking for financial support, let me tell you that this is the perfect spot for you to get the information needed. Yes, in this article, you will be given data regarding two main companies located in Western Cape, whose aim is to offer you the best loan possible.

   Moreover, you will also be given the contact details of the companies, apart from being given the features and benefits of each of their loans. So, my recommendation is for you to continue reading this article.

The two companies I mentioned above are Bridge Loans and Ec Finance


What does Bridge Loans offer to Western Cape citizens?

-Short term credits

-Emergency advances to take care of your car maintenances or health bellis

-Online money loans

-Personal Loans to shelter communal personal needs that are significant

-Loans calculated for banned clients

Consequently, if it happens that you necessitate money so as to discontinue collecting debts at household or you need the reparation of the household you own, then this credit can be certainly useful for those stuffs.

What sort of benefits can Western Cape citizens contract with Bridge Loans?

    Initially, they can obtain a loan freely of their financial state, so that means that excluded clients are wanted without difficulties. Besides, one more benefit is the chance of gaining the most competitive tariffs you could ever envision.

    As a supplementary benefit I would like to express that the company has online banking accessible so that you can cope with your loan from your computer and not thinking about making big ques at the physical agency and wasting time. Lastly, you can top up the quantity of money you are specified so that the firm can offer you even more money. That is inordinate and not every corporation offers that profit.


    Their Personal Loan involves around R 120 000 or less than such amount and you can be accepted in just 24 hours or during the course of the day, which will be subject to what is your credit top score. You will have admittance to 60 months financing periods but then again you can choose smaller periods too.

    Utmost clients receive the cash within the same day they have applied for the credit and they continually commence an online application from their CPUs, so as to jump to the process right away. Furthermore, the company will not request you to indicate a collateral for the loan so as to safe it, as their loans are wholly secured. You merely need to show what your existing financial situation is.


What are the requirements for this Personal Loan for Western Cape citizens?

-You must be a South African inhabitant or tenant of course

-You must be 18 years old at least

-You must presently have an occupation when you smear for the loan

-Your income should entail of about R 2000 or more on a regular basis

-You must possess a bank account

-You need to have a faithful South African ID

Now, what about the interest rates clients must pay?

    The interest rates and some dues created by this company will be contingent on the client´s financial position. For example, if you have demanded for lots of money and you have a corrupt credit record, the company is exploiting its risks and the interest rate will be more advanced than the usual ones. Nonetheless, if you have a virtuous credit record, the nominal interest rate will be applied to the advance you have elected to apply for. Subsequently, being an accountable client, which has remunerated on time for prior credits will be a decisive factor for the company to resolve on which will be the greatest fee and interest rate appropriate to the particular loan you were contracted.

Contact details of Bridge Loans in Western Cape

   You can call the firm by dialing up the subsequent phone number you are specified, so that you can begin a speedy communication with the associates of the company. Pay attention to the resulting number: 0861 112 044.

And there is an additional number for you to dial up: 012 001 1884. As you can predict, the first number is a ding-a-ling number which means your call is free. But then again, please be very persistent when it comes to waiting for agents to be allowed and answer your call. Sometimes lines breakdown, particularly on Mondays.

You can open your email account and write an email for the firm so as to get a reply from their team. The email is the resulting one, so make sure to save it:

Now, in the chart that appears beneath you will be given full statistics about the physical office situated in Cape Town:


15.000 R, the maximum permitted

Interest Rate

Up to 20% or less than that

Telephone Number



Cape Town, at the Station Plaza.Office: F 15A 7th Avenue, in  Mitchells Plain

Working Hours

From 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Your own bank account,  your email-address and your personal ID

Email Address

Send one email to this box:

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Contact details of Ec Finance

Let’s pay attention to how customers can connect with the company so as to attain their Personal Loans and numerous additional services available at this firm:

   One of the ways through which Western Cape residents can interconnect with Ec Finance specialists in by entering their website, filled with information about the loans stated above and there is likewise a submission section prepared to be taken advantage of by future customers of the Ec Finance. Furthermore, there is the calculator for those clients that require prior affordability before applying for their loan.

   Another way through which customers of Western Capecan contact the company is by going in person to their physical office in Cape Town, situated in the center of this large city. The address is the following one: 11 Long Street.

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Can you please check if I qualify for a loan?

If you want to find out whether you qualify for a loan in Western Cape, you need to find a financial company that provides loans, such as Bond Excel. The company will let you know whether you qualify for a loan after having filled out the forms they will give you. You may be asked to provide certain documents.

How much does the calculator cost?

It is for free

Can I phone the company on weekends?

No you can’t

Can I obtain two loans?

It depends on your financial status

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