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Can I Find a Business Loan if I Reside in Durban?

Do you live at present in Durban? Aren’t you finding financial resources to make your business impact on the market? Well, stop worrying, I have a solution that might just fit you. Yes, I am referring to two great companies specialized in this field: Sanlam and Nedbank. And, as they are present in Durban, they enable you to communicate with them through any communication means.

   Which is why I will devote the article to talking about the main information of their loans and also giving you contact details of them, so that no matter where you find yourself, you can still get in touch.


    There are quite few steps that must be followed by all clients, such as selecting the amount that will make the client happy and then once waiting a couple of minutes for admission, having the money in your account to use it for whatever need you have in mind.

What about the application?

   It functions just like in any other financial company, since it is completed telephonically, via email website or by phone. So, the client gets to choose the perfect medium to make it happen.

What are the requirements for a loan here?

1. Having your personal ID so as to check whether you are the person that is signing the contract

2. Having a good credit record to check your performance

3. Giving data regarding the assets you possess at present


How many loans are here?

     There are many loans, each of which will satisfy a specific need the client has at present, which is important for you to take a detailed look at them and see which one will benefit your life the most. These loans can be paid in 2 years but the company can extend the financial period to 10 years, which seems a lot for most clients. And, what is important is that the company will never ask clients what type of use they are providing to the loans, no, the client has total freedom over the use.

Let’s point out to the main benefits obtainable at Nedbank:

-Obtaining interest rates quite superior to the ones proposed by other firms

-Not need to pay duties related to changes

-Obtaining a cover and an insurance

If you would like to become a client, there are requirements you must comply with, in a compulsory way:

+Having banking statements with the bank

+Presenting banking statements related to the account you have

+Presenting the type of assets you have once the application is being carried out

+Showing what type of operations you made through the month with the bank

+Finding documentation related to the performance of your business

+Holding documentation under the name of each person that is part of the business

And there is another great service too: OVERDRAFT AND SHORT TERM LOAN

With this type of loan you can make use of capitals whenever you want and you will not be demanded to stick to limits as it is the case with other sort of loans.

Multiple benefits are given to you, such as:

-Being qualified and having total flexibility to repay for the loan on time

-Being able to pay for the loan through your bank account, cheque account or any other mean that comes to your mind

-Interest rates can change and the reason is that they will adjust according to the monthly incomes of the company

-Clients can make use of mobile banking so as to finance the loan

-Mobile banking enables clients to make effective use of the money with no problem

And before moving on to the details to contact the company, one service that will help you a lot too:


What is it that clients do with the loan?

   Well, clients can observe an extension of their companies and accessing to higher amounts of money in the long run. This money enables them to buy machinery and any other apparatus that will increase their performance.

Further services that come together with this loan are these ones:

-Invoice discounting

It is simply an operation through which the bank makes discounts which at now can range to 20% of the total funds of the company, which are related to the collection of the business.

-Single-invoice discounting

This type of discounting, as you might guess is a way of paying less in the long term, since companies have freedom to buy borrowers so as to obtain financial help and support throughout the whole development of their businesses. With the money they can pay debts or any kind of machinery that will supplement the ones the office already possesses.


-One of the offices you can go in person in Durban is situated in La Lucia Ridge, inside a park named Millwork. You can make a phone call to this place by phoning on 0861 44 00 44.

-You can go to your home, open your computer and enter the website of the company so as to start with online application and in that way obtain lots of data about the services and products that are present in Sanlam. You can also make use of the calculator there and forget about being wondering whether you can pay or not for a loan you desire.


Pay attention to this chart, since all the data you need about an office of Sanlam for a business loan is Durban is right here:


A maximum of at least R 60 000

Interest Rate

Totally fits your financial income

Telephone Number to call

0860 555 111


Durban Central code. In: 303 Anton Lembede Street

Working Hours

From this schedule:8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Requirements needed

Financial and your updated personal documentation

Email Address

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     To conclude, both companies are just great if what you need is a firm that can take care of the company and give you the peace and tranquility you always needed. What are you waiting for? I am sure you will benefit a lot from Sanlam and Nedbank

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