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Are There Any Business Loans in Cape Town to Begin an Application?

   If it happens that you live in Cape Town and you are super worried about not having the financial resources to cope with your expenditures, the ones that your business have, then I have a solution for you and that is Nedbank. I can also offer you another solution called Sanlam.


What are the main features that are part of Business loans?

-The client has the chance of accessing an amount of R 3000 which is the maximum, but he or she can also ask for an increase of R1000 on a monthly basis

-The client can observe how the money requested appears in its banking account with no problem

- The different documentation is given in several languages, so that the client can fully communicate with the professionals of the company and there are no misunderstandings

-Each of the business loans offered in this company are adapted to the client’s needs, with no exception

-All of the loans of the company are under Sanlam Personal, which is the company in charge of granting loans in perfect state. This is a good way for you to know the real name of the company and avoid being cheated or paying money for no purposes

-You can pay with chequebooks, automatic deduction and also in cash that is up to you

    If you want more features I can tell you that you have freedom to make use of a special calculator, which enables you to access to a complete analysis and knowing beforehand whether you are eligible or not for the loan you want. This step saves you lots of time and paperwork in the long term.

What do clients need to qualify?

They will need to have in hand all the documentation that is required which can be their personal ID, having an income statement, a statement of the place they live and a receipt of their job stating they earn at least R 25000. Moreover, age is quite important since 18 is compulsory

And now let’s point out to the second option:


The main aim I must mention regarding Nedbank is the chance they give clients of obtaining money to sustain a small business and they can repay for it in 10 years but also in 2.

There are some benefits given to clients:

A.Less interest rates

Bother client won’t need to pay duties

C.The client has access to a special credit line which comes together with a cover

What are the steps to follow?

1. Please put forward the documentation you possess

2. Please look for your bank statements and your data of the banking account you operate with

3. Show the company how many assets you have and their value

The following is the documentation:

-Payment expenses

-Business banking accounts

-Assets account

-Address statement

    You might also have to present documentation related to the place where your business is located, so as to give the company full information regarding your company. Which is why it is essential to put forward the address of it, how much money it earns per month and also if there are any debts that the company has at the moment of starting the application.

Before I move on to the contact section part, I must mention that you can make use of another service called DEBTOR MANAGEMENT. It is a program that enables companies to ask for higher amounts of money in case the loan they got is not enough and they need more resources to cope with everyday needs.  Apart from this money, the client has chance of accessing to an open invoice, discounts on products and services the company offers and also access to at least 20% of the capitals the company has.

I must also mention the service of factoring, which enables clients to get up to 80% of their arrears which is awesome if you are looking to incorporate your company in the financial market and you didn’t have the capital needed


One of the ways to contact the company is by going to a physical office which is inside Maynard Mall, on the 3rd floor of thiplace. And there is another alternative if you are looking for personalized attention and I am talking about an office in Bellville, whose exact address is 2 Strand Road.

    Moreover, you can get in touch with the company through its official website, which is totally full of data and it is being constantly updated with the latest data that will benefit your finances.

    There also exists the chance of communicating over the phone, which is by dialing up this number from the comfort of your home: 0861 44 00 44. You can effectively make use of such number from any type of phone you have at the moment, ranging from cell phones or fixed phones. So, if it happens that you don’t like using your computer and entering the website, you can make use of this phone number and get in touch with its professionals.


Quote given

Ranging from R 3000

Interest Rates

It will never vary, not more than 20%

Telephone Number

0860 .555.111


Coronel Heerengracht Street and the Walter Sisulu Avenue. On the ground floor of the office

Working Hours

8:40 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Financial documentation and day to day documentation with data about your finances.

Email Address to contact

Find the best loan of South Africa

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    Finally, if you are looking for an ideal way to sustain your business, then Nedbank and Samlam are two great allies to bear in mind, since you will have access to super accessible loans and also the chance of obtaining bonuses and discounts for operating and obtaining further products with them. I advise you to get in touch and see yourself how easy it is to make your business manage itself in the market, you won’t regret it at all.

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