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Are There Debt Consolidation Loans in Cape Town?

   Are you experiencing tough times because of your current debts? Would you like them to disappear easily? Then what you require is a Debt consolidation Loan, and fortunately I know two firms in Cape Town that can help you with the issue: Finbond and Direct Axis.

    Consequently, now I will deal with an article mainly focused on the terms and conditions and the useful information you need about these loans to consolidate debts present in Finbond and Direct Axis.


What can users of Cape Town get?

   These clients can obtain a loan that will give them minimums of R 500 but they can ask for superior amounts of money ranging to a limit of R 20 000. These money can be repaid in financing periods that can be long or short.

An important factor to make reference to is the possessing of a good credit record, since it will determine whether you can certainly apply for the loan or you need some help to improve the record.

    As regards the different financing terms, you can choose to repay for it in around 2 years but you can also choose shorter periods of 3 months. The interest rates will be totally fixed and determined based on the period you have selected.


How is it carried out?

-It can be started online or in person

-You can begin the application from your home

-You will receive guidance from a person that has specialized in the field

-You have access to questions about legal matters

-Once the application is okay the money arrives to you

    And you do not only get to use the money to finance debts but it can also serve to pay expenses created by other means such as the ones from school, university and more.

   Finally, the DOCUMENTATION: having a pay slip, bank statements, you’re ID and a proof of the place you work for. That’s it.



Reasons to choose this company:

+You can directly pay more than 4 debts with only 1 loan

+Simplifying application procedure

+Preparation of the documentation in charge of the company

+Pay the loan in a monthly basis

+Expanding the amount selected at the beginning in the contract

-Fixed repayments with no exceptions at all

+Choosing your personal bank account to sustain the loan

+Possibility of asking for car insurances and home insurances

+Recommending a friend has some benefits: discounts and bonuses

What is a Consolidation Loan at this firm?

It simply is a loan that enables you to pay one debt after another without having to ask for many loans. And you can choose to finance it in many months, so comfortable financing periods are offered. The application is carried out based on your personal profile and the information you gave to the company the first time you contacted its members, so that they will offer only a loan that fits what you need.

If interested in additional features I can mention that the payments will be fixed as I said on the list, which means that by no means the company can change or alter them. You will always pay the same value throughout the whole loan. Now, if you need more cash, please let the professionals know about it and they can offer you R 2000 a month.


As further comments about this stage, I can tell you that having a good credit record will improve the application procedure and will you access to better type of loans. Moreover, the better the record is, the more money the company can extend to you.


-The application can be started by phone that is phoning on this phone from your home, which is a free one: 086 000 4249. You also have at hand another phone number but this one is not free, but is also helpful: 0460 7288. You can also use your cellphone, and text one message to 45040 typing the word CREDIT, so that the company can realize what you look for and start sending you messages about it.

-You can easily enter the webpage of the company and then you will see a hint with the application. By following simple steps you complete the form and done!

-One of the offices in Cape Town is located at the Centenary DR in the area of Somerset West.


-You can take your vehicle to a near office situated in Diep River, in South Field. Its address is 108 De Waal Road.

Take a look at the chart that is shown below, useful data is given about another subdivision:

Interest rate

Less than 30%

Phone number

 86 102 0304


105 De Wall Road


Private Identifications and pas lips

Working Hours

On weekdays from 08:30 to 08:30pm

 -Another means to communicate is by phone, which is by dialing this number that happens to be free and always available: 0861 020304. You can also call to another phone number, also available for queries and doubts about the debt consolidation loan: 0861 243 556. Please make sure to dial the number from home.

-If interested in getting online and chatting with a representative then the website of the company is just for you. You get the chance to speak and at the same time enter a section with the application procedure, where you can observe conditions and terms of loans.

   Summing up, if you were worried about not having the capital needed to sustain a debt, then your worries can vanish away. You can apply for any of the consolidation loans mentioned at Finbond and Direct Axis and prove how simple it is to get back on track with your finances. Try communicating with both companies and select the loan that convinces you the most.

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Questions and answers

Can I go on holidays?

Both companies are closed

Can I pay with credit card?

Only debit card

Is debit card taken for the whole loan?

Yes it is

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