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Can Port Elizabeth Citizens Apply for Debt Consolidation Loans?

  Do you have small debts? Are you trying to pay your debts and cannot make it? Stop worrying! I have just what you need, and I am talking about a Debt Consolidation Loan. This type of loan can be granted to you by two of the best companies experienced in this field: Finbond and Letsatsi.

    In this article, you will be given two options in terms of companies offering Debt Consolidation Loans in Port Elizabeth, so that you can compare and decide which one will suit you best, that is totally up to you. Then, of course, I will give you the contact information of them so that you can make a phone call, send an email or go to a physical office.


What are the features of a Debt Consolidation Loan at Finbond?

With the acquisition of this Debt Consolidation Loan you are able to find very long refinancing possibilities. It can be used to pay any other debt you have generated with other loan or assets you acquired in the past, there will be three repayment options planned to you by the firm so that you can broad the financing of the loan when agreed in the contract.

Some other features that come along with this loan are the financing periods, which tend to go that go from 9 months to 36, so there are minimums and maximums established.

How can you apply for a Finbond Consolidation Loan in Port Elizabeth?

-You have two possibilities in terms of application: online or in person

-If you decide to select to apply online, you can click on the section destined to application

-You will receive orientation by the many members of the company

-Once the application procedure is approved by the reps of the company, then your money will be deposited in your account


    With the acquirement of this loan, clients can perceive how their debts fade thanks to the financial provision offered by this firm. There are more than a few features you can relish, such as supporting any other loan you were settled in the past by other banking firm or also financing your accounts with the bank.

What are the benefits this loan can give you?

A.Being able to pay monthly installments

B.Paying fixed interest rates

c.Being able to receive one loan which will enable you to consolidate others

D.Not paying fees for the administration of the loan

E.Saving money in the long term

f.Observing how your credit record enhances since your debts are no longer on your behalf

If you would like to get information about the repayments for this sort of loan, let me tell you that you have a maximum of 36 months. And, you will need to gather important documentation such as pays lips and statements from the bank. And, the amount given to you would be that of R 100 000.

Now, there are two other type of loans I would like to give you data about: One Month Loan and Long Term Loan.

Find the best loan of South Africa


      By obtaining a One Month Loan you will talented to finance any kind of matter which constitutes a backup, such as paying medicinal bills, funeral expenditures and more.

What are the features of this sort of loan?

-You can obtain the endorsement of your loan application in just a period of time of 60 minutes

-You are able to be given additional loans

-You are able to finance the loan as soon as you are ready to

-You can continuously get some guidance from authorities


     If you attain this loan you will be able to back whatsoever expense you need today. As an example, you can take care of the reimbursement your car´s reparation or even your greyser´s repair. Regarding its financing, the company will propose you numerous installments, which can be easily bankrolled and come along with static interest rates.

There are abundant benefits you can acquire with this loan such as being permitted with your application in less than an hour, getting multiple loans and financing the loan the same day in which the credit is given to you.

What about the application for a short term loan? It is essential that you gather the same documentation mentioned for the previous loans.

Regarding the amount granted to clients of Port Elizabeth, you have total access to a minimum of R 500 and also a great maximum of R 8000.



-One of the offices of the company is located in 58 Market Street, in the area of Uitenhage. And, there is another office located at 539 Govan Mbeki Street in the area of North End.

-You can also communicate with the company by phone, by dialing up the following phone numbers: 086 000 4249 or  012 460 7288.

-You can try to send a sms from your phone with “credit” to 45040 in order to receive more information about the Debt Consolidation Loan and further loans

-You can also take advantage of the website of the company so as to apply online, send messages and find a branch near to the place you live.

-You can try to communicate with the company in its authorized website, where you can continuously apply for a credit and obtain amply of information regarding numerous products and get straight access to a regularly asked questions section intended just for you.

Summing up, residing in Port Elizabeth with debts in your possession is no longer a trouble to stress about, clients can resort to Debt Consolidation Loans in Fibond and Letsatsi Finance. What are you waiting to get in touch with the members of the companies?

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Can I apply over the phone?
Yes you can
Can I pay the loan any day?
As long as you comply with the payment yes
How many options exist regarding the way to finance?
Yes there are

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