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Are Secunda’s Residents Eligible for Personal Loans? Interest Rates, Contact Numbers and Quotations

Do you reside in Secunda? Are you tired of paying renting and do you want your own home? Do you need help to finance children education? Let me tell you that you have just found everything you need. After delving into several web sites, we have selecting three important companies so as to talk about loan rates, contact information, possible payments and even more.

                We are talking about African Bank, First National Bank and Standard Bank. The first one is one of the youngest companies but its high-quality services have placed them at the forefront of many of its kind. The second one is part of the “main four” groups, where the main banking companies are included. And the other  one has been in the market for hundred years providing services. All of them have offices in Secunda to facilitate lending products.

Where Are African Bank  Located in Secunda?

                African Bank opened a branch in the Smart Center. It is exactly located in the corner of Joep Steyn Ave and Tropsch Square.  On Sunday, its doors are closed. Please take into account that apart from face to face attention, there is a phone line available in the same office hour that is 17 631 4185.

What is the Address of First National Bank in Secunda?

                An office of First National Bank can be located in the area of Sadly Center. The exact address is 3 Charles Cilliers Street. Consultants are available during typical banking hours and you can contact them in person or by phone dialing up 87 575 9408.

When Can I Contact Standard Bank in Secunda?

                When it comes to Standard Bank, representatives wait for current or prospective clients during typical office hours.  If you are free on these hours, please go to the branch located in the Central Business Central located at Etienne Rossouw Street. For telephone assistance, don’t hesitate to dial up 860 123 000.

                Now you know how to contact the offices, let’s make a list of the personal loans available and other programs that may save your life:

1. Personal loans by African Bank: African Bank offers money to pay for whatever need you have for amounts that range from a minimum of R500 to a maximum of R200 000. Interest rates to pay for the money always go from 10,5% to 28% and financing periods are flexible between 3 and 70 months.

2. Personal loans by First National Bank: if you are thinking about how to buy new furniture, how to finance education or how to pay for deserved vacations, consider First National Bank loans that lend from R1 000 to R150 000. These programs have fixed interest rates that guarantee that payments will never vary. Financing periods can reach 5 years.

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3. Personal loans by Standard Bank: Standard Bank can also be helpful to improve your life. You can borrow the sum of money you need to affront unexpected expenses, to pay for health care, to finance car purchase and even more. The money you borrow can be repaid in periods that range from 1 to 5 years. Considering interest rates, they are always between 10% and 25%.

4. The 15% loan by African Bank: these special programs lend amounts of money that go from R5 000 to R50 000. If don’t miss any due date once you have covered the 15% of the entire program, you will be benefited with fixed interest rates during the rest of the payments. Financing terms can last from 6 to 36 months.

5. Home loans by First National Bank: getting your own home can be your priority and First National is ready to help you. You can borrow the money you need to finance home purchase and repay it in up to 20 years. It is important to know that interest rates are one of the lowest in the market since they tend to be near 10,5%. Apart from interest rates, you will have to pay a minimum monthly fee of R70 to cover administration charges.

6. Home loans by Standard Bank: Standard Bank has special programs for for those who make their first home purchase. In fact, it lends 104% of the home value so that they can use 4% to pay for extra charges that may appear on the road. In case you already have a property, Standard Bank will just give you the amount needed to pay for the home -100% of its value-. Those who need a property to set up business can also borrow money. In this case, the bank will grant the 80% of the property value.

7. Vehicle loans by First National Bank: being on four wheels is possible with the financial aid of First National Bank. The company has loans to pay not only for new but also for second hand cars with the most convenient interest rates: from 7% to 20%. No matter how much money you need neither the rates, you can select any financing period provided it doesn’t surpass the 20 years.

                All in all, if you live in Secunda, you don’t have to think about how to finance dreams any more. There are, at least, three leading banking companies working at your advantage with the most convenient loans of the market: African Bank, First National Bank and Standard Bank. You can choose among personal loans, home financing, money to pay for vehicle and even more with really low interest rates. Don’t wait to be in a rainy day, move in advance and start working with professional to improve your life.

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Questions and answers

How can I apply for loans without moving from home?

You can visit any official webpage and start online application.

I need a property for business, which bank can help me?

Standard Bank can help you.

Are there many requirements to meet?

No, requirements are just a few in all the cases.

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The minimum age to borrow money is 18 in the three companies.

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Phone assistance is even better that face to face interaction.

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