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Is There a Way To Get Vehicle Finance in Johannesburg?

   Do you know what Vehicle finance is? Are you fond of financing new vehicles? Then, you need more data about Vehicle finance. Fortunately, I can refer in this opportunity to two of the most selective lending companies in Johannesburg: Investec and Wesbank. These two enormous firms can help you with the future repairs to your vehicle and with financing a new one in the meantime.


Investec Vehicle finance is at present called: MOTOR VEHICLE FINANCE

What is it about?

A Motor Vehicle finance is nowadays consider one of the superior loans that you can apply for if one of your dreams is to have a new car, better than the one you already got. You can also make as many repairs as you want to the vehicle you possess. And the good thing is that this company will always offer you plans with fixed interest rates and installments.


This is a company that enables with total freedom those clients of Johannesburg to select a vehicle that would like to attain and then talk to a dealer specialized in the field to continue with the procedure.

Essentially, there are two main stages to comply with:

1) This initial stage has to do with the fact of filling the client´s application with data about finances and future vehicle and with this simple step, you are able to talk to a dealer that has been offering the type of car you want

2)This next stage is simply about ending the contract between you and the dealer, and then completing and attaching all the necessary documentation that is needed, in which it can be seen the financial record of the client as well as the terms and conditions of the dealer.

   Before moving on to the contact section, I want to give you useful pieces of advice:

+Please know beforehand the type of vehicle you are trying to attain

+Be ready to give the company the details of your banking account

+Prepare  documentation related to your credit record

+Try to summarize your movements with the bank

+Take into account additional fees of having a vehicle on your own

+Take into account what kind of gasoline you would like to use when driving your new vehicle

+Bear in mind the distance in which the vehicle will accompany you

   It is also very important to bear in mind if you are going to use your vehicle for work or for any personal situation such as going to the hospital, moving from home to school and other kind of journeys in which you might need to drive your vehicle. So, pay attention to your daily routine and based on that you can decide the model and type of car that will best fit your specific needs.


A.Select in the car dealer a vehicle whose value is not superior to R 30 000, so that is the maximum allowed by the company to new clients. There is always a limit, but I can assure you that most cars cost less than that rate

B.Have the majority of age and that is obligatory

C.Reside in the country or close to it

D.Show that you have at present a really nice credit record

E.Possess an income which is monthly and consists on this minimum: R 6300

And now, if you want to contact these two companies to obtain a Vehicle finance in Johannesburg, then I must proceed with the contact information, so please pay attention to it, since there are many means to stay connected with Investec and Wesbank:


-The citizens of Johannesburg can contact Investec on their free number, so if you are interested in a communication via phone, please dial up their free number which is 0860 111 161. You can also send a fax to the following number and attach all the paperwork: 286 9663

-You can also make use of online application as well as a section that contains many details about messages you can send on a daily basis and you can also send an email

   In this chart you are given complete facts regarding the means by which the company can be contacted in person in Johannesburg:


100, Grayston Doctor. Sandown area of Johannesburg

Telephone number

 23 25 67

Interest rate

Less than 20% on your monthly installment


Financial and personal paperwork

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from: 08:30 to 11:00

Find the best loan of South Africa


-You can go directly in person to one of its branches in 9 Hillbrow

-You can also apply for the Vehicle finance through phone, so I advise you to keep this number and be ready to make phone calls whenever you have all the documentation and data with you: 302 3331.

-You can also take advantage of a website created by the company with the purpose of giving to its clients detailed data about each of the finances available, not only the one you look for, the vehicle one. In this website clients can look for a form so as to complete it with their schedule and expect a phone call from a member of the firm. As a final remark about this means of communication I can tell you that this is the safest method to stay in touch throughout the whole procedure since you can contact the company during the whole weekend and weekdays too.

   Finally, if you wish to obtain a new vehicle in Johannesburg and you don’t have the means necessary to make that happen, you can certainly rely on Wesbank or Investec to take care of your financial needs and offer you a special Vehicle finance that will give you access to a new sort of car. Moreover, their vehicle finances come together with special insurances so that after you have gotten the finance, you can be sure that the maximum protection is given to them.

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