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Can Gauteng Clients Apply for a Vehicle Finance?

 Do you currently live in Gauteng? Are you really interested in financing a new vehicle for you and your relatives? Then a Vehicle finance can be just perfect for your goal. And fortunately, in the city of Gauteng Investec and Wesbank are here to help you and other clients with similar interests.

In this article, I will focus in detail on the different information related to these two South African companies and then on the contact details of each of them in Gauteng



What is it made of?

   This is one of the type of finances most preferred by clients that aim at having new cars of any model or year. It can be paid by making fixed monthly payments and the interest rates of this one happen to be fixed as well



   As regards the sort of Vehicle finance you have access to in Gauteng with Wesbank, let me tell you that the company is totally in charge of looking for a nice dealer and then make you go through two different stages in the procedure:

1. The first stage has to do with finding a form for the application and filling it in with the financial data you got, and this takes half an hour. By doing this, you will be able to obtain a response from one specialist of the country and if your application is okay then the bank can phone you to continue the procedure

2. The second stage has to do with finalizing the procedure in which the bank gets in touch with the dealer of your choice. You also have access to a special kind of insurance. As a quick example, let me briefly tell you that there are comprehensive type of insurances so as to guarantee you are given the maximum protection for your vehicle.


+Previous to applying for the vehicle finance you must have in mind the model of car you wish to possess

+You must bear in mind what kind of fuel is good for your future vehicle

+You must consider changing your oil for Diesel, which seems a better option for those clients that aim at obtaining discounts

+You need to look for a vehicle you can sustain throughout the whole procedure

+You must know how many miles you are willing to make or how many does your job requires your vehicle to make on a daily basis

+You must bear in mind the fact that nowadays cases of stealing objects from vehicles are really common and you need protection against that too.


   These have to do with a list of items you need to consider if you are trying to remain a good candidate for one of the Vehicle finance offered:

A.You have all rights to apply for R 30 000 so the car can consist on that value

B.You must have at least the majority of age requested

C.You must show you live in the country at present

D.You must gather all the data you have regarding the credit record

E.It is essential for you to possess an income of R 2650 each month, which is more than enough to sustain a vehicle finance from any company

   It is also essential, so it constitutes a requirement as well, to have a good performance with previous lending companies that have granted credit lines in the past. This is a way of showing the firm how compromised you are with the lending cause and that you can pay each of the installments set in the contract.

Now, I would like to focus on the information you need to contact both companies: CONTACT DETAILS


-This company can be contacted by phone, so I advise you right now to phone it on their free number: 0860 110 161 and also on another number that is not free and costs:27 11 286 9663.

-You can directly enter the company from your own computer into its website and be ready to fill in a form with your financial and personal data so that the company can look for your schedule available and make a phone call to you or send you a simple message

-You can go to a physical office, whose data is given in the following chart:

Interest rate

Maximums of 30%


Obtainable in person at an office


100 Grayston Doctor. Sandown. Gauteng. Johannesburg


Personal authorizations stated above

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 11:00

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-This company can be contacted in person in Gauteng, so you can go to 1 Enterprise Road, inside the common Fairland

-You can also contact the company in Boksburg by going in person to Frank Road in Bardeen. This office is located in the block number 2 of the building. You can go there on weekdays from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm.

-There is a special phone number which is not free but you can call whenever you want, since the lines do not seem to collapse like it happens with other type of phones available: 031 302 3331. So, if you are interested in the application or you need to send simple messages, please be ready to dial up that number, do not hesitate to do it

-The last means of communication I can talk about has to do with the website of Wesbank, where clients like you can find all the details and the terms of each of the Vehicle finance that are available to apply for in Gauteng

    To conclude this article, if I were you I wouldn’t wait one more minute to contact both companies. I am sure you can profit from their information and you can decide which of the two will help you the best with you’re financing of the vehicle you always looked for to obtain. Take my advice and start enjoying the lifestyle you and your vehicle deserve!

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Is there email application?

As long as you send the documents yes

Is debit card taken?

Yes it is

Does Investec have a website in English?

Yes it does

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