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Am I Eligible for a Student Loan If I Live in Johannesburg? Requirements, Phone Numbers and Benefits

     Do you need to pay for your studies? Are you looking for a bank that helps you fulfil your dream of getting a degree? If you are in this situation and you live in Johannesburg, you should read this article as you will find information about two companies you can ask for a student loan to: ABSA Bank and Standard Bank. I will provide you with information about their application, quotes, requirements and, also, phone numbers for you to contact them.

First, you’ll find information about requirements, application and contact details from Standard Bank. And then, you’ll go on reading about Absa Bank. Apart from the same information from Standard, you’ll also read about the benefits and the repayment terms you can get from this company.

Standard Bank Requirements

I’ll start by detailing the requirements you need to comply with to apply for a student loan with Standard Bank

    The most important point is that you need to be a student of an accredited tertiary institution and, your aim should be to get a certificate; a diploma; a degree; or a postgraduate diploma or degree at the end of the course you are taking.

    Keep in mind you’ll be requested to prove you’ve passed your previous course studies by presenting some documents that show your academic results. Also, remember you should apply before the course starts, as they can’t finance outstanding fees to the academic institution.

    What if you’re a minor? If you are less than 18 years old, you need to have a surety. What is a surety? That would be a person acceptable to Standard Bank to sign as such; that is to say, to take the responsibility for you as an adult. There are two other particular cases in which you need a surety:

+ being a full-time student, and

+ being a part-time student with an income minor to R 5,000.

    Now, there are three different income criteria depending on the type of course you’re taking.  For instance, for a degree or diploma, the minimum salary of the surety should be of R 3,000 per month. But for other types of studies, your surety salary should be at least R 5,000 per month. I’ll clarify that if you are a part time student with a minimum salary of R 5,000, you won’t be requested to have a surety.

How to Apply?

    First, you need to calculate and analyse your income and expenses in order to make sure you can apply for a loan.

    Second you have to complete the online application

    Third, you have to wait the answer from the bank.

    Fourth, if your application is provisionally approved, Standard Bank will ask you to present some documents to the nearest branch.

     Fifth, if those documents are correct, you’ll be informed to take out the loan.

    Sixth, you take out the money and repay it as agreed on the terms of the loan.

How can I contact Standard Bank?

It’s possible to visit Standard Bank at 9th Floor Standard Bank Centre, 5 Simmonds Street in Johannesburg. You can also reach them by phone at 011 636 9111 or 011 636 9112.


What are the benefits?

    Some of the benefits you’ll find with Absa Study Loans is that you can finance your studies completely, getting the lowest interest rate and paying just the interest during the time you are a student. How is all this possible? Because for a start, not only can you finance the fees but also you can pay for the books or technical devices you may need to study. Besides, Absa wants to make sure you know they can beat any other offer you may receive from other entities. And finally, you can begin to pay the complete loan once you have finished your studies.

Absa Requirements

    Here, you can see the requirements they demand in order to apply for a Study Loan:

a) You should own a SA I.D. or Smart card or live in South Africa permanently.

b) You should present documents to verify your information. Some of them are: a proof of residence, your last 3 bank statements or payslips, proof of income from the student or the sponsor, proof of study and proof of cost of the course.

c) You must show a proof of previous years’ academic results in the case of subsequent years. In this way, they’ll know you’ve passed the preceding year of study.

d) You’ll be under affordability check and risk profile.

e) When you take out the study loan, it could be in the name of a parent, a sponsor or guardian or a part-time student. Remember that any of them should be able of presenting a proof of income.

Next, you’ll find a chart with key information about Absa Bank


Minimum of R 15,000


SA I.D., proof of residence, 3 months’ payslips


Main Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, South Africa

Telephone Number

08600 08600

Working Hours

7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Email Address

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How can I repay the loan?

    When you choose the repayment term you’ll have to decide between two possibilities: on one side you can choose that, as soon as your loan is approved, you start repaying the capital and interest together. On the other side you have the choice of, for the first 12 months you start repaying only the interest and then, the capital will be added in the next instalments. So, after that first year paying only the interest, you’ll begin paying interest plus capital as a normal loan.

Absa Contact Information

If you’ve decided to work with ABSA you can call the number 0860 100 372, or you can visit them at Main Street, Marshalltown in the city of Johannesburg.

This is when you decide on your future and ask for the help you need to make your dream of being a professional come true!

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Questions and answers

Do they offer home loans?


I’m turning 18 next year, Can I apply?

Yes! You need to have a surety or a guardian.

Can I contact Absa on Sundays?

Yes! They work 24/7.

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