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Where Can I Find Personal Loans in Johannesburg? Companies and Contact Information

    If your place of residence is Johannesburg and you have been searching for affordable options when it comes to loans, let me tell you I have two great options you can benefit from. In Johannesburg, you can rely either in 1 Life Loan or in Dial Direct, both of which are reliable and responsible lending companies.

    In the next article, I will try to focus on the loans granted by these two enterprises, for you to have an idea of the services they offer and how do they work. Next, I will give you the contact information of both companies, so that you can communicate with their members and begin the application right now and start changing your life for the better. I guarantee you this article is totally worth it, as you will learn a lot about both companies.

1 life Loans for the citizens of Johannesburg

    Regardless of the use you are going to give to the money granted by 1 life, the company is willing to grant you the money you need, so every kind of need you are experiencing can be satisfied.

What are the requirements for their loans?

-Being employed and in a condition in which your salary is superior to R 3000

-Submit your Id book in order to show you are a South African citizen

-Have in hand all the information of your bank account

-Possessing an outstanding credit record with another company

     Regarding the benefits you will enjoy with this company, I must mention the fact that you can choose periods of financing that range from 12 months to 60. You will need to pay fixed monthly installments, whose interest rates are not subject to modifications either. Now, the most interesting part, the amount. You get to be granted about R 150 000.

What about the application procedure?

You have the choice of applying from the company´s website, by clicking on a small square called “Apply now”. You also have the choice of starting the application by phone, by making a call to the following number: 0861 22 22. Such number remains available every day from 08:00 am to 08 in the afternoon.

Dial Direct Loans

     One of the main reasons you can have in mind when deciding to apply for a loan has to do with the fact that no one likes to ask their relatives or friends to lend them money, this is something really uncomfortable. So, with the proper loan, you get to apply on your own for a loan, without asking anyone to help you. Moreover, you avoid future misunderstandings when it comes to giving the money back.

    The loans granted by Dial Direct can be granted in about hours, and the period in order to receive the money lasts less than 3 days. Moreover, the company will always look for a loan that you can afford to pay, otherwise the company will not offer you a loan you are not able to pay for.

    Now, there is a maximum you have access to, R 100 000. But you can choose a minimum of R 2000. The repayment period usually consists of a year or 5, you choose based on your affordability. Of course, in order to get that amount your application needs to be passed.  So, let’s move on with the application procedure:

-The procedure will not last many days as with other companies. The company wants the process to be fast and simple, so as to give you the money right away, avoiding complications and misunderstandings.

-Clients can apply by phone or in the company´s website

-Clients who apply online, will only need to fill in a form with personal and professional data, and expect to get a call sooner or later from the company

-Clients that apply over the phone will need to dial up this phone line: 0860 10 45 80. That number is also useful in order to get an answer for your doubts and inquiries.

What about the requirements clients need to comply with?

Well, you must submit your South African Id, a statement from your job in which your income is present, your credit record and all the information you have about your bank account. No, the company will not ask you to submit plenty of documentation like it happens with other financial companies. This is especially useful, because many clients usually complain about having to do many paper work, and wasting lots of time trying to know whether they are eligible or not for a loan with a company.

Contact Information of 1 life

     One of the company´s offices is situated in Dainfern, in Midrand. This office remains open Mondays to Fridays during business hours, but it is closed during weekends. You can call this office simply by dialing up 0860 10 53 40.  That of course is a phone line out of charges, so you can call there during weekdays from 08:00 am to 08 in the afternoon.

     You can communicate with the company from your computer, in their webpage, so please do not hesitate to contact them. The website contains different type of data regarding all the services the company provides.

Contact Information of Dial Direct

     One of the main offices is situated in Dainfern, area of Johannesburg. The exact location of this branch is 1 Telesure Loan.

    You can also communicate with their members by phone, so please have at hand the following phone number, which is out of charges and available to you every day: 0861 007 367. Please remain patient since it always takes time in order to get your call answered.

    This company also has its own website, with data about all their loans and insurances. You can also ask for quotes and prices there. Moreover, the company gives you the chance of sending messages in a safe and simple way. In the same company you will find plenty of information such as tips and recommendations in order to guide you through the lending experience.

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Is it possible to finance my loan with automatic deduction?

Yes it is

How do I know if I am eligible?

You need to begin the application

Can I obtain a loan if I am not from South Africa?

You need to be a south African citizen

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