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Is It Possible to Take a Debt Consolidation Loan From Johannesburg? Addresses, Requirements and Quotes

     Is it getting harder and harder to take control of your debts? Do you feel you’re never going to stop paying so many instalments? If you’re trying to get your liabilities in order but you find it exhausting to get a solution, don’t miss this article as I’ll refer to debt consolidation loans, especially in Johannesburg. I’ll refer to African Bank’s quotes, requirements and contact details. Besides, I’ll expand on the other types of loans you can apply for with this entity.

What are the Requirements?

    African Bank will ask you for some documents in order to apply for a loan so, before deciding to go for it make sure you have them available to present them.  What you’ll be requested to submit is your Identity Document, your newest original payslip, your bank statements that show the last three income deposit and, finally, any valid document that proves you live in South Africa. Once you are sure you comply with these requirements, you are ready to start the process. Remember that the sooner you have everything ready, the sooner your loan will be approved and your money ready to be used.

How does it work?

    A consolidation Loan functions, in a way, as a simplifier of debts. Why is that? Because what you do is to cancel a big amount of debts taking a loan to pay for them. Say, for example you’ve taken 5 different loans for 5 different reasons and, the total of those instalments is of R 25,000. Every month you pay that amount of money separated in 5 instalments with their interests and fees. If you take out a consolidation loan with African Bank, you cancel those debts and you start repaying only to African bank. That is to say, you’ll have only one instalment per month, with its interest and fees so, you can save a lot of money and time through this type of loan. Also, it’s much less stressful owing to just one entity, than to a big group of lenders.

African Bank Benefits

    If you decide to work with African Bank, you can take advantage of some important benefits. For instance, you can choose a repayment period that goes from 18 months up to 72 and, you can consolidate a maximum of 5 accounts into one loan no matter the sum of money you owe.

    Also, the interest rates are fixed, so you know the instalments won’t vary through time no matter what happens to rates during the time of the loan.

    As it’s shown, the benefits are many. You can organize your debts in a much simpler way reducing instalments. Thanks to this, cash flow can be let free and you can count on extra capital.

In the next chart, you can see African Bank’s most important information for you to have at hand.


No minimum or maximum required. .

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

011 221 2780

Repayment terms

18 to 72 months

Working Hours

Weekdays (8:30 - 17:00) Saturdays (9:00 - 13:00)


North West CNR Jeppe and Eloff, Johannesburg.


SA I.D., proof of residence and latest payslip

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African Bank Contact Information

    There are plenty of branches around South Africa. Even if we refer just to Johannesburg, we can name a lot of them. Here, I’ll list some branches in this city for you to look for the closest to your home. Also, you’ll find office hours and phone numbers.

Branch 1: Southdale. The address is Southdale Shopping Center, shop Nº G21. The phone number is 011 680 0277.

Branch 2: Southgate Mall. You can find it at Rifle Range RD and Columbine Avenue Southgate. You can call the number 011 942 7300.

Branch 3: Campus Square. The complete address is Shop Nº 53, Campus Square CNR Kingsway and University Road. The telephone is 011 482 4932.

Branch 4: President Street. The address is shop Nº 005, Ground Floor, unit 04 Sage Center, 10 Fraser Street. The phone is 011 492 1003.

Branch 5: Rissik Street. It’s located at Shop Nº 1, LD Arlington CNR Kerk and Rissik Streets. The telephone is 011 833 8519.

Branch 6: Ghandi Square. You’ll find it at Ground Floor, Bono House, 12 New Street South, Gandhi Square, Marshalltown. You can call to 011 832 3535.

Branch 7: Braamfontein. The address is shop Nº 6, Orion House, 49 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein. The telephone is 011 403 4797.

Branch 8: Carlton Centre. You can visit it at Shop Nº 207, 150 Commissioner Street, 200 Level, Carlton Centre and, you can call at 011 221 2700.

Branch 9: Soweto Bara Taxi Rank. You can direct to Shop Nº 3, Bara Centre, ERF 24459, CNR Old Potch and Nicolas Drive and you can reach them by phone at 011 933 2710.

Office Hours

    Any of the branches they have around the country works in the same office hours. They open from Mondays to Friday at 8:30 and they close at 17:00. On Saturdays, they open at 9:00 and close at 13:00. Keep in mind that on Sundays and public holidays they are closed.

Types of loans

    To finish, I want to tell you about other products you can find at this entity. As, for example, the 15% Loan which is for those clients looking for stability and needing at least R 5,000 up to R 50,000. The terms in this case, goes from 6 to 18 months.

    Besides, you can take out a Personal Loan with quotes between R 2.500 and R 200,000, choosing a repayment term of 9 up to 72 months. In this case, you can decide to have a flexible or fixed repayment term.

    For any of the service they offer, you count on a 24/7 online service for any query you may have.

Well, you’ve got here all the information you need about consolidation loans with African Bank. Now, it’s up to you to take the step and decide to simplify your life applying for the loan.

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Questions and answers

Can I consolidate R 500,000 on debts?


Can I all at any time?

No, from 8:30 to 17:00 on weekdays and, from 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays.

Is it possible to apply if I’ve just lost my job?

Unfortunately you can’t.

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