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Is There Vehicle Finance for the People Living in Durban?

  Worried about obtaining a sustainable way to finance a vehicle in Durban? Are you interested in purchasing another vehicle because your family has become bigger? Do not worry about those issues! You need Vehicle finance and I certainly know companies that have much experience in that: Investec and Wesbank

   As this company is located in Durban, it is near you and ready to make sure their services are offered to clients of your city. Which is why I will devote the next article to talking about the terms and conditions about Vehicle finance in both firms.



What can this finance give clients?

This a kind of finance for vehicles that enable clients to select a vehicle of their choice and finance it fastly, without problems. It also gives clients the chance of making repairs to the vehicle they have acquired in the past. The payments are monthly and the rates corresponding to a vehicle finance are fixed.


This is a great company that give the customers of Durban the wonderful chance of financing vehicles of their choice by having the possibility of choosing a car dealer.

There are two stages that are crucial for these drivers or clients:

1. Clients are required to fill in a form with their data regarding previous vehicles and banking information. Then, they have access to the virtual application that promises not to take more than 60 minutes.

2. Once the client and the company have chosen the car dealer, then Wesbank will try to find the best price possible for your future vehicle. You will also be notified about the fact that you need to choose a type of insurance for your new vehicle, which can also be given by Wesbank, as it has a wide array of covers. For instance, there are insurance that protect you against fire, theft and third-party damages, which have excellent prices.

What are the FEATURES of these loans?

+Previous to the moment to starting the application, you need to possess in mind the purpose of the loan

+You must have a clear idea of the destine of the money given

+The client must bear in mind facts related to gas of the vehicle

+The client must choose a good insurance

+The client must consider expenses created by repairs and the care of the vehicle

   As a piece of advice to have in mind I can tell you that it is fully recommended that you choose Diesel as the gasoline that you use to make your vehicle function, since it is cheap and it won’t bean more repairs to your car in the future. You also need to consider the fact of how miles you would make with your vehicle each day. And finally, bear into consideration that you must have a cover against burglaries, which is a situation that commonly takes place nowadays.


A.Choosing a vehicle whose price does not exceed R 30 000

B. Being 18 years old or more, compulsory

C.Residing in Durban

D. Showing up with a nice credit record to check previpus credit performance

E.Showing an income of at least R 7000

So, all in all I have given you the different features about the ways to obtain Vehicle finance and the many requirements about them. You have also been given data about the application to be considered a nice applicant.

Now, the interesting part to access to a vehicle finance: CONTACT DETAILS

How can you contact the companies in Durban?


-The company can be contacted by phone, so if you don’t feel like wasting money on phone communication please dial up 0860 110 162. And, if you are living in another country for only some days, you can communicate through 286 9663

-You can communicate with Investec in their exclusive website, full of specifics about the many details of these loans and other loans. For instance, loans for obtaining a new house.

-And if you want physical offices in Durban, here you have a chart with the data you might want to know:

Interest rate

 Never exceeds a percentage of 30%


Personalized attention


24 Richefond Circle. Uhmlanga Ridge Uhmlanga area


Financial and personal data updated

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:20 to 11:30


-One of the branches of Wesbank in Durban is situated in the Embassy Building at 199 Anton Lemebede Street. Its phone number, which is a paid one is 128 8272. You can also write a message or letter to this branch on the following pbox address: 5222, Durban 4000.

-This branch gives you also the chance of sending a fax, which is ideal for attaching documentation or any other paper that is vital for the application and cannot be put forward by you in person. So, this number is really useful for you: 302 3331.

-Inside the website that Wesbank has designed for future clients, you can expect to get updated data about the Vehicle finance and other sort of finance that will enable you to sustain other needs such as the one of possessing a house or paying schooling.

In the same website clients from Durban have the great chance of sending just one message and giving their actual schedule, so that someone makes a reply and contacts them when they are available to talk?

    Summing up, if you were searching for so long for a nice company to cover your vehicle needs such as the one of financing a new car, then Wesbank and Investec are two great options to consider. If I were you I would contact them and see what they have to offer. There is much more than what is stated in this article, so please do not hesitate to contact both companies in the meantime. You deserve nice options and the chance of financing the vehicle of your dreams with a little help.

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Questions and answers

When are installments paid?

On a monthly basis

How do I obtain a quote?

By making a phone call for instance

Is there a way to finance the vehicle annually?

You must make monthly repayments

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