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Are There Student Loans Available in Durban?

   Trying to back your education in Durban? Feeling like your money is not enough? Stop worrying about it! I have a solution for your case: a Student loan. Standard Bank, a company that has devoted many years to the development of loans is present in Durban and ready to help you with the granting of its loans.

Which is why, in the current article I will deal with the main features of a Student loan at Standard Bank and also with the many contact details of this company in Durban.


What can be considered a Student loan?

   You can consider a Student loan any sort of credit line that aims at helping students back their studies in an efficient way with the help of a fixed sum of money. Such money can be destined to paying books, resumes, appliances, computers and accommodation in college. And the positive aspect of such loans is that the money is totally insured.

What kind of features can I find?

-You will find the chance of financing up to 12 years of studies

-You will find the chance of improving your marks

-You get the chance of showing your credentials to the bank

-You will need a good performance at school

-You will only be made to repay for the loan the moment your college is ended

-You are required to open quickly a bank account with Standard Bank

-There are repayments that can be completed each month

-The rates of the loan can maintain the same for a long period of time

-The student has access to discounts on further products proposed

Another features related to PAYMENTS that is super worth mentioning has to do with the fact of paying payments that correspond to 5% of the loan, whose rates are going to be set by the company based on your marks and performance throughout the whole year of college or schooling.

The payments that are carried out for a Student loan can only change if the following situations take place:

A.The student needs only to pay a minimum

B.The Company has changed the interest rates due to variations with the National Act

C.The student didn’t show up with the different credentials requested by the company on time


    If you reside in Durban and want to apply for a Student loan at Standard Bank let me tell you that you must show up with your degree or the different qualifications corresponding to the current year of study. You need to possess nice marks and performance, which is stated in a documentation signed by your previous teachers or all the subjects taken.

    I must also mention, that in order to start with the application you must make sure your parents have a job in which their salary is R 3000 and can pay for a surety of R 5000, which will serve as a full guarantee of the credit in case the student fails one of the subjects or cannot continue repaying for the installments of the Student loan.

Find the best loan of South Africa

    Do not worry about the Surety I have just mentioned, since you can choose a chequebook to serve a warranty or you can choose a valuable asset you possess at home. The importance is that it is valued in at least R 5000.

Now, if your income or the ones your parents have corresponds to the minimum cited and you have the documentation regarding to schooling fields, then you are more than welcome to start the application.

THE APPLICATION can me bade super easily, since if the student is fan of technology, he can directly enter the website, go to the application area and then completing it with the personal information. Then, the academic data will be requested.

  Understanding how the application at Standard Bank functions is quite fast and simple, as the instant the student finishes the application online, in its CPU, then the firm will send him the result of the submission and if accepted, the student must fold the different certification stated overhead, so please assure to have all the identifications in hand to evade future delays.


   Let me explain in a couple of paragraphs and a chart the different means you can take advantage of if you want to speak to someone from Standard Bank:

-One of the typical offices is in Durban, in 369 Dr Pixley Street. It opens on regular schedules on business days. And you can go to another branch in 447 Anton Lembede Street, in the William Palmer House. It is also located in Durban.

Now, more data about a further branch also present in Durban

Interest rate

Cannot exceed 20%


In a physical office

Address and

447 Anton Lembede Street inside the William Palmer House


Having ID and schooling data

Working Hours

Business days from 09:30 to 11:00

-There is a special free line devoted to applications and any kind of question you would like to make, so please take a look at it: 0860 123 000. 

-One other means of contact available is the website of Standard. There it is found the application form, the online chat and the chance of sending messages so as to be responder in your own email address.

   To conclude, if you are a student or you are a parent worried about your children´s schooling, then you can apply directly in Standard Bank for a Student loan that will take care of giving you the financial support you need to sustain accommodation, material, laptops and more. You can be sure that you will receive a sum of money that is more than enough to cover the many years of studies your kid has to go through. Try phoning or sending a message through the website of the firm, and then begin the application, you won’t waste more than 10 minutes on it and it will significantly change your life.

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Questions and Answers

Will this loan cover any university?
It depends on the institution
Can I apply over the phone?
Yes you can
Can I repay annually?
You will have to discuss that with the agents of the company

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