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Am I Eligible for a Loan If I Live in Pietermaritzburg? Contact Information, Quotes and Interest Rates.

     If you live in Pietermaritzburg and you need to ask for a loan this article is for you. I’ll go over all the information you need to apply for a loan with African Bank. I’ll start referring to the requirements and the application and then, I’ll provide you with the bank's contact information. I’ll also name you the types of loans they offer together with their quotes and interest rates.

    Whether you want to consolidate your debts, or you need to have a weekend away, or you simply want to buy a Mountain Bike to ride along the city, African Bank is the right choice for you. You’ll discover you can do whatever you dream just applying for a cash loan.

What Do I need to apply for a cash loan?

    You can apply for a cash loan with African Bank with great facility and speed. You have to present only few documents: your Identity Document, your newest pay slip - bear in mind it should be the original document -, the last bank statement that reflects the three most recent income deposits and a document that certifies your residence.

    Once you’re sure you meet these requirements, you can upload them together with the application form or you can take them to the nearest branch and complete the process. Then, you should wait for the approval of the loan.

African Bank Addresses

    Now I’ll list some of the many branches they have in Pietermaritzburg for you to know where to find them. You’ll read the branch name first, and then the corresponding address and phone number.

- Liberty Midlands Mall: its address is Shop Nº 235 (Ground Floor), Liberty Nidlands Mall, 50 Sanctuary Road. The phone number you can dial is 033 345 2988.

- Raisethorpe: the address is Shop 2, Raisethorpe Shopping Centre, 453/532 Chota Motala Road. You can call to 033 387 9730.

- Selgro Center: you’ll find this branch at Shop Nº 10, CNR Church & Boshoff Streets, Portion of Stand 2483, Nº 361. You’ll reach them at the number 033 342 3300.

- Central: the complete address is 201 Langalibalele Street, Long Market Street. The telephone number is 033 845 4600.

- Capital Centre: you can direct to Shop Nº 7, Capital Centre, 400 Longmarket Street. And you can call the number 033 897 8400.

- Scottsville Mall: they are at Shop Nº 12, Scottsville Mall, 50/60 Durban Road. This branch’s telephone number is 033 345 0211.

- Edendale Mall: the address is Shop Nº 6, Edendale Mall, Moses Mabida Road, Edendale. And the number to call them is 033 398 8475.

- Their opening hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Mondays to Fridays –.and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.     

African Bank Quotes and Interests Rates

    Quotes and rates vary depending on the type of loan you apply for so, I will explain to you the different characteristics of each of them.

    If we talk about a Personal Loan, you can ask between R 2,500 and R 200,000 and, you can choose a flexible repayment term of at least 9 months up to 12. Providing you prefer stability, you can go for a fixed repayment period.

    For a Consolidation Loan there isn`t a fixed quote but, you have a top of five accounts to consolidate. Also, the repayment instalments starts in 18 months and goes up to 72 months. This loan provide you with an important benefit: to reduce the number of instalments to pay saving money on interest rates.

    And finally, the 15% Loan offers a quote from R 5,000 to R 50,000 and repayment periods between 6 and 18 months. The special feature of this loan is its stability. No matter what happens with the interest rate throughout the time of your loan, the terms will remain the same as stated in the contract. This means that the monthly payments and the interest rate you’ll have to pay won’t increase at any time.

African Bank Benefits

    Among the many benefits African Banks has to offer, they have a Sales Contact Center ready to be of great help when you apply for a loan over the phone or, if you have any queries they are ready to assist you.

    Besides, they have an online service that works 24/7. Thanks to this service you can apply for a cash loan at any time you want and from any part of the country.

    Of course, you can always go to one of their branches to enjoy a face to face experience. Remember I’ve already mentioned the branches they have in Pietermaritzburg.

Find the best loan of South Africa

     Another benefit is that they charge the cash directly to your account and, in the same way they collect the instalments. As you can imagine, this is a really practical and useful way to manage money avoiding carrying it from one place to another.

    Next, you’ll see the previous information summed up in a chart:


Maximum of R 200,000

Interest Rate

Fixed interest rate.

Telephone Number

033 345 2988


Shop Nº 235 (Ground Floor), Liberty Nidlands Mall

Working Hours

8:30 to 17:00 on business days.


I.D., payslip, bank statements and proof of residence.

Email Address

African Bank Telephone Numbers

    Now, I’ll state some important numbers and email addresses for you to have at hand in case you need them.

    The phone of the Head Office, located in Johannesburg, is 011 256 9000. There’s a Customer Service Center for you to call and the number is 0861 111 011. They also offer a special phone number for queries about Debt Counselling, 011 256 9323. Also, they have a fax number, 011 207 3821 and an email address,

    They provide clients with a Consumer Advocates Office which phone number is 011 256 9073, fax number is 011 207 4724 and which email address is

    Last, they have a section called Fraud Reporting. The telephone number is 0800 633 633, the fax number is 0864 944 107 and the email account is

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Questions and Answers

Can I apply if I don’t own a bank account?
Unfortunately you can’t.
Am I eligible if I have two jobs?
Can I take two 15% loans?
Not at the same time.

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