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What kind of Loans does Lesatsi Offer in Gauteng? Addresses and Requirements

Do you live in the province of Gauteng? Are you looking for a company that provides you with the most convenient lending programs? Let me tell you that this is easier than expected. You are just about to read about one South African company that is working hard in 1999 to create the most outstanding loans: Letsatsi. Here you find how to make application, where to find offices, what requirements you have to meet and so on.

                As we will focus on the offices that are located in the province of Gauteng, let’s take a look at where are they:

1. In the city of Germiston: this branch is located in 175, Unit House, in the corner of Library & Meyer Street, at the Ground floor. You can contact this office by phone dialing up (011) 825 7509 or writing e-mails to

2. In the city of Alberton: Letsatsi is located in the JS Centre Building, in the intersection of Voortrekker and Fore Street. This address is in the area of New Redruth. If you prefer telephone assistance, please call (011) 869 8560. In case you prefer e-mail contact, the address is

3. In the area of Sunnyside: you can find an office of Letsatsi in Myers Place Complex exactly located in the corner of Robert Sobukwe & Meintjies Street. Current of prospective clients can contact consultant by phone: (012) 341 2654/0743 or through e-mail:

4. In the area of Rosslyn: there is a location at Kotzenberg Street, between Daan Geyser Street and Piet Rautenbach Street. In this case, there is also a phone line open in banking hours that is (012) 541 1580 and you can also make questions through e-mail writing to

5. In the city of Johannesburg: Letsatsi is located in the Newtown Mall, exactly located in the corner of Bree and Harrison Street. The exclusive phone number is (011) 492 3502 and the e-mail address is

6. In the area of Vereeniging: if you live in this area, don’t hesitate to go to the junction of Union Street and Taxido. During operating hours, consultants will also be available by phone at (016) 422 0510 and via e-mail to

7. In the city of Braamfonteing: there is another location of Letsatsi located at 33 Jorrison Street. Representatives will be available in person and by phone at (011) 403 2467. For contact though internet, please write to

8. In the area of Tembisa: and last but not least, you can find a branch in the Birch Acres Mall located in the corner of Andrew Mapheto Drive and Isimuku Road . In this case, the phone number is (010) 242 0313 and the e-mail address is

Do I need to visit an office in person to get money from Letastsi?

It all depends on the kind of loan you need. With Letsatsi, you can apply online if you are interested in one month loans or in short term loans. For the rest, you will have to visit any office. However, if you have questions to make or comments to leave, there are two phone lines open: 0860 992 998 and 011 802 4073. There is also a fax line that you can use to send documents that is 086 297 7891. And finally, there is a general e-mail address that you can use to clarify any query:

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                Let’s develop information about the lending programs that Letsatsi has available for Gauteng’s residents:

a. One month loans: with this program, clients can get instant money for amounts that go from R500 to R8 000. This is a convenient option for those who need easy and quick cash to cover unexpected charges, such as medicine or education tuition. It is important to know that regardless of the amount you borrow, you will have to pay off the programs the following month.

b. Short term loans

With this program, you can also borrow amounts of money that go from R500 to R8 000, but financing periods are longer. In fact, you choose from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months. This loan boasts quick approval and easy money to pay for parties, home furniture and even more.

c. Long term loans

By means of long term loans, Lesatsi offers higher amounts of money. Actually, there are sums as low as R1 000 and as high as R100 000. As far as financing is concerned, there are period of 9 and 13 months, and other periods of 2 and 3 years. Similar to the other programs, money can be used to invest on cars, to remodel your house, to pay for education, to go on vacations and more!

d. Debt consolidation loans

Are you overwhelmed by debts? Is it time to stop paying extra interest and unpredictable fees? You can now combine all your debts and pay everything with a single quote. Please take into account that the maximum amount you can combine is R100 000. Financing periods can range from 1 month to 3 years.

Important information about Letsatsi in Gauteng

Before starting application, it is essential to take this information into account. First of all, lending programs are destined to South African’s citizens of minimum age of 22 years. Of course, they have to show their ID with a copy to attach to the application. Secondly, you have to show that you earn, at least, R3 500 per month in you last 2 payslips. You will also have to share your last 3 bank statements and a proof of residence. It is also important to know that once approval is granted, money will be available in your account in less than two hours. And what is more, you don’t have to pay off one loan to start application for a new one. More than one loan can be open at a single time!

                To conclude, from all the points developed above, let me tell you that those who live in the province in Gauteng are really lucky. They can count on the financial help of Letsatsi so as to get whatever they want.

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Questions and answers

Which is the maximum amount of money available?

It is R100 000

I live in Randburg, is there an office there?

Yes. Please go to Shop 1, CP Barnes Complex, 318 Oak Street or call (011) 326 0401.

Can I apply for a short term loans if I already have a Consolidation Loan open?

Yes, you can!

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