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Are There Loans at Letsatsi in East London? Contact Details

    If you are now residing in the beautiful area of East London but need some extra money to finance your expenses, I can certainly offer you a reliable solution, Letsatsi Finance. This company is located not only in East London, but also in other cities of South Africa.

   For that purpose, in this article, I will expand on each of the loans obtainable in East London through Letsatsi. Then, I will give you the contact information of this company, so that you can apply after reading this article.


     If you are the type of client that necessitates a short loan, and by that I mean, being able to finance it in the short term, then this loan is for you. This is the simplest loan found at this company, which can of course be used to cover medical, legal and education fees.

What are the features of this loan?

-A really quick approval (one hour)

-Multiple loans are obtainable

-Financing the loan when the client is ready to

-Professional advice is obtainable

There are also house emergencies that can really be covered with such credit, also vehicle and funeral expenses that are always emerging and people do not know how to finance in the short term.

Interested in this loan? You can be given up to R 8000, and also a minimum of R 500. And, you will repay for this loan in 30 days. The documentation required has to do with your Id, pays lips, bank statements and that is it.


     If you are the type of client that is also looking for a short term credit, but longer than one month, then this loan was designed just for you. Some clients use this money to finance their funeral expenses or even car emergencies they have on the road. Regarding the installments, you only need to pay a fixed amount of them, which of course come along with certain fixed interest rates.

  What benefits are obtainable through this loan?

-Fast application

-Fast approval

-Multiple loans can be given to you

-Professional advice from member of the company

If you want to apply for this loan you only need to submit the documentation given in the other loan. You have access to R 500 but you can also obtain R 8000.



       If you are the type of customer that favor a long financing period, then try this loan, because you will have lots of time to complete its financing. With such finances you can cover important events such as weddings, birthdays, and any type of event in which your family or friends are engaged.

    Regarding the repayment options, you will be given three, so do not worry about this section. And, once you have completed the application you can be approved in some hours, usually not more than one. Moreover, you can choose periods that range from 9 to 24 months but you can also pay for the loan in three years, a lot, right? That will always depend on how your finances are doing at present and your current expenditures when applying for the loan.

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Now, the last section of the loan, its documentation. It will be the same as for the other two loans and it is super advised that you have all the papers in hand so as to avoid future delays in the granting of this credit.


     If you are the type of client that has many debts at present and you are really worried about this situation, you can start relaxing since you can count on this consolidation loan. In fact, you can combine multiple loans. This loan can be super helpful when you need to finance your credit cards and further credit obtained in the past each month, which you know is not something easy to do as salaries are sometimes going down.

The main characteristic of this loan has to do with the fact that with only one loan you can totally pay for many of them.

What benefits will you get with this consolidation loan?

-Monthly installments can be paid

-More than one loan are obtainable at the company

-Clients tend to save money on extra fees such as service ones

-Professionals will always orient clients in the lending process

-Application is always at hand

When it comes to financing this loan on time, the bank will give you a 1 month period or a 36 months one, you choose. You can be given amounts that start from R 500 to R 100 000. Documentation requested for this case happens to be just the same as for the previous credits stated in this article.

Now, even though the company does not have a calculator for you to check your affordability in terms of a special loan, you can check that in person or by phone. Moreover, prequalification is possible, so you get to know whether you are eligible or not for a loan immediately, without having to hand in documentation beforehand and not knowing your position in the loan application.


Let me show you how simple and easy it is to communicate with Letsatsi Finance if you are currently residing in East London:

-One of the offices in this area is found at Buffalo Street, whose numeration is 63 a. It has special phone numbers for you to call whenever you want to get more information: 722 1789 or 722 1588, and there is also a fax number you can call: 641 3131.

-You can even communicate with the company in its website, a place where you can apply for a loan and get information regarding multiple products and of course obtain access to a frequently asked questions section.

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Questions and answers

How do I know the interest rate?

The bank determines the rate based on each loan

How can I finance a loan?

Through debit, credit card and cash

Can I pay with cheque books?

Yes you can

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