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Does Letsatsi Bank Grant Home Loans? Branches and Interest Rates

Is it time to have your own home? Or do you already have one and you need to make improvements? Stop wondering how are you going to finance any of those expenses. You know count on the help of Letsatsi Bank, which have one of the most outstanding loans of the market.  Keep on reading this article and you will find information about its loans and interest rates as well as addresses and working hours.

                Letsatsi has been working in the South African market since 1999. Although its headquarters can be found in Johannesburg, there currently more than 50 branches all around the country offering the services. It is one at the forefront of banking companies due to honesty, respect, innovation and diligence towards each and every of its current and prospective customers.

                Now you have read an introduction about the general features of Letsatsi, let’s take a look at the different loans that South African people can apply for:

a. One month loans

This is a special program by which instant money will be available in your account. The bank will borrow amounts that go from R500 to R8 000. You can use the money to cover any unexpected expense that may appear on the road, such as emergencies and special event and repay the loan in the following month. What is more, you can use the loan to pay expenses related to your home, unpredictable car costs, education fees, funeral events, special ceremonies and other kind of personal consumption.

b. Short term loans

This is another lending option that offers amounts of money between R500 and R8 000. In this case, financing periods can be as short as 2 months and as long as half a year. As they are for quick approval, you can spend the money to finance unpredictable expenses, or special dates, momentums occasions, car expenses, home improvement and even more.

c. Long term loans

You can also resort to Letsatsi Bank if you need higher amounts of money. In fact, long term loans offer amounts of money that go from a minimum of R1 000 to a maximum of R100 000. In this case, there is a wide variety of financing option, such as 9 months, 13 months, 2 years and even 3 years. However, you can also pay out the loan in a single day. As in the other programs, money can invested on vehicles, education, home furniture and even more. Let me tell you that you can apply for more than one loan at the time without paying off one of them.

d. Debt consolidation loans

These are exclusive programs that will help clients to manage all your debts. Now, you will have the possibility of combining your loans into one and repay them with one monthly installment. It is a way to stop appearing in the credit bureau so as to have more possibilities to get more money. With this program, loans are paid off by making one single payment, and consequently, saving money in fees and other charges. The amount of money you can combine is up to R100 000 and financing periods go from 1 to 36 months.  

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What are the requirements to apply for a Letsatsi Loan?

                If you have found that any of the loans described above meets your needs, there are certain requirements that you have take into account. First, loans are only available for South African citizens older than 22 with original ID. What is more, you have to show the last 2 payslips and your last 3 bank statements. Please bear in mind that he minimum salary required is of %3 5000. And finally, you have to prove your residence with any bill.

                Fortunately, there are many offices of Letsatsi all around the country, and we will show where:

-In Germiston: the office is located in the corner of Library & Meyer Street, in the ground floor. If you prefer to contact the office via e-mail, please write to In case you prefer more personalized attention, please call (011) 825 7509.

-In Alberton: in this city, there is a Letsatsi branch in the JS Centre Building. It is exactly located in the corner of Voortrekker and Fore Street in the area New Redruth. For telephone assistance, you can call (011) 869 8560 of can even send e-mails to the following address:

-In North West: in this province, there is branch in the city of Rustenburg. In you live in the area, please go to the Ice Block Center and in the first floor, representatives will be waiting for you. In case you want to make any question in advance, don’t hesitate to dial up (014) 592 4671/4075 or to write to

-In Northern Cape: in this area, you can find a branch located in the area of Kimberly. The exact address is 16-28 New Main Street. During typical office hours, consultants are available in person or by phone if you call (053) 831 1816/1831. Of course, you can also address them through e-mail to

                Let me tell you that in addition to application in person, you can also apply online. This service is exclusive for short term loans. What is more, you can contact the bank by phone dialing up any of these two numbers: 011 802 4073 and 0860 992 998. In case you have to send documents, you can use the fax line that is 086 297 7891. There is also an e-mail address available you can use to make question or leave comments:

                All in all, South African people have to stop thinking about how to pay for their expenses. They can count on the help of a company of almost 20 years of trajectory so as finance any purchase or expense. Letsatsi offers a wide variety of possibilities to pay loans so that clients can choose the one the suits them best based on their personal budget. Stop worrying and start enjoying life as you deserve.

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Is insurance for credit available?

Yes, there are.

Can I pay the loans online?

Yes, you can.

Can I have more than one loan at a time?

Yes! You can have up to two loans.

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