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Is Pretoria Eligible for Letsatsi Loans? Contact Information and Benefits

     Are you currently residing in Pretoria? Would you like your financial problems to vanish away? Believe me, I have the solution and that is Letsatsi Finance. Yes, this company has carefully designed a variety of loans for Pretoria citizens.

   Which is why, in this article you will find all the necessary information you needs in terms of loans obtainable in this company just for you. Moreover, you will be given contact information so as to get in touch with the members of the company and start enjoying its loans.

What type of loans Pretoria residents can get?

You can obtain four different loans at Letsatsi:


     This loan was created to help clients that are in a rush and need the money right away so as to cover many expenses, that can range from medical ones to funeral ones. For instance, if the client is getting a flu and needs to go to the doctor and also pay for bills and drugs, he/she can count on Letsatsi to give them the assistance and financial help they are looking for.

What are the features of this One Month loan?

-You can always be approved in terms of your application in an hour

-You can apply for more than one loan

-You can be guided by their members in any of the matters related to the loan

-You are able to pay out for the loan during the same day

You can make use of this credit so as to pay for any emergencies you need to face at present, in your home but also with your car, your kids´ education and also funeral expenses which tend to be super high and hard to afford when something happens to a member of your family.

Regarding the repayment for this One Month Loan, you will be asked to repay for it in just one month and you will be given previously amounts that usually range from R 500 to R 8000.

Regarding documentation needed, the bank will simply ask you to submit pays lips of no more than 2 months, bank statements of just 3 months and your Personal ID.


     If you want a credit so as to buy additional expenses you can rely on this loan to obtain the financial support you need. You can pay for your car repairs, get assistance, and pay funeral costs and also costs related to your geyser.

  Now, when it comes to the repayment of such credit, the bank will offer you several options in terms of installments. Interest rates will be fixed.

There are many benefits Pretoria citizens can enjoy with his loan, such as a fast application procedure, obtaining several loans, paying out when you are ready and also receiving some advice from the bank´s professionals.

If you are looking to apply for this loan you need to know that you have between 2 and 6 months to finance the credit and that the money given by the bank once the application is passed can go from R 500 to R 8000. Documentation requested for this credit is similar to the one needed for the One Month Loan.

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     This loan was designed for clients that are looking for long installments so as to complete the financing of their loan. The money given by it can be used to finance events such as a birthdays, weddings, traditional ceremonies and also to pay education and home expenses. There will be three repayment options offered by the company to you, so you can choose one of them depending on your income and your financial environment.

    Benefits of this loan include receiving an approval in less than 60 minutes, obtaining other loan apart from this one, use the loan on whatever you like and paying out the loan when you are ready to, not before.

    As regards the repayments for this loan, you have periods of 9 months and also 36, which of course if the maximum accepted by the company for Pretoria citizens.

    The documentation needed for this Long Term Loan happens to be the same one as for the other two loans.


    This last loan is extremely useful for clients that have accumulated an immense debt throughout the years because of unpaid credit cards or accounts in the bank.

     I believe the main characteristic of this loan is that with the money you can surely finance any other loan you were given by a bank in the past and also your accounts.

     What benefits can you obtain with a loan like this one?

-Paying just 1 installment

-The possibility of paying several loans with just one

-Not paying service charges, since the company takes care of that

-Receiving the approval of your application in a matter of hours

-Improving your credit record as your debts will disappear

-Being able to apply for a further loan

-Receiving tips from the company´s professionals throughout the whole procedure

If you are interested in the repayment for this loan, you should know you have between 30 days and 36 months and the bank can always give you up to this amount: R 100 000. An additional documentation is required for this loan and I am talking about a settlement letter. The other documentation is the same as for the other loans.


Let’s find out how can Pretoria citizens communicate with Letsatsi so as to get its loan in a fast and simple way:

-Pretoria citizens can communicate with the company from their computers since they have the company´s website available in order to obtain further details about the loans and also begin an online application

-Pretoria citizens can also go in person to the company´s office in Pretoria inside Pretoria Central, whose exact address is Central Street, shop 3.

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How can I contact the bank 24/7?

By entering its website

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Assistance is for free

Can I finance the loan in cash?

Yes you can

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