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Are Port Elizabeth Citizens Eligible for Letsatsi Finance Loans? Requirements, Addresses and Application

Are you overwhelmed by financial problems? Are you looking for financial help? Great! You are in front of the best solution: Letsatsi Bank. This company has been present in the South African market for twenty years, with the most convenient lending programs. In fact, here you will find out details, requirements and quotes as well addresses of branches and other contact information.

                Although Letsatsi is at the forefront of most of companies of its kind, there could be cases in which loans don’t completely satisfy Port Elizabeth citizens. For these people, we will also develop details about other companies with their respective programs.

                In the first place, let’s mention a list of Letsatsi Bank Loans with their exclusive features and financing:

1. Loans of one month

With these quick lending programs, clients can borrow as minimum amount of money as R500 up to a maximum of R8 000. In less than two hours, money will be ready in your account to use to pay for upcoming charges related to health, education, vacation, home furniture and even more. Once the loan is approved, you can pay it off on month later.

2. Loans of short terms

Similar to the previous programs, you can also borrow money for amounts as low as R500 up to a maximum of R8 000. However, financing periods are different. You can repay what you borrow in 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 months. The money can also be used to cover unexpected expenses, parties for special dates, charges related to cars and even more.

3. Loans of long term

These programs differ from the other two in that financing periods are longer due to higher amounts of money. In fact, amounts of money available go from R1 000 to R100 000. In order to be more specific, financing option can be of 13 months, 9 months, 3 and 2 years. You can use the money to pay for vehicles, to remodel your home and to affront other expenses.

4. Loans to consolidate debts

Do you already have more than one debt open? It is time to stop paying different interest rates. Apply for a consolidation loan and combine all the debts you have so as to avoid being listed in the credit bureau. It is important to know that you can make a total amount of R100 000 to combine the loans and repay them by making single and fixed payments. Financing terms go from 1 to 36 months.  

What are the requirements to apply for a Letsatsi Loan?

                Before applying fot a Letsatsi loan, bear in mind that you have to meet the following requirements. First, you have to at least 22 years and present your South African ID. Secondly, you have to earn a minimum of R3 500 and show this with your last 3 payslips and bank statements. And finally, you have to show where you live with any utility bill.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                If you reside in the area of Port Elizabeth, you can visit the branch located in Laboria House, shop 3. The exact address is 16 Grace Street and representatives are available in person or by phone calling (041) 582 4923/2577/ 586 2500. In case you have to send any document, you can send a fax to this number: (086) 641 3613. And what is more, there is an e-mail address that you can write: Specialists will answer as soon as possible.

                Apart from visiting the office in Laboria House, you can resort to online application. However, this option can only be used with short-term loans. In case you case application from the comfort of your home and you can not apply online, take advantage of this general phone line: 011 802 4073. There is also another e-mail address where you can send questions or comments:

Other lending programs in Port Elizabeth with their respective issuers:

6. Personal loans from Standard Bank

Standard Bank offers not only personal but also business loans with interest rates always near 24%. Regarding financing periods, they can reach 20 years, regardless of what you need money for. If this kind of financing suits you, visit any of the Standard Bank located in Port Elizabeth. There is one in the area of Newton Park and another in the North End. Both are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 in the morning to 3.30 in the evening and on Saturday from 8.30 to 11 in the morning.

7. Personal loans from Nedbank

This company offers a wide variety of option to finance personal needs. You can, for example, apply for personal loans and get amounts of money that go from R1000 to R200 000 to buy whatever you need. You can also choose home loans, and borrow money to get your own home paying the loan in up to 300 months. Another option is car loans, by which you can finance the purchase of new or second hand cars. Any of the programs can be acquired in the area of Newton Park, at 329 Cape Road. By phone, please call 41 393 6800.

                To conclude, when it comes to financial problems, don’t hesitate to contact Letsatsi Bank. It is leading company that has an array of option to help to deal with financial burdens. In case you are not satisfied with the options, you can also resort to the help of other companies, such as Standard Bank and Nedbank. Please, take into account that in case you need to finance business, you can resort to the business loans given by Standard Bank and special lending programs provided by Nedbank since Letsatsi is not specialized in this area. Just select that best meet your needs and live the life you deserve.

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Do consultants answer e-mails quickly?

Yes, they do.

How much will I wait for the money?

No more than 2 hours.

What is the minimum age required to apply for the loan?

It is 22 years.

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