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Are There Letsatsi Finance Loans in Johannesburg? Application and Contact Details

   Letsatsi Finance, one of the most requested financial companies in terms of credits, is now present in Johannesburg and has more than three loans to offer to the residents of such wonderful city.

  For that reason, in the next article you will be given precise information regarding all of their loans, including benefits and application requisites, and also contact information of Letsatsi in Johannesburg, so that you can choose between going in person to its offices or sending an email to them.


This loan can be considered perfect whenever you need money right away and cannot wait to finance your expenses which can be medical ones but also any other personal costs that you have in mind and needs to be financed immediately.

The features of this loan are the following ones:

-Obtaining your approval in no more than 60 minutes

-Obtaining several loans with this group

-Paying out for the loan the same day you get it

-Obtaining professional advice from the different professionals of the company

And, this loan is really useful to cover many needs, such as house expenses, vehicle costs, and education fees and also the different funeral expenses which you know are really high.

What is the repayment for this loan?

If you want to apply for this loan, you need to be aware of the fact that the repayment will only last one month. The money you can obtain with this loan ranges from minimal R 500 to a maximum of R 8000.

In order to apply for this loan you will need to hand in several documentation, such as ID, 2 months’ pays lips and 3 months bank statements. That is it.


      A loan like this one has been designed to help you finance many expenses. Imagine your vehicle has broken down and needs a mechanic and immediate repair, Letsatsi can help you with that. Funeral expenses as well as geyser expenses can also be covered with a credit like this one.

Regarding repayment, you need to know the bank will make you choose installments that last short periods of time, so do not worry about it.

What type of benefits can you get with this loan?

-Approval right away, since the company will not take that much to give you the loan

-Multiple loans are obtainable without problem

-Paying out for the credit when you are able to

-Guidance from professionals is totally obtainable

You will have between 2 to 6 months to finance this loan and the company is willing to offer you between these amounts: R 500 or R 8000. The documentation you need in this case happens to be the same as for the previous loan mentioned in the article.


     This loan is just great when you need long periods of time to complete a financing of a credit. You can make use of the money so as to pay for your house, your children´s educational fees and also any important event you have in mind such as a wedding, a special trip with your family, and the list can go on forever. You will be given several repayment options so as to pay for this loan and you will receive approval in just hours.

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What are the features of a Long Term Loan?

-Repaying for the loan in about 9 months or also 36 months, but there are intermediate periods of 12 or 24 months also

-Requesting the same documentation as the one named for the other loans, so no matter the loan the documentation is the same. This is a benefit that enables you to apply for multiple loans.


     This loan happens to be requested a lot by clients that cannot find a way to finance their debts, since they are increasing with the passing of time. They can pay their credit cards, previous loans given by other banks or any other expenses they have in mind and that cannot wait.

    Regarding the features of this loan I can mention the fact that you are given freedom so as to pay multiple loans with just one credit and that you can also finance the different accounts you hold at present.

   There are also benefits given through this loan such as paying only 1 installment, obtaining a really simple loan so as to consolidate your debts and saving tons of money since this company will not make you pay extra service charges as it is the case with other financial enterprises. Moreover, since you will have the chance of paying old debts, your credit record will be improved, which means you will be able to obtain future loans once the debt is consolidated.  As additional benefits I would like to add that you can be approved in just an hour and that you will be guided by the bank´s professionals throughout the whole loan, so any doubt or query you have about the loan, can be answered.

Regarding the repayment for this credit, the bank will give you between a month and 36. Regarding the money given, you can count on R 100 000, which of course is the maximum available at Letsatsi.


Let’s see how you can communicate with this company if you are currently residing in Johannesburg and you need advice and also more information about the different loans mentioned in this article:

-You can contact the bank directly from your computer if you enter the company´s official website, where you are given the chance of applying online for a loan, asking questions and also seeing their section for frequently asked questions, which happens to be really useful

-You can go in person to one of the offices in Johannesburg in 131 Commissioner Street, locate at Corner Kruis Street.

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