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Can I Get Lesatsi Finance Loans in Durban? Requirements, Addresses and Contact Information

Do you have your residence in Durban? Are you trying to improve your life quality but you don’t have enough money? You don’t need to wonder how are you going to finance personal needs. There are, now, in South Africa, one of the most outstanding banking companies with convenient loans: Letsatsi. If you keep on reading this post, you will find about amounts of money, financing period and even requirements. What is more, we will show where to locate offices of Letsatsi in Durban and other contact details.

                Letsatsi started to provide financial services in 1999, and since then, it has been opening offices in different places of the country, so as to get as many customers as possible. In this article, we will mainly focus in branches located in Durban and the services that its citizens can make use of. First of all, let’s take a look at where can we find branches of the company:

A Lesatsi branch can be found in Durban in the central area. It is located in 44 Joe Slovo Street, in the corner with Smith Street. It is exactly the shop 3 of the building. For phone assistance, the number is 031 301 1845/1847/2090. This office has an exclusive e-mail address that is

Secondly, let’s develop information about the details of the financing programs available:

-One month loan:

These are the most convenient programs for those who need money as soon as possible. Letsatsi grants money for amounts that range from a minimum of R500 to a maximum of R8 000. It is a good way to pay for unpredicted costs that may appear on the road, such medical expenses, education tuition fees, personal parties and even more.

-Short term loans:

In this case, Letsatsi lends amounts of money that go from R500 to R8 000. Regardless of the amount of money you borrow, you can finance the loan in two months, but there is also financing periods of up to six months. You can spend the money to pay for unexpected expenses, to pay for home improvements and so on and so forth.

-Long term loans:

There are cases in which you may need higher amounts of money, for example, to buy a new car. For these kinds of needs, Letsatsi offers loans of from R1 000 to R100 000. As amount of money are higher, financing periods are longer. In fact, you can choose periods of 9 and 13 months, and even of 2 or 3 years. As in the other programs, money can be spent on education, cars, home, etc.

-Debt consolidation loans:

With Letsatsi you can stop wondering about how are you going to pay off all of your debts. The company has designed a program by clients will be able to combine their debts and pay them by making a single payment. In this case, you avoid being listed in the credit bureau and it would be easier in the future to apply for other loans. What is more, as credits are combined, interest rates will be unified and you won’t have to pay extra money on charges or fees.  You can combine loans of up to R100 000. As far as financing periods are concerned, there are terms that go from 1 to 36 months.  

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Do I Need to Meet Specific Requirements for the Loans?

Yes, you have. Although most Durban’s residents are eligible for Letsatsi loans, there is a series of requirements that should be considered before starting an application in Letsatsi. In the first place, current or prospective clients have to be older than 22 and be the owner of a South African ID. Secondly, you are required to present your last 2 payslips and a minimum of the last 3 bank statements to prove income. Please, take into account that the minimum salary should be of R5 300. And last but not least, you will have to show a proof of residence with, for example, any bill.

                In addition to visiting an office in person, there are other alternatives either to start application or to ask for questions. First, Letsatsi offers online application for those who need easy and quick money. In fact, long term loans and consolidation loans cannot be applied by this medium. Secondly, clients can make questions leave comment by phone dialing up 011 802 4073 or 0860 992 998. If you have already applied for any programs and you need to send documents, do so by fax line to 086 297 7891. And last but not least, you can send e-mails to representatives will answer in just some minutes.

Other loans available in Durban:

-Personal loans by African Bank: with this program, you can borrow money for amounts that go from R500 to R200 000. There financing periods of up to 6 years and interest rates that flirt 28%. This program can be found in the African Bank branch located at 470 West Street.

-Personal loan by Wesbank: Wesbank offers amounts of money that go from R5 000 to R200 000 to be financed in up to 6 years. In this case, interest rates are near 30%. If you want this program, please go to 309 Umhlanga Rocks Drive.

-Personal loan by Nedbank: with this personal loan, clients can borrow from a minimum of R1 000 to R200 000. You can also take advantage of home loans that can be financed in up to 300 months. The bank is located at 57 Adelaide Tambo Dr.

   To conclude, people who live in Durban can take advantage of Letsatsi loans, as well as other banks in the area. Worrying about money is just an excuse and, fortunately, just by meeting some requirement, it is easy to get the money you need. Select the most convenient for you and enjoy life!

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Questions and answers

Are 18-year children eligible for Letsatsi loans?

No, they aren’t.

Is there money to use for vacations?

Yes, there are.

Can I apply for debt consolidation online?

No, only short term loans are available online.

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You can pay more than one loan at a time!

The longest financing period is only of 3 years.

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