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What are the Letsatsi Finance Loans Available in Alberton? Contact Information and Quotes

Do you live in Alberton? Are you in search of financial support? Letsatsi can be a convenient option to help you. In fact, here you will come across all the information you need to apply for Letsatsi financing programs, such as addresses, quotes, phone numbers and more. As we know that Lestsasi doesn’t have a wide variety of option, we will also include other lending programs granted by other companies.

                But in the first place, let’s talk about the Letsatsi branch located in Alberton so that you can pay a visit to have access to the loans. It is located in the JS Centre Building, in the first floor, Room 102. It can be found in the area of New Redruth, and if you live nearby, the exact location is the corner of Voortrekker and Fore Street. In case you want to contact the office by phone, please call (011) 869 8560. There is also an e-mail address available so that you leave comments of questions: Representatives answer almost on the spot.

What do I need to apply for a Letsatsi loan?

Those who want to apply for Letsatsi loans have to consider certain requirements to meet. One of them is the South African ID. Please, take into account that Letsatsi offers loans for citizens of a minimum age of 22 years. Another important document that is necessary to preset is your payslips, the last 2 specifically. In this case, they have to show that you earn, at least, R3 500. Third, you will also have to show the last 3 bank statements. And finally, clients have to prove residence with any utility bill.

Let’s take a look, now, at the loans granted by Letsatsi in Alberton

1. One month loans

This lending programs offer minimum amounts of money so as to accelerate the entire lending process. In fact, you can borrow from R500 to R8 000 and return any amount in the next month. One month loans are convenient to pay for unexpected expenses due to fast approval; however, they can also be used to pay for education costs, to buy equipment for home, etc.

2. Short term loans

If you know that you won’t be able to pay This is another lending option that offers amounts of money between R500 and R8 000. In this case, financing periods can be as short as 2 months and as long as half a year. As they are for quick approval, you can spend the money to finance unpredictable expenses, or special dates, momentums occasions, car expenses, home improvement and even more.

3. Long term loans

Of course that Letsatsi offers amounts of money higher that R8 000, and it does so by means of long term loans. In fact, the total amounts available range from R1 000 to R100 000. As loans are higher, financing periods are longer and clients can choose among 9 months, 1 year and a month, 2 years and even 3 years. The money can be used to pay for vehicle, to afford education, to improve your kitchen and in many other purposes.

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4. Debt consolidation loans

Those who already have loans can look for best financing options. Actually, there are Letsatsi consolidation loans that can be used to finance debts in the most convenient ways. You can put all your debts together up to an amount of R100 000 and repay them with single monthly installments. It is a way of avoid paying extra fees or more rates unnecessarily. Financing periods, in these cases, can go from 1 month to 3 years, based on client’s needs.

Loans granted by other companies in Alberton:

5. Personal loans by African Bank

 African Bank offers personal loans that lend amount of money from a minimum of R500 to a maximum of R200000. In this case, there are financing periods that range from 3 to 72 months and interest rates tend to go from 10,5% to 28%. This office is located in the Newmarket Mall, located at 6 Heidelberg Road and Ring Road East (corner)

6. Instant loans by Absa Bank

This is a way of getting quick and easy money. Instant loans offer amounts of money from R250 50 R3 000 with interest rates of only 10%. You can repay the program in a period of 35 days and the only requirements are being older than 18 and earning a minimum salary of R250.

7. Personal loan by Absa Bank

Personal loan as such grant higher amounts of money: from a minimum of R3000 to a maximum of R350000. As there are higher amount of money available, financing periods are longer that they go from 1 to 7 years. It is important to know that interest rates are most of the time near 21%. If you think that this program suits your need, go to the Alberton’s branch located in the corner of Ring Road West and Pensanse. Consultants will be there during the week from 8.30 in the morning to 3.30 in the afternoon.

8. Business loans by Bidvest Bank

If you live in Alberton and you are thinking about how to improve business, you can resort to the leading company Bidvest Bank. It has Installment Sale Loans that can be financed in up to 6 years and other programs to pay for vehicle. In this case, interest rates also are near 10%. If you want to apply for business loans by Bidvest Bank, visit the office located in Meyersdal Mall, located in the corner of Hennie Alberts Street and Michelle Avenue. It is open in the week 9 in the morning to 4.30 in the afternoon and on Saturday from 9 in the morning to midday. For telephone help, please call 11 867 3158.

                All in all, if you live in Alberton, not only can you take advantage of Lesatsi Bank, but you can also count on the help of other important financing companies, such as African Bank, Absa Bank and Bidvest Bank. They offer personal and business loans so that no aspect of life is without coverage.  

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Can I have a long term loans and apply for debt consolidation?

Yes, you can!

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Just a couple of hours.

Do you think that interest rates are convenient?

Of course they are.

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