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Is Randburg Eligible for Letsatsi Finance Loans?

    Is the place you live Randburg? Are you tired of not finding a reliable solution to your financial troubles? Thanks God you have arrived here, I have just what your pocket needs, Letsatsi Finance.

   For that reason, in the next article you will find all the information you need when it comes to the company´s loans, which are all great. Then, I will give you contact information of this company so as to communicate with it no matter where you are located or through which medium available.

There are four loans at Letsatsi Finance:


       Looking for a loan that only will last 30 days? Then this is your loan, perfect for those situations that consist of emergencies and money is needed. For example, you can finance your medical expenditures, legal ones and also funeral charges.

What are the features of a One Month Loan?

-Clients can always apply for the loan and receive the result in one hour

-Clients can apply for more than two loans

-Clients can decide when to pay out the loan

-Clients can be recommended certain options by the members of the company

Many uses can be given to this loan such as medical expenses and also house expenditures. Moreover, many clients use this loan when they cannot afford to pay their children´s tuition at school. They can be given from R 500 to R 8000, and in just one month they need to pay back for those amounts.

As regards the documentation for this loan, clients need to submit their ID, pays lips, bank statements and no more than that.


       In need of a loan that does not last too much? Try this loan, because with this one you can cover many expenses that need immediate funds. For instance, if you are on the road with your car and your car stops, you can finance every repair or even the mechanic labor with this loan. Moreover, if there is a medical emergency or funeral expenses that must be covered, you can also use this loan. When it comes to the repayments for this loan, Letsatsi will offer numerous installments that are financed in the short term.

What type of benefits can you get with this loan if you live in Randburg?

You can surely be benefited in many ways, such as being approved in less than two hours once your application is completed and also having the possibility of obtaining several loans with just one application. I believe the last one is the greatest benefit found at this company.

So, let’s go to the interesting part of the loan, the amount given.  You can receibe R 500 or up to R 8000, and you are giving financing terms of 2 to 6 months. So you have half a year to finance this credit.


       Looking for a really long loan? This one can offer lots of time to finance it, so you do not need to be stressed about rushing in paying. This loan is especially useful to pay home expenditures, events at work, family events and even weddings, circumstances in which you will need a lot of money.

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    Regarding the financing of such loan, you just need to choose one of the three financing periods the company has for you, They usually consists of 9 months but some clients can extend them to 24 months. There are of course intermediate terms in between, you just need to ask for them and the company will offer them to you.

The documentation needed for such loan will be the same as the one for the other mentioned loans. So, not much documentation is required by Letsatsi to begin your loan application.


        In need of paying debts? Do not worry! This loan has been carefully designed for consolidating any type of debt you have at present, such as financing your credit cards, your car expenditures and also your different accounts at the bank.

     One of the main characteristics of this loan is that by only obtaining one simple loan you can afford to pay the other ones you already have, so it is a simple way of making your debts disappear for once and for all.

What benefits will you get from this Consolidation Loan?

Pay attention:

-Financing the loan by paying only 1 installment

-Financing many loans at the same time

-Not wasting money on service charges

-Application approval in only one hour

-Tips from professionals are obtainable at this company, you just have to ask and guidance will be given to you

-You have the chance of applying for an additional loan apart from this one

Letsatsti will offer financing terms of 1 month to 36, which is totally up to your financial situation. You can receive a maximum of R 100 000. The documentation for this last one is equal to the one mentioned for the other loans. So, the moment you have the documentation with you, you can start the application without complications. Moreover, you will be asked to submit a settlement letter. The company is interested in giving its clients their loans in an easy and fast way, which is why they will not make you submit many documents as it happens with other financial companies


Let me show you how you can contact the client in Randburg:

-The telephone numbers of their office at this city are 326 0401 and 781 2382. There is also a fax number available for every client of the company: (086) 641 3794.

-You can send an email to this company to the following email address:

-The main office very close to Randburg, in Sandton is located at shop1, whose exact location is 22 Rivonia Road.

-You can enter the company´s website, where you have a detailed section with the steps to follow for an application and you are also able to look for answers inside the frequently asked questions section.

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Questions and answers

Is Bloemfontein eligible for this company?

Yes it is!

Is credit card payment accepted?

Sure, you can pay with your credit card

Is this company present in other cities?

For instance you can find it in East London and Rustenburg

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