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Are There Letsatsi Finance Consolidation Loans Available?

     Letsatsi has four different loans, among which we can find one related to the consolidation of your debts. Which is why in this article I will expand on that specific loan. But, I will later give you information about the other three loans, which are extremely useful as you will get to know today. Finally, I will give you contact information of Letsatsi Finance in your country.


    With the acquisition of this loan, clients can observe how their debts disappear thanks to the financial support offered by this company. There are several features you can enjoy, such as financing any other loan you were granted in the past by other bank or even financing your personal accounts.

What type of benefits can this loan give you?

-Paying installments each month just for once

-Obtaining one loan able to finance many

-Saving money in administration fees

-Improving your record record since your debt will disappear and your reputation will increase. This will enable you to be eligible for future loans

-Obtaining total guidance from professionals

If you are interested in the repayment for this loan, you have between 1 month and also 36. You will be given around R 100 000, as long as you give the company all the documentation such as your ID, a settlement letter and pays lips and recent bank statements. Please remember to have all the documentation in hand so that the process can continue rapidly and there are no delays in the granting of the loan you are interested in.


      By acquiring a One Month Loan you will able to finance any kind of issue which constitutes an emergency, such as paying medical bills, funeral expenses and so on.

What are the features of this loan?

-You can receive the approval of your application in just 60 minutes

-You are able to be granted more than one loan

-You are able to finance the loan whenever you want

-You can always get some advice from professionals

Regarding the repayment for this loan, the bank will make you only finance during a month their installment. And, if worried about the amount, it can be around R 500 and R 800.

Documentation requested in this case is the same as for the previous loan but the settlement letter is excluded, which is great.


     If you acquire this loan you will be able with the support of the bank to finance whatever expense you need right now. For instance, you can pay your car´s repair or even your geyser’s one. When it comes to is financing, the company will offer you several installments, which can be easily financed and come along with fixed interest rates.

There are plenty of benefits you can get with this loan such as being approved with your application in an hour, getting tons of loans and paying out the same day in which the loan is granted to you.

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What about the application procedure? You need the same documentation as for the second loan mentioned.

Regarding the amount given, you have access to a minimum of R 500 and a maximum of R 8000.



      With the acquisition of this loan you are able to obtain very long refinancing options. It can be used to pay traditional ceremonies such as birthdays and weddings and any kind of event you could think of. There will be three repayment options proposed to you by the company so that you can complete the financing of this loan when agreed.

Some of the features that come along with this loan have to do with the periods that go from minimal 9 months to a maximum of 36, which is a lot and gives you plenty of time and freedom to finance your credit. The documentation for this credit is just as the one required for the other loans.


I will give you know the different means of communication through which you can contact the bank so as to obtain their Consolidation Loan and also the other loans. I believe all of them will be really helpful for you at all circumstances. Let’s see how easy you can communicate with Letsatsi:

-One of the offices of this financial company is located in East London, exactly found at 63 A Buffalo Street, whose phone number in this case is 722 1789 or 722 1588, and there is also a special fax number: 641 3131.

-Another local office is found in Porth Elizabeth, exactly located at Laboria House on 16 Grace Street. You will find it on shop 3. Their national phone numbers are 5824923 or 582 2577. You can also send a short email to this company to this email address from home:

-There is an additional branch in Rustenburg on the first floor of a beautiful office located at the Ice Block Center This office is in 125 Klopper Street. Its national phone number is 592 4671 or 5924075. You can even send an email to this email address from home and communicate easily

-You can try going in person to an office the company has at present in Bloemfontein, whose address is in this case Arcade Chamber. It is in West Burger and Elizabeth Street. Such branch is found on Shop 209 to 30. You can always phone the company on 430 0789 or also on this number: 430 0411. Its email address is the following:

-You can try to contact the company in its official website, where you can always apply for a loan and obtain plenty of information regarding many products and get direct access to a frequently asked questions section designed just for you.

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Questions and answers

Hi I have outstanding loan of around 65k that is without the two loans I have with letsatsi George...all of my loan amounts together is around 7k a month. What do I need to apply with you to consolidate into one account with Lesatsi finance

With Letsatsi Finance and Loan you can finance your smaller loans and combine them into a consolidation loan of a maximum of R100,000. You can choose repayment periods that go from 1 to 36 months and you will need to provide Letsatsi with your ID, your las two payslips, banks statements, and settlement letters from the financial institutions.

How can we contact the company on Saturdays?

By phone or in their website

Are there refinancing plans?

Yes there are

Is there a chance to get more loans?

If the company observes you are eligible this is possible

I work at fidelity security for 13 years,i earn the amout of r7725,00 every month on 25th . Is it possible to get a consolidation loan?

As long as you comply with the installments that must be paid monthly, you can make payments that day each month and as your salary is more than enough( minimums of R 2500 required), you are welcome to apply for a Consolidation Loan.

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