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How to Obtain Land Bank Loans at Polokwane? Review Different Options and Alternatives with Land Bank

When thinking of convenient loans at Polokwane, what probably comes to mind is a financial organization that can be trusted and relied on. It is of paramount importance to find a loan that meets the client’s needs, that helps him or her in more than one way. Getting a loan can help you reach your financial potential, achieve your goals in short and long term, get the financial aid you’ve been looking for to cover for those unexpected costs and emergencies. Polokwane is an amazing place that is always full of surprises. One of them is having companies that can help you boost your projects and financial life.

Which company can I rely on at Polokwane?

            There are multiple of companies that will help you with3 your financial issues. There is a company in particular that offers loans for agriculture matters and it’s called Land Bank. This company started way back in 1912 and started to grow in 1997. In this year, the bank started creating and designing new strategies to boost a financial direction. The customer base has expanded and the staff of the company itself proves to be completely diversified.

What are the loans and services displayed at Land Bank?

            The loans and services displayed at this company are varied. The options are:

  • Corporate banking, which enables you to access to two different alternatives: facilities for loans in long term and facilities for revolving loans.

  • Commercial development banking, which enables you to access to the following alternatives:

  • live stock

  • direct lending

  • deposits

  • long , short and medium term loans

  • establishment loans

  • mortgage loans with special features

  • guarantees

  • installment finance

  • finance facility

  • Finally, it offers LBIC for boards and products.

Exploring loan options in Polokwane at Land Bank:

            As it was stated before, there are all kinds of options for loans. The most well know ones are short term, long term and medium. In this article you will see some of the most outstanding characteristics of these loans at Polokwane.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of short term loans. Here are some features of this particular service:

Short term loans

            These loans are useful and practical. They comply with seasonal requirements. They are typically used for financing needs, especially in agricultural matters that include advances’ provision. They are ideal for production credit, manufacturing, storage, marketing, packing, handling and even the transport of agricultural products.

What are the rates and costs for these loans?

  • The rates are given monthly by what is named NACM.

  • The rates are variable over the loan’s term and they might fluctuate based on the changes of the capital markets.

  • The terms of repayment are not fixed either. The value of the assets being financed, which includes debtors and stock will determine and regulate repayments and draw-downs.

  • You will enjoy the benefits of having no transaction costs.

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The term generally lasts what lasts a season. In general, it has a top of 18 months.

What about medium term loans? What do they consist in?

            They come in the shape of cash credit accounts. They are amazing for the following reasons:

  • Suretyship

  • The cession of debtors

  • They can cover bonds over movable and fixed assets.

  • Notarial bonds over assets that are movable.

  • Cession over insurance for policies

What can I use them for?

            They are ideal because they supplement working capital.

The value for the rates is determined by NACM. Just as the other rates, these are variable too. Over the loan’s term they are adjusted when needed, depending on fluctuations of the capital markets. There are certain repayment conditions that may apply which are structured. You would also be free of transaction costs.

            The terms for these loans as well as for repayment can be negotiated. In general, they range from three to eight years.

Getting in touch with Land Bank:

            You can get in touch with Land Bank by paying a visit to its unique office in Polokwane. There are other offices all over South Africa that you can explore through their website.

Where is the bank located?

            There is only one office in Polokwane and it can be found in 79 Biccard Street, 700.

Which number should I reach?

The number that you can call to reach this branch is (015)287-9840.

Remember that Land Bank offers you other type of services that you can make use of.  For instance, there are deposits.

            In general, they are used for three main reasons:

a) they offer clients withdrawal opportunities that are unlimitied

b) they do not require a minimum deposit lever

c) the payments are carried out upon notification

What are the costs and interests of these rates?

            The rates are regulated under NACM. They are variable just like the other rates offered and they fluctuate as well according to the changes in market. Your transaction cost is also free. One of the best advantages is that there are no minimum or maximum terms.

            In conclusion, it seems that Land Bank has a lot to offer to its clients. They can find in this company all kinds of loans, services and rates that can meet their expectations. If you are not yet quire sure about what you’ve chosen, remember that you can still choose other options at Land Bank. The terms of the loan can be adapted to your particular needs and the bank can always offer you something that other companies lack. Land Bank is mostly well known for offering agricultural products or financial aid for agricultural expenses, which can be difficult to afford. When in doubt, simply make a phone call to the number provided and get in contact with the members of staff. They will take care of your troubles, questions and even suggestions that you may want to bring forward. This is company interested in changing for the better, in satisfying its clients and keeping them happy and relieved.

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Questions and answers

Could I take a short term loan at Land Bank?

Yes, you can!

Is it possible for me to attain a medium term loan?

Yes, depending on your needs.

Does Land Bank provide student loans?

No, the loans are only destined for agriculture matters.

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