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Is Pretoria Eligible for Izwe Loans? Contact Details and Repayments

   Are you living in the amazing city of Pretoria? Are you facing a hard financial situation? Let me tell you this can stop if you rely on Izwe to take care of your finances with their loans. And, the good thing is that there is not one loan but four!! A lot! Each of the loans will help you meet any type of need you are facing right now and you will observe how easily your monetary problems disappear by resorting to Izwe.

     Thus, in this article I will expand on each of the loans and then, I will give you data about application procedure, repayments and some tools that will benefit you, the client, when applying for a loan or having control over your finances.

IZWE has designed 4 loans for Pretoria residents:


This loan will benefit your life a lot in cases in which you cannot afford a house on your own and you really want to build it. Or, if you have an old house and you are planning to improve it or making it bigger.


This loan will be crucial if you have children and you are worried about their future, since their education tends to cost a lot these days. For those cases, such as paying tuition in school or university, or even books and computers, Izwe can help and give you peace of mind by securing your child´s education at a good price and by making repayments each month for a period of 42 months or a period of 9, you choose the financing period that adapts best to your monetary possibilities.


This sort of loan will help you make any debt you have with another company or person disappear in a fast and easy way, as you can apply for only one loan and watch how the different amounts of money you owe someone else vanish away. Just like that. That is the greatest advantage of this loan, that with only 1 loan you can pay more than 3 debts.

What are the features of this sort of loan for Pretoria citizens?

-It comes along with fixed interest rates

-If you comply with the various payments you will end up paying less each period

-You have the chance of securing your loan

-You can obtain guidance from the company´s representatives right away

-Installments are flexible


This is the kind of loan that can be useful in multiple situations, regarding the circumstances. It means that for example you can finance expensive holidays at another country or city or even buy a luxurious present for the person you love. Most clients make use of this General Loan so as to finance furniture and equipment for their businesses and their homes, the usage you give to the money is totally up to you. How much money will you get? As much as R 99 000, payable in about 9 to 42 months.


-You will be notified in the contract regarding the payments

-Each payment has a due date you must comply with

-There are penalizations for late payments

-The company must acknowledge if you can no longer continue paying for the loan you were granted

-If you do not pay each of the installments on time, your name will be observed in the Credit Bureau

-Keeping up with payments is crucial for having a good credit record

Interested in the application? There are many ways through which this process can be completed. For instance, you can take advantage of online application and fill in a form with your information. Or, you can ask the company to phone you by sending a message from the same webpage. Moreover, you can start the application for any of the four loans by going in person to one of the offices or even by phoning the company during business hours.


I really recommend you that if you are going to apply for any of their loans, please gather all the documentation their consultants asked you to, because not having one of them means a huge delay in the whole procedure.

Now, before I move on and give you the contact information of this company in Pretoria, I would like to give you data regarding some tools that will improve your loans and your pocket:


1 - DISPOSABLE INCOME CALCULATOR: This is not a simple calculator, but one that helps you check your affordability in terms of future loans and also establish different periods of time that you are able to sustain so as to comply with the payments.

2 - ONLINE BUDGETING TOOL: This tool has been named like this since it functions like a budget. And you know why that is? Simply because it makes you think twice before making a big purchase, so that you do not make mistakes and you invest your money appropriately.

 3 - LOAN CONSOLIDATOR TOOL: This is a wonderful tool that will be useful in those occasions where you need to calculate how much money you will need so as to complete the financing of your loan-


Apart from contacting the company in their website so as to apply for one of their loans, let me tell you about their physical offices. In the next chart you have detailed information about Izwe´s contact details in Pretoria.


R 99 000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number



Pretoria, Thaibault Building. 225 Pretorius Street

Working Hours

08:00 am to 08:00 pm


Being a citizen of the country, possessing a good credit record and documentation updated

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Another office very close to Pretoria is found in Durban, exactly in the Sa Eagle Building. You will find it on the 14th floor of this building. You can go there during business hours

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Can I go on weekends?

The company is closed on weekends

How much do the tools cost?

They are for free

Is the company open on holidays?

No it is not

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