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Is Polokwane Eligible for an Izwe Loan? If so, Interest Rates and Requirements

      If you live in Polokwane and you are experiencing financial problems, then you are lucky. No, I am not crazy, I am saying this because despite of your financial problems, you have an entire company to help you and make those problems disappear, and that is Izwe. How can they help you? With the establishment of their loans. That is right, four loans entirely accessible for you, all of which will satisfy one need and will make you enjoy the life you always wanted.

    Thus, in this post I will expand on each of those loans and also give you some interesting data about application, repayments and some tools that are extremely useful at the time of obtaining a loan and reorganizing our finances.

Let’s start with their loans for Polokwane citizens:


The good aspect about this loan is that it is accessible for every client the dream of building their own property, without having to wait lots of time until a bank lends them the money.


The greatest point about this loan is that it will satisfy parents´ need of giving their children the proper education so as to possess a good job in the future. Investing in their children´s education is a dream that can come true thanks to this lending program. They will not only pay the different rates corresponding to the educational institutions, but also the material related to each of the subjects. Clients that apply for this loan can repay for it in about 9 to 42 months.


Clients that have debts at present and want to pay all of them, can make that happen with the support of only one loan, a Consolidation Loan. That is, they can apply for only one lending program and then watch how many debts at the same time are paid. This is really practical and convenient so as not to waste time by applying for multiple loans.

What are the features that make up this loan?

-A Consolidation Loan comes along with set interest rates

-Interest rates are defined by the company each month

-Possibility of securing your lending program

-Penalizations in cases of payments

-Guidance from the company´s representatives

-Application for more than one loan is possible


This is the ultimate loan if you are planning a trip abroad or simply want to purchase an expensive gift to someone you love or care. Those charges can be really high, but with this loan such purchases are super affordable. In most cases, people make use of this loan so as to improve their homes by buying new furniture, appliances and decorations. Again, you have up to 42 months to finance the loan but there is a minimum financing period of 9 months. And, you can choose from R 6000 to R 99 000.


-You must make repayments on a monthly basis

-You need to know that penalizations exist

-You must agree with repayments each month

-You can repay with a credit or debit card

-Your credit record improves when paying installments

-Installments come along with fixed interest rates

-If you cannot pay one month, let the company know about this situation

Tell me about the application!

Okay, as it is the case with many companies, you have the chance of using your laptop and start the application in Izwe´s website. You only need to complete one form with your information. Or, you can send one message to this website and then the representatives of the company will get in contact with you in the meantime. You obviously have the chance of starting the application in person, situation in which you are asked to go to one of the company´s offices in Polokwane. This option is preferred by those who favor a personalized attention and want to obtain many details in person about the loan they have chosen.

    Try to remember that the company will ask you to meet certain standards and also gather documentation related to your financial and personal data, which is why I advise you to join all the documentation and have it hand so you do not waste time on paper work. This is also a great way of moving fastly with the application procedure and start receiving the money right away in your account without complications.

I will finish the article, but before that, let me give you some details about the financial tools obtainable at this wonderful company in Polokwane:

1 - DISPOSABLE INCOME CALCULATOR:  This constitutes the common calculator you find at many companies, with the characteristic that it gives you many alternatives in terms of repayments and loans, all of which meet your needs and budget.

2 - ONLINE BUDGETING TOOL: The best way to keep track of how much money you have in your bank account, what do you need to spend the money on and also making wise purchases with your income. I strongly recommend you to try this budget so as to organize your finances.

3 - LOAN CONSOLIDATOR TOOL: If you have obtained a loan and now you are struggling trying to finance it on time, do not worry, this loan can really help you meet your needs and it is a way of making sure you will not be penalized and you will comply with the payments.


    You can of course call the company by dialing up their free phone number, which is 206 74 00, or you can enter from your computer their website and start enjoying the different sections they have created just for you.

     You can also go in person to an office very near Polokwane, in Durban, inside the Eagle Building. The address is 1401 Durban Central.

     You can go to the following office located in Polokwane:


R100 000

Interest Rate

Depends on the customer, Fixed

Telephone Number



Polokwane, Polokwane Central. 58 Schoeman Street

Working Hours

Banking hours


Residing in the country and gathering the documentation requested in the contract

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Questions and answers

How much do the tools cost?

They are a free service

Where can I find the calculator?

Inside the company´s website

Can I ask for more than one loan?

If your budget allows you, yes.

What phone numbers can i call to cancell my loan?

Hi, if you are in the final instance of your loan and you need to cancell it beforehand, you have two phone numbers available at Izwe Loans: 010-206-7400 or 211 220 752

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