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What Are the Loans that Izwe Bank has available for Johannesburg Residents? Requirements, Quotes and Contact Details

Do you live in Johannesburg and you need financial assistance? Are you trying to get rid of debts as soon as possible? Let me congratulate on you since this is exactly what you have been looking for: IZWE BANK. This is a company that has been providing banking services in South African for ages, and fortunately, the city of Johannesburg is included among its clients. We invite you to read this post so as to get information about the loans that Izwe Bank has available for Johannesburg residents as well as contact information, possible quotes and requirements.

Before giving details about Izwe, let’s take a look at a chart with all the main points:

Personal loan

Yes, from R6000 to R99 000

Business loan


Consolidation loan

Yes, from debts of R5000

E-mail address

Branch in Johannesburg

49 Kruis Street

General phone number



In the first place, we will start mentioning the lending options you, as a Johannesburg’s citizen, have access to with their respective features:

-PERSONAL LOANS: if you thinking about how to finance personal needs, such as education –primary, secondary or tertiary-, housing, transportation and even health, you can ask for an Izwe Personal Loan. These programs offers a minimum amount of money of R6000 and whatever you need up to R99 000. Please, take into account that in order to repay the loan, there are financing terms that go from 9 to 42 months.

-BUILDING LOANS: do you want to get your own home? Do you have a field and it is time to build there? Get an Izwe building loan, then. There is an exclusive area of the bank that work to create the most convenient lending programs to finance home construction. Stop thinking and go ahead!

-STUDENT LOANS: in order to help you afford the best education for your children, Izwe Bank has really convenient programs. You can ask for many to pay for education tuition, material and even accommodation. Similar to personal loans, you can repay the loan in periods that go from 9 months to 42 months, based on your income and needs.

How Can I Solve Problems with Old Debts?

               Are you in real financial troubles? Do you have more than one debt and are you tired of paying interests? Apply for a Consolidation Loan. Hopefully, this need has come to an end. Izwe gives clients the possibility to combine every debt they have so as to pay them with a single monthly payment. In this way, interest will accrue on a single amount and there won’t be variation or increments on payments. You have to take into account that the minimum debt required is R5000. An interesting point of consolidation loans is the fact that interest are always fixed, so you know in advance, how much you will have to pay.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Requirements to Apply for an Izwe Bank Loan

Now you know what you can choose, let’s analyse requirements so as you have everything ready before starting any application process:

-Be a Southafrican’s citizen;

-Be older than 18 years old;

-Have a steady job;

-Have a copy of your last three payslips; and

-Be the holder of a bank account (to get the money as a deposit)


...For a loan of R26000: this amount of money can be returned in different financing periods. If you are short of money, you can choose the maximum financing of 42 payments of approximately R1150. Of course, there are other options, such as 3 years of R1380, or 30 months of R1555, or even 2 years of R1820.

...For a loan of R43000: in this case, you can pay the loan in 3 years paying R2199 per month. Another option you have if by making 42 payments of R1825.

...For a loan of R95000: in this case, due to the high amount you have asked, it is advisable to adapt payments to the longest financing period available: 42 months. As a result, you will pay quotes of approximately R3893.

               Are you ready to start application? Let me show you how.

-First, you can visit in person one of the Izwe branch located in the area of Marshalltown. The office is located at 49 Kruis. You can also call representatives by phone to this number: 27 11 333 1374.

-Secondly, you can also take advantage of the other office located in Johannesburg, in the area of Parktown. It is located on the Terrace Road. In case you prefer telephone assistance, the number available is +27 10 206 7400.

-Another possibility you have is by contacting the general phone line from wherever you are. The number is 010-206-7400 and you can use it to make questions, to leave comments and even to start application.

-If you have a computer with an internet connection in the comfort of your sofa, you can write e-mails to or apply online by entering the official website.

               Do you want to compare Izwe Bank with other banks in Johannesbrug? Let’s see if this piece of information is useful for you. You can, for example, apply for loans at Capitec Bank. This entity offers from multi loans of R4000 to home loans of up to R5 million. The office is located at 28 Harrison St and representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon. Another possibility is African Bank. In this case, you can apply for personal loans of up to R150 000 that can be financed from 3 to 60 months. If you are interested, please go to 150 Commissioner Street in Marshalltown.

               To conclude, if you live in Johannesburg, there is more than one option that can be useful to overcome a rainy day. You can apply for any of the variety of programs offered by Izwe, or you can even count on the help of Capitec and African Bank. Dont leave money be a hinder to happiness and get what you need as soon as possible.

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Questions and answers

Shall I present a show?

Yes, you will be required your last three payslips.

Do I receive cash money?

No, money will be available in a bank account.

Can I borrow from other countries?

Loans are available for Southafrican citiznes.

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