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Can Durban Residents Obtain Izwe Loans? Contact Information and Requirements

If you are residing now in Durban and you are looking for a sustainable way to finance your assets and expenses, let me tell you Izwe can help you with that. How so? Through their loans, which in fact are four, each of which has been designed to meet specific needs citizens face in their daily lives.

    In the next article, I will give you information about each of their loans, and that includes requirements, repayments and extra tools to boost the financial experience of obtaining a loan through this company. Then, I will give you contact information of the company in Durban.

Durban residents can apply to these four loans:


The usual loan designed to meet housing needs that can range from buying a new house or apartment to improving the already existing house a family has obtained. It is called like this, since you can build from scratch your new place.


The loan every family must take advantage of, since parents can observe how the company takes care of the tuition of their children at school or university. As you are probably aware of, those goals require lots of money to come true, which is why this company has created a specific Student Loan for Durban citizens. Parents can pay for the loan in a maximum of 42 months and a minimum of 9. Interest rates are considerably low and fixed by the company.


The usual loan chosen to consolidate debts or high expenses that you find really hard to afford these times, situations in which you need to pay right away and it cannot wait. The advantage of this loan, is that it gives you the chance of obtaining only one loan and then, financing multiple assets or expenses.

What are the corresponding features of a Consolidation Loan?

-Paying fixed interest rates

-Seeing how interest rates diminish as the loan goes by

-Improving your credit record

-Being able to totally secure your loan

-Being in contact with the company´s representatives


This is loan is frequently preferred by those clients that are planning to make a huge present to their beloved ones or family members, or even by those that are planning summer or winter holidays, circumstances in which money is crucial and will condition the rest of the trip. Moreover, if you have costs in your apartment you cannot afford on your own, you can directly apply for this loan and obtain the financial support you need without having to wait tons of time. In fact, you can ask for maximums of R 6000 but this amount can increase to R 99 000, and the company will offer you 42 months financing periods but also 9 ones, you choose depending on your financial situation.


-The moment you sign the contract you agree with the repayments established

-In the contract you will observe the different dates for repayments to be made

-If you cannot pay for one of the installments it is advisable to contact the company

-The company can always grant you alternatives for repaying the loan

-Penalization for not complying with payments exist

-By repaying on time, your credit record will be able to improve and thus, you will apply for further loans

What about the application? There are three ways to make it happen:

Find the best loan of South Africa

You can do it online, by computer, which means that you enter the company´s official website and fill the form with your information or you can enter the same website and solicit their representatives to phone you and ask you for the information on the phone. Moreover, you can begin the application in person by going to one of the company´s physical offices in Durban.


Needless to say, it is strongly recommended that you have with you all the necessary documentation so as not to make the consultants of the company wait, and the procedure can move on without complications.

Now, what are the tools I mentioned above? I guarantee you these tools will really benefit your experience with the lending programs:


These are tools that can help you check how much money you possess and also make a wise use of your finances.

1 - DISPOSABLE INCOME CALCULATOR: This is the typical calculator that lets you know how much money you have available in order to ask for a loan, if you are eligible or not. It is a good way of calculating affordability.

 2 - ONLINE BUDGETING TOOL: It functions as a budget since you are capable of obtaining detailed information about your income and the money you can use, and also use your finances for good purposes and avoid buying silly things or assets that you do not need.

3 - LOAN CONSOLIDATOR TOOL: It is very similar to the consolidation loan in the sense that it enables to establish how much money you owe to another company as well as setting periods.


In the following chart, I will give you precise information about Izwe´s physical office in Durban, so that you can communicate with their representatives right away, without complications.


R99 000

Interest Rate

Dependent on the client´s budget

Telephone Number

010-206-7400 from home


Durban Central, office 1401- Located exactly on the14 th floor. Building´s name: Sa Eagle Building

Working Hours

09:00 am to 08:00 pm (Business time)


Gathering all the proper documentation on time and signing the contract

-There are two additional offices very near to the one situated in Durban. Take a look: one is located in Polokwane at this park: Polokwane Central, whose exact address is in 58 Schoeman Street.The other is located in Gauteng inside the Houghton Estate. It can be found in the Houghton Estate Office Park. The address of this office is: is 2 Osborn Road.

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Questions and Answers

Do I have to pay for using the tools?
You dont, they are a free service
Can I pay with automatic deduction?
Yes you can
Can I receive the money in cash?
No, in your bank account

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