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Can I Find FirstRand Bank Personal Loans? Features and Contact Details

    Let me begin by telling you that First Rand is one of the leading financial groups in South Africa, which has the possibility of offering banking services thanks to its agreements with other banks, such as Wesbank and First National Bank. Which is why, all the Personal Loans and other type of programs the company offers its clients come from those companies.

   For that reason, in this article I will expand on the different loans there can be found at one of the company´s franchises, Wesbank. After that, I will give you all the contact details you need to acknowledge so as to contact the company and be granted a loan you want.

I will start by focusing on Wesbank´s Personal Loan and then I will stress the difference between Loans for Individuals and Loans for Businesses.

Personal Loans found at FirstRand Bank with the support of Wesbank.

The main Personal Loan you will find is typically named Cash Power Personal Loan and allows you to ask for maximums of R 150 000 and also minimums of R 5000, whose financing terms will exclusively depend on your financial situation when applying for the loan. Their interest rates will be fixed by the company, so no surprises at the time of paying for them. And, the moment you are found eligible, you can start using the funds on whatever you need.

Are you interested in its requirements? Take a look at them:

-Submitting an identity card or book of your own

-Submitting previous references with other credit given in the past

-Possessing a salary which is up to R 4500 and giving the bank account information

-Possessing a license of the place where you live at the moment

-Showing your last bank statements or other similar of documentation

But, do you want to know about its advantages? Pay attention:

-You are given access to minimal amounts of R 5000 and also an amount superior to R 150 000

-You have periods of financing that range from 2 to 6 years, plenty of time

-Interest rates will be kept fixed during the whole loan

-You can have access to the funds in less than 1 day

-You are able to begin an application at the company´s branches or at home. If you do it from home, you can keep this number: 0861 238 252, so as to avoid wasting lots of time

-You are not requested to submit a collateral for the loan

-You will be protected through an insurance the company will grant you. The purpose of that insurance is to protect not only you but also your finances, as if you ask for lots of money, it can be dangerous.

Let’s move on by discussing Loans for Individuals and the ones for Businesses:


    This kind of loan has been carefully designed for customers that are trying to buy a vehicle they desire or another type of asset which is a costly one. In such case, the company is willing to communicate with the dealer of your car so as to proceed quickly and without wasting lots of money. The car can be acquired either from a private seller or a company. Through this loan you can sell your car if you possess an old one.  What is more, you can make use of an online calculator so as to check how many payments you need to make so as to comply with the loan.

    If you would like for a loan that satisfies all your personal necessities, you must acknowledge the fact that the application online enables you to sign online for the documentation. By logging in the webpage of the company with your personal information, you can easily make use of this digital service, which will make you save money and also time, pretty interesting, uh?

   In order for you to handle with this type of loan, you need to bear in mind simple steps: logging in the website, typing your personal data such as your ID number and contact details, and then you will observe all the information of the loan you are granted. What is more, in the same webpage you can ask for a cover to protect the money you are given and making sure the money stays with you.



   When it comes to this loan, its main objective is to let businessmen manage their business in the most effective way, by saving money and at the same time improving their business in the market.

   The application for a Business Loan can be carried out in the company´s webpage by simply completing a short form with information. For example, you will need to type your Vat number and the name of your company.

   In that webpage, you will find tons of information regarding the many assets you can access to with Wesbank loans. As an example, you will see a list with the Commercial Vehicles, Agro Equipment, Aviation Finance, and Fleet Finance and so on. There are many of them to choose.

    Now, before finishing let me tell you that with a Business Loan you also have access to an online calculator to see whether you qualify or not for a Business Loan. And, you can also use the digital service, called IContract, so as to begin the application by phone for instance and the continue it from the company´s webpage. Such service can be obtained if you give the company your personal data such as your Id number a then your email address.


Contacting Wesbank, the leader franchise of FirstRand Bank

You know that you can contact the company online, but now let’s focus on two other means of communication:

-You can go to a physical office the company has in Coronel Boom Street, whose numeration is 191. It is found inside a building named Squad Cars. You can call this office by dialing up86 193 7265.

-There is another office located in Ranburg, Fairland, exactly situated at 1 Enterprise Road.

-You can make a phone call to the company by dialing up the following number, which I am sure will be really useful for you:0861 288 272.

-You can try to send an email to the company by typing this email address:

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