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Is Johannesburg Eligible for FirstRand Bank? Features and Requirements

    Are you wondering how it is possible to find a loan in Johannesburg? Would you like the lending provider to be FirstRand Bank? Good to know that, this article will suit your needs. As you probably know, FirstRand Bank is one of the leader financial corporations in the country, which has as its main franchise, Wesbank, through which it grants loans to the citizens of Johannesburg.

    Consequently, I will begin the article by giving you the different means through which you can contact Wesbank, its lending provider, in Johannesburg, After giving you its contact details, I will continue by mentioning their Personal Loan and I will also point out the difference between their Loans for Individuals and Loans for Businesses, so that you have a general picture of both of them.

Contacting Wesbank in Johannesburg

-Its main office in Johannesburg is situated in Randburg, inside the Fairland. The exact address is 1 Enterprise Road.

-You can communicate with Wesbank on the phone, if you dial up from your house the following free phone number: 0861 288 272.

-You can communicate by sending an email, to the address I will give you right now:

     Now let’s start with the content you are interested in obtaining, the company´s Personal Loan, also baptized Cash Power Personal Loan.

     If you are wondering about its features, let me mention that the amounts you can be granted by this company tend to range from a maximum of R 150 000 and a minimum of simply R 5000. Now, there will be financing periods of course, but the company has not established a fixed one, since it is determined by your financial status, so a personalized financing term can be expected. And, the interest rates you will pay in each installment will be fixed for your safety.

   Of course there will be requirements needed for a Personal Loan, such as:

-Putting forward your Id book to let the company identify you, as they will have your personal data

-Putting forward a report with your credit score with another bank or loan provider

-Having a monthly salary which must be superior to this amount: R 4500

-Being ready to give the bank all the data regarding the account the bank you make transactions with have you

-Putting forward a report from the place you are living when applying for the loan

What benefits can you expect from a Wesbank Personal Loan? Observe:

-Total freedom when it comes to choosing amounts of funds, and of course sticking to maximums and minimums

-Total freedom regarding financing periods

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Fixed interest rates that the company guarantees not to change

-Money obtainable in less than a day

-An application procedure that can be carried out in person or from your house. If you decide to apply from your house, you can make use of their free phone line designed for this purpose: 0861 238 252

-An unsecured loan, so you will not need to submit collaterals

-Access to an insurance that aims at protecting the money given to you and further finances you possess. So, the company will give you a cover through which you can expect your loan to be protected at any circumstance. For instance, when your health is at risk, the bank can cover your money with such insurance.

So, you gain some knowledge about the company´s Personal Loan, but what about their Business Loan? Okay, I will explain both of the loans to you:


    This is the type of program that individuals have access to whenever they want to acquire a valuable asset as a car or another vehicle, it can also be a house. If this customer has chosen a car, then the bank will immediately get in touch with the seller the customer has selected, so as to begin with the procedure right away. The communication between the company and the car seller is also a way of observing whether the vehicle is in good conditions or a new one needs to be chosen by the customer.

   Individuals interested in a personalized loan, can also sign their documents from home. How is that? They can use a digital service granted by the company. The company will inform them which its username is and password in a text message or in an email, and with such data customers can log in and start signing the documentation in the company´s website. This is a method recommended whenever the customer has a branch that is located far away from home or works all day and needs the documentation to be signed quickly and without going to a physical branch. Moreover, this is a way of saving time.



    If you have a business of your own with some partners, and you would like to obtain funds, this can happen thanks to Wesbank.

    You and your partners will have to begin an application in the firm´s official website, where you will find a form that needs to be completed with personal and financial information of your business partners and the business itself.

   You will see in the company´s website, there several amounts of money can be obtained, depending on the usage you would give to the funds. For instance, you can obtain money for the Aviation field or for the Agricultural area.

   Lastly, the same digital service mentioned in the other paragraph can be used by businesses to sign documentation and papers. And I really recommend this service, because if your business is made up by many people, it would be a chaos trying to make everyone sign the documentation in person. So, by making everyone sign in the company´s website, they can sign from home everything.

  Summing up, if living in Johannesburg was a problem due to your financial status, that is no longer a reason to worry about, you can surely rely on FirstRand´s loans, given by Wesbank. There are loans for individuals and also loans for businesses, so depending on the needs you need to satisfy, you will decide which loan best suits you.

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Questions and Answers

Can I apply for both loans?
If you are found eligible of course
Is there a calculator?
There is an online calculator in the company´s website
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Based on your income

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