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Is Durban Eligible for FirstRand Bank Loans? Contact Details

      If you are the type of citizen that lives in Durban and can not really cope with the most common needs you experience in life, perhaps a loan is what you need. There exists a group in the country, FirstRand Bank, which has reached an agreements with lending providers, as it is the case with Wesbank.

   For that reason, I will start this article by explaining the different loans proposed by Wesbank, to FirstRand citizens that live in Durban. Then, I will give you the contact details of this company, such as physical addresses and phone numbers.

   Let me begin with Wesbank´s Personal Loans for Durban residents, their Cash Power Personal Loan.

   When it comes to the characteristics of such loan, I must say that the bank gives you freedom to choose from different amounts, being them R 150 000 or less than R 5000. Those amounts can be easily financed in periods that will be defined by the company when beginning the application. And, they come along with interest rates that are super fixed, so no changes expected in the course of the loan. Such amount you have chosen at the beginning of the loan, can be obtained in no more than one day, which is great if you are facing an emergency, something that can not wait.

At this point, I envision you are questioning about its requirements, so now you have them:

-Showing your identity book, which is a means through which the firm can come to identify you

-Submitting a declaration of your credit mentions concerning additional loan providers

-Holding a monthly salary of around R 4500 or more

-Giving the firm your bank account figures, which must be thorough for the company members to deposit the funds

-Submitting a declaration of the domicile you are living at the time of the submission

-Submitting bank reports, pay slips and notices which show how your finances are going.

What benefits can be obtained by applying for a Personal Loan? Look:

-You can assume to be given countless amounts of cash, fluctuating from R 5000 to R 150 000

-You can pick the financing term of your predilection

-You will not be staggered by mutable interest rates, as the interest in this company are fixed

-You will be able to receive such money in about 24 hours so as to make use of your funds

-You can commence the application from your home or at a local subdivision. If you favor the first choice, you can apply over the telephone by calling on: 0861 238 252, which is an open phone line aimed at applications.

-The credit is completely unsecured, so no belongings are required to secure it in the long term

-You will be approved to receive a Personal Insurance, which is the means through which FirstRand Bank and its franchise, Wesbank, provide you with security in the loaning process.

Now, let me clarify the difference between this company´s loans for individuals and the loans for businesses, which are totally different:


Find the best loan of South Africa

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    This kind of credits have been carefully established for customers that are considering reasonable ways of purchasing a car or another alternative. If your desire is to retain a car, Wesbank will make your dream come true by creating a real communication with the seller of your preference. Such car seller can not only be a private one but also companies that sell cars are allowed to be chosen without problem. And, there is an extra feature regarding this loan, that the client can also put for sale its own car whenever it is old and he wants a new one.

   In order for you as a client to know whether you can access to a car, try using the company´s calculator, an effective way of knowing beforehand the prices of the cars you desire.

    A further facility you have access to because of FirstRand Bank is the digital service, through which all the credentials you were asked to submit are studied and signed. If you are interested in how the digital service can be used, let me tell you that you must have to use your log in name in order to begin signing all the documentation from the company´s website.


     If you are a corporate person who fears are its company´s progress and wants its business to strive in the market, a loan for the business you own is just perfect for you needs.

   The application system for this sort of loan can be finished in the company´s website by completing with your data a form. That information is related to your Vat number and the designation of your business, its name.

   A Business Loan provides you admission to lots of assets you can purchase, which will be truly beneficial for your business. There exist numerous assets, all of which have been calculated for a precise area. For example, you will discover Commercial Vehicles, Aviation Finance, Agro Equipment, and the list goes on of course. So, depending on the asset you wish to acquire, there will be a specific loan.

   Lastly, if you were speculating about the digital facility clarified above, let me say that if you obtain a loan for your present business, the application process can be done through the digital facility too. This option is certainly suggested to businesses that entail many partners, as it is a great chance of saving time. If you are looking to start using third wonderful service, you will have to log in the company´s website with the information they gave you through text message or email.

Contact details of Wesbank in Durban

-The branch of the company in Durban is located at the Glass House Office Park, which is found in Humhlanga Ridge. The exact location is 309

-You can communicate with the company over the phone, if you simply dial up their free line for customer service:0861 288 272.

-Or you can communicate by email, that is by typing the following address in your email box:

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Questions and answers

Is prequalification available?

You can try the calculator

Can I apply for a loan by phone?

Yes you can

How much money is available?

R 150 000 is the maximum available

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