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Can I Apply for a FirstRand Bank Loan in Cape Town?

      Are you living at present in Cape Town but are not happy because of you financial circumstances? Would you like them to change? I can tell you that is totally possible if you rely on one of the most transparent financial groups, FirstRand Bank. This bank has reached an agreement with one of the leading credit providers, Wesbank, which can be found in Cape Town.

   As a consequence, in this article I will mention the main loan given by Wesbank, their Personal Loan and then I will talk about their so called Loan for Individuals and Loan for Businesses, each of which was created to aim at different audiences. Finally, I will give you the contact information of this company in Cape Town.

   As mentioned in the introduction, I will start this post by discussing the Personal Loan created by Wesbank, which is why I gill mention its features for you:

-Deciding which amounts of money Wesbank will grant you at the ending of the loan, as there is a maximum of R 150 00 for expensive purchases and a minimum of R 5000, for cheaper ones

-Months to finance the loan can be determined by the customer´s affordability and financial situation

-Interest rates always remain fixed, so the company is not allowed to change them

-Customers can observe the money requested in their accounts in less than one day

 But, in order to qualify for this loan, there is a list of requirements you must attain to:

You will need to give the company your ID card so as to prove you are the person requesting for the loan. Moreover, you must provide the company with a declaration of your credit history with another firm or bank and also a declaration of your job, as your salary must be R 4500 or superior to that amount. You will also need to give the bank the information of your bank account and a proof of residence so as for them to prove you are a South African citizen. Finally, the company will request you to submit recent bills and pay slips.

    Let me now summarize the benefits granted to you by Wesbank:

-Possibility of selecting the amount of your dreams, by considering the maximum and the minimum explained previously

-Possibility of having financing terms based on you

-Chances of getting the funds in only a day

-Paying for installments that come together with set interest rates

-Obtaining unsecured loans

-Starting the application process from your home, over the phone, or in person in one of the branches the company has in Cape Town

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Receiving an insurance to make sure your money is totally guarded by the company in case something happens to you.

Having given the requirements, features and benefits of a Personal Loan at Wesbank, FirstRand Bank main franchise, I will continue with two of their loans, each of which is designed for a specific kind of customer, a private one or one that has a business.


     This constitutes de typical loans for individual needs, such as those of having your first car, an objective that can be attained through a simple loan like this one. Interested in how a Loan for Individuals work? You must know that the company is going to get in touch with the seller of your preference in order to begin the process and also to observe how the vehicle you want is being kept, and by that I mean if the car is in a good condition or not.

     A Loan for individuals has the great advantage of giving customers a simple and quick way of signing the documentation uploaded or requested by the company, through a digital way. This is a digital system that the company has incorporated, and can be used whenever the company has sent you a username and its password. Once you have such information, you can log in the company´s website and you will see the documentation ready to be signed by you.

    Another advantage of applying for this loan is the chance of using mobile banking by downloading an app or online banking, by logging in the company´s webpage and being able to manage your loan from there.



     Owners of businesses can easily obtain a financial support whenever they apply for a loan with Wesbank. If they are interested in getting further funds for their business, they only need to start an application by typing the company´s official website and being able to fill in a small from with the data of the business and data of each of the members of the company.

   Now, the company stresses the fact that businesses can have access to many assets, but it will depend on the field the business aims at. For example, there is Aviation Finance, Medical Finance, Agro Finance and so on. A list with the different fields included in this sort of loan can be found in the company´s website. So, all the information regarding obtainable assets is found online.

   Businesses can also make use of the digital system explained before, as this is the most recommended method when beginning with the application. Imagine a business comprised by a large number of partners, it would be impossible to make every one sign the documentation on time, which is why the can all sign electronically and the problem disappears. But, in order to gain complete access to this system, customers must have received in their email or cellphone, their name and password, so as to log in easily in the bank´s website.

Contacting Wesbank in Cape Town

-You can go in person to the company´s physical branch in Cape Town, which is in Blue Downs. The exact address is 61 Waterblom Street.

-You can contact the bank by phone, if you dial up the next phone number:0861 288 272.

-You can also send a short email to the company so as to receive a reply within some

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