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Is it Possible to Obtain FirstRand Online Loans?

   FirstRand is a financial group, with lots of prestige in the country, which has become the leader in issues such as transactions, investments, lending programs and so on. Those operations can be effectuated to the many franchises this group manages, such as First National Bank and Wesbank.

   For that purpose, in this article I will show you which loans you can get through this group, by contacting Wesbank, one of its main franchises. First, I will give you the contact details of Wesbank, so you can contact its members and start one application for a loan you are interested in. Then, I will expand on each of the loans you will find in this franchise

Contacting details of Wesbank, the main franchise of FirstRand Bank

   One of its offices is located exactly at 15 Oliver Thambo, and you can call this branch by dialing up 014 594 9300. It is open during weekdays on business hours.

   Another office is found in Rustenburg, exactly in Randburg, at 1 Enterprise Road. This branch is located at the Fairland. It has the same schedule as the previous office.

   Another way of contacting the company is by making a call to their customer service, which is always available for inquiries: 0861 288 272. This number is available Mondays to Fridays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, and also on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 12:00 am.

   There is another way of communication, online, which functions simply by entering into the company´s webpage. There, you are allowed to send notes, messages and even begin an application in a fast and simple way without going in person to a physical branch.

Okay, but what type of loans can be found at this franchise of FirstRand Bank?

   I will begin by focusing on their Cash Power Personal Loan.

Its features are the ones I listed below:

-You can ask the company to give you huge amounts of cash, but there of course exists a limit of R 150 000 and a minimum of R 5000

-In about 24 hours you can make use of the money given

-You can choose how would you like to obtain the money, as it can be done in cash, chequebooks or even deposited into your account

-There will be repayment terms adjusted to your current income

-You will be requested to make monthly payments, whose rates tend to be fixed

Its requisites are these ones:

-You must have your ID book or another type of identity documentation, so as to verify your personal information to the bank

-You must have a proof of residence showing you live nowadays in your city

-You must show the bank what is your credit score, for them to have a general knowledge about your behavior in previous credits granted

-You must possess a monthly salary of at least R 4500

Find the best loan of South Africa

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     Now, when it comes to the different benefits this loan gives you, its main one is that the company gets to choose a maximum and a minimum to grant you, which is adjusted to the use you will give to the money. Besides, the financing terms are between 1 and 2 years and all the interest rates are fixed.


 If you are interested in beginning an application for a loan, you can get too know in a few days whether you are a good candidate or you do not qualify for it. And, if you were found eligible, you will receive the money in less than 24 hours and will be able to make transfers, deposits and also pay bills with such funds.

Now that you know about the company´s Personal Loan, let me explain you a bit about their Car Loan.

There will be different steps you will be required to follow in order to be able to pay for a vehicle:

1) You will need to enter the company´s website and click on the section destined to online applications. There, you will need to type your personal data and then send that information to the company with one click. After that, you need to wait until one member calls you.

2)If you were found eligible for a loan with this company, the different members of the bank will get in touch with you and the seller of your vehicle, to see how is the car doing. After that, the seller and you will need to submit certain documentation.

3) The members of the company will communicate with you so as to see if you submitted properly all the documentation and you signed them as agreed. Next, your car will be registered.

Those steps will really save you time, and waiting in line for hours as it happens with other credit providers of the country.

The following are the requisites for this Car Loan:

-Being 18 years old or older, which is the most requested requisite every company focuses on

-Having selected a car whose value is not more than R 30 000.

-Choosing a private seller, which means you need to find a person that no longer uses its car and wants to sell it to you on a private way, not through a company or something of the sort.

-Choosing a car that is second hand but not stolen or illegal

-You cannot choose a recovered car, so please bear that fact in mind at the time of selecting for a car you like

-Being a current resident of South Africa and having a driver license so as to guarantee you are able to drive your car without complications

-Making sure you have a good credit score with another lending provider, which is a very important fact since it determines most of your eligibility, as it is a signal of your attitude and responsibility towards a credit

-Being employed and having a monthly salary of R 6250, so as for you to be able to afford the loan with no problems

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No you will not

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The members of the company will determine that

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Yes it is

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