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What Kink of Loans for Business are Available at Investec? Branches and Contact Information

Are you thinking on how to finance business? Is it necessary to get financial aid of professionals? The answers to these questions are the business loans granted by Investec. If you keep on reading this post, you will collect information about the different lending alternatives that Investec Bank has for South African’s entrepreneurs. What is more, we will also develop some information about other loans destined to personal needs. You will get details about financing, requirement and other features.  

                Investec Bank was funded almost 30 years ago with the objective of financially helping citizens. Being one the leaders in the market guarantees its trajectory. It is essential to read about the characteristics of all of them so as to choose the one that meet your need. Some of the wide variety of business loans available are:

1. Corporate Lending

Is it time to grow? To acquire new equipment? Investec Bank offers funding solution and advisory to affront current markets. Clients can resort to the company so as to pay off debts with relevant solutions backed up by years of experience. There are also other services available, such as equity, and other. You can get money to finance capital expenditure, to manage buy-outs and buy-ins and even working capital facilities to finance in periods of three years.

2. Infrastructure and Transport Finance

This special department was opened 20 years ago and it at the forefront in the market. In fact, it is in charge of providing advisory, to arrange transaction and even more when it comes to long-term projects. Receive the help of a team with exclusive experience and the most affordable services.

3. Business Cash Solution

Another important program designed by Investec aims at growing available funds by means of deposit accounts. Based on your budget and how much you need, you can select the kind of account that is most suitable for you. If you want to generate returns, make sure to choose the exact term you need, or if you are looking for liquidity, ask for the Instant Access Deposit account. As far as rates are concerned, they are always near 5.60% and 6%.

4. Commercial Property Finance

It is always better to run your business in your own facilities. That is why it is necessary to buy a fixed asset. If you already have your own installations, you can also use the money to remodel it or to improve it. There are flexible plans for payments and fixed interest rates.

5. Aviation Finance

Expanding fleet is also important and as we are in front of a complex process, there is a team of experts waiting to help you. There are loans started at $10 million that can be used to buy new aircraft or pre-owned. The money can also be used to lease the desired aircraft.

6. Professional Practice and Equipment Finance

Those who have just got their degree may find it really difficult to enter in the market. That is why when planning to start your career, it is easier to buy updated equipment and installation with the most convenient advisory. It is important to highlight that there are special programs for health specialist, such as doctors or dentist.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                Fortunately, in addition to loans to support enterprises and star-ups, Investec also offers loans to finance personal needs. Some of them are:

6. Home Loans Financing

One of the main needs in personal life is getting your own place to live. Those who are in big business may find it easy; however, it is not so affordable. In order to meet this, Investec offers clients the complete value of their homes either to buy a new one or to do up a current one. Interest rates are highly competitive and financing periods are flexible. There are initiation const and some monthly fees destined to afford administration fees.

8. Vehicle Loan Financing

Another need that should be covered is car acquisition. Nowadays, cars are used to go to work, to take children to school, to go the supermarket, and even more. With Investec, you can borrow money to buy common cars, luxurious ones and even trucks. As with the rest of the programs, financing periods are flexible and interest rates quite competitive.

9. Personal Loans Financing

The rest of the needs also have a way to be supported. No matter how much money you need and what is the purpose, there are sums of money that can be used to go on vacations, to pay for education fees, to affront medical expenses and even more.

Are there offices of Investec Bank in Pretoria?

As an example, there is a branch of Investec Bank in Pretoria, but this is not the only one. It is located in the intersection of Atterbury Road and Klarine Street, in Menlo Park. In this case, consultants wait for current and prospective clients during the week from 8.30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.  You can also contact them by phone dialing up 12 427 8300. Should you have questions or comments, you can count on the general phone line that is 0860 110 161. If you are abroad, the phone number is 27 11 286 9663.

                Another way to contact the bank is by writing e-mails to the following address: In case you are interested in property finance, either personal or business, the numbers available are 11 286 9663 and 0860 110 161.

                To conclude, Investec Bank is one of the most convenient options when it comes to lending money. Stop wondering about how to finance new business or how to improve a current one. Investec has really affordable option so that you leave economic problems in the hands of professional. What is more, it is impossible to ignore that there are also other programs that are useful to finance personal needs. Do you need anything else? Answers are just around the corner.

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Can I get insurance for the loans?

Yes, you can.

I live in Johannesburg, can I find consultants there?

Yes! 100 Grayston Dr.

Is construction financing available?

Yes, it is.

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