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Is it Possible to Obtain Investec Unsecured Loans? Contact Details

     Are you searching for the ideal way of obtaining a loan without submitting collaterals? Then, an unsecured loan is what you need. Fortunately, there are several companies in charge of granting those type of loans to citizens, and one of them is Investec. This company has created more than one loan, all of which are totally unsecured, which means that you will not need to submit any kind of guarantee to secure your program.

    In the following article, I will give you all the information you need about the variety of loans found at Investec, which of course includes features and requirements. After that section, I will explain how to contact the company either by phone, in person or online.


As you can envision, a home loan will aid you to purchase the household you always craved to possess and also being able to make reparations or improvements to the one you possess. The features that come along with this loan are the following:

-The company can take care of a  big percentage of the property, which in most cases is 100%

-The company will set fixed financing terms that can be adapted to the specific need you have

-The company will establish fixed interest rates, which are pretty low

-Although the bank will charge you initiation costs, they will be paid by you whenever you can, so no need to worry about that

-The company will give you access to an application procedure that will last only a couple of hours

-The company has its own customer service whose aim is to orient you towards the lending procedure

-The customer service is available to its customers 24/7

-The company has set fixed monthly installments to be paid

-The company will give you freedom to so as to make many transfers and deposits

-The company will also give you freedom to use a big portion of your facility, which is great

-The company will establish payments for beneficiaries

Now let’s focus on each of the unsecured loans Invest has created just for you:


      This is a loan for your personal needs that can give you the chance of acquiring from a property to a vehicle you find impossible to afford with your income. So, with Personal Loans you have the possibility of accessing the style you always wanted to possess, by making changes in the type of assets you buy. Those assets are usually defined in accordance to your business and your personal life.

     This section is divided into four loans: Asset Finance; for assets in particular, Motor Vehicle Finance; for vehicles; Professional Practice and Equipment Finance, and the last one, Specialised Finance for Investment Purposes.

Find the best loan of South Africa

Let’s see what each one offer:



     Through the incorporation of this loan, the company aims at giving you the chance of seeing positive changes in your personal and your business life. Which is why, this loan has fixed interest rates and period of financing that will always be based on personal cases. This enables any type of client with any type if income, to obtain a loan without troubles. As an example, you can choose to buy a new car for your family or an office for your company. When it comes to the repaying of this loan, monthly installments are paid each month and they are individualized, so they depend upon your income. What is more, you have access to surplus cash, which gives you the opportunity of reducing the interest rates of your loan


     This is the ideal loan for customers that already know which car would fit in their lifestyle, so all they request is the money to make that happen. They can acquire from expensive cars to really cheap ones, everything is possible with a Motor Vehicle Finance. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the you use you provide to your vehicle, as it is useful either for personal or professional needs.

    Regarding the payment for this loan, the company will make you pay monthly installments, whose financing periods are monthly also and are defined according to your salary.


    This sort of loan aims at helping you with the company you have just set or to improve the company that needs to get bigger and some financial support to make that happen. What is more, you can buy equipment, material and those kind of supplies really necessary for a business in expansion.


    This loan aims at providing clients with the money they need to make investments on things they consider profitable. As an example, the company will support their decision by finding the right interest rates and it can also increase the liquidity of the investments made. What is more, the client can participate in funding’s and also international savings, which is a good way of increasing their capital.

   With the support of a Specialised Finance, clients can easily possess the property they are looking for, they can establish their business and even purchase aircraft with such funds.

     Having mentioned all the loans, I will like to provide you with the different rates this bank manages its loans, for you to have a close picture at them: There is the Prime Lending Rate of 10.50%, also a Mortgage Rate of the same percentage and lastly, the Lending Base Rate of just 8.41%.

Contact Investec for unsecured loans

-You can make a phone call to the company if you dial up this number from home: 0860 110 161. You can also make another call to their international phone line, which is very easy to access: 27 11 286 9663.

-You can try the company´s official website, full of details about each of the unsecured loans, ways of financing and also a section for sending messages.

-You can go in person to one of the offices Investec has in Johannesburg in Sandton. The exact location of this branch is 100 Grayson Dr

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