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Can I Choose Investec Bank Loans in Johannesburg? Calculator and Contact Information

If you reside in Johannesburg and you are thinking on how to finance personal or business needs, you have here everything you want. Take some minutes and read about some Investec Bank, reviews, contact details and offices.  Apart from Investect, there are other companies in the same area that also has convenient lending programs available. We have chosen one so as to provide you with a short description so that you have more to make up your mind.

                Investec Bank has been in the market for more than 20 years, a period that guarantee stability and confidentiality. In order to expand its horizons and grant services to as many South African people as possible, there are branches in all the areas of the country, and of course, the exception is not in Johannesburg. Keep on reading and we will explain you why.

Where can I find an office of Investec Bank in Johannesburg?

An office of Investec Bank in Johannesburg can be located in area of Sandown. In fact, the exact address is 100 Grayston Dr. In this location, representatives wait for current and potential clients from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. What is more, there is also a phone line available in the same office hours that is 11 286 7000.

                Let’s make a list of the loans that you can apply at Investec Bank if you live in Johannesburg:  

a. Investec Home Loans

Getting your own home can be the dream of many. Making it come true is easier with the financial aid of Investec Bank. In case you already have your home, you can apply for the loan and once approved, use the money to do it up. Investec Bank will give you the 100% of the money you need with the most convenient financing. You can talk to representatives to agree on a financing term based on your budget with one of the lowest interest rates of the market.

b. Investec Personal Loans

With this exclusive personal program, clients will have the possibility of acquiring properties, vehicles, tracks and any other valuable asset. You can also get money to start your career as a professional by using the money to invest in your field.

c. Invest Asset Finance

With asset financing, it is easier to financing business in addition to personal life. With Investec, you will get the most convenient rates and most affordable financing options. Actually, you can used the money granted with this program to invest in a new office, to buy updated equipment, to purchase vehicle or even to improve their way of living. It is important to know that this program works with fixed interest rates,

d. Invest Motor Vehicle Finance

Have you been thinking about how to literally be on the road? Have you pictured yourself in your favorite car? It is time to make this real by getting a vehicle loan from Investec. The bank will lend you money to finance the purchase of everyday vehicles, luxurious cars and even trucks. These movable assets can be used either for personal or business purposes. As far as financing is concerned, there are fixed interest rates available and financing periods adapted to clients needs.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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e. Investec Professional Practice and Equipment Finance

If you have just got your degree and it is really hard to fund your own start-up, resort to Investec! You will find plans to finance a place where to start your business, how to purchase needed equipments and even more. If you are already on the market, you can use the money to expand your business.

Other lending programs in Johannesburg

f. Bidvest Installment Sale

With this program, clients can buy vehicles and the money can be returned in 6 years. There are two options once the financing period is over: either to become the owner or the vehicle or return it.

g. Bidvest Car Renting

Apart from buying a new car, clients can also choose the option to rent vehicle they need. In this case, the program can be repaid in up to 5 years. Client is required to give the vehicle back. However, they can extend the time to use it. There are fixed interest rates available.

 h. Nedbank Personal Loan

Nedbank offers personal loans to finance holidays, education fess, health and more. The amounts of money go from R1000 to R200 000. You can repay the programs in periods that can last up to six years.

i. Absa Personal Loan

The amounts of money granted by Absa Bank reach R350 000. Regarding financing, it is important to know that interest rates are near 21% and that financing terms can be as long as seven years.

Contact Information about the other Banks

Bidvest Bank can be located in the Rennie House, 11 floor. It is exactly located at 19 Ameshoff Street. Its doors are open during typical baking hours and for phone assistance, call 11 407 3000. Absa Bank is located in the area of Clearmont. In this case, the address is the corner of Main Road and Grove Avenue. Its doors are open Monday to Friday from 8.30in the morning to 3.30in the afternoon and on Saturday from 8in the morning to midday. For phone assistance, the number is 21 657 1200. And Nedbank can exactly be found at Adderley St Level 1. Representatives wait for clients in the week from 8.30in the morning to 4in the afternoon, approximately and on Saturday from 8.30a.m. midday. The exclusive phone loan is 21 405 1840.

                To conclude, from all the aspect developed here, let me tell you financial help is one of the easiest things to get in Johannesburg. Not only can you get the exclusive aid of Investec, but you can also count on the help of the other companies, such as Bidvest, Absa or Nedbank. Don’t hesitate to select the most convenient and go ahead either to finance personal or business needs.

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Yes, you can!

How can I contact Nedbank by phone?

Please call 21 405 1840.

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